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poetry (181), Detective fiction (107), African American literature (60), British fiction (58), American fiction (53), Signed by author (38), Literary criticism (34), Teaching (32), Christianity (32), Philosophy (28), Short fiction (20), French literature (19), Collectible (19), Swedish literature (18), Nonfiction (17), Books by me (16), Languages (16), Langston Hughes (13), Russian literature (13), Cooking (13), Cinema (12), American history (11), British literature (11), Politics (10), Karl Shapiro (8), German literature (7), Italian literature (7), Islam (6), Latin American literature (5), Wendy Bishop (5), Music and musicians (5), first edition (5), Biography (5), Buddhism (5), Science (4), Economics (4), Detective fiction Swedish literature (4), Drama (4), Feminism (4), Rhetoric (4), Holocaust (4), Irish literature (4), Asian American literature (3), Spanish literature (3), African American literature nonfiction (3), Card games (3), Sierra Nevada (3), Literary magazines (3), Miscellaneous (3), Psychology (3), Egyptian literature (2), Gardening (2), Middle East (2), Chinese literature (2), Science fiction (2), signed (2), African American literature Nonfiction (2), African American literature Nonfction (2), Poetry (2), History (2), Shakespeare (2), Japanese literature (2), Erotica (2), Non-profit (1), Automobiles (1), Book collecting (1), Environmentalism (1), True crime (1), Graphic novels (1), American literature (1), Wendy Bishop Teaching (1), Hindu religion (1), African literature (1), Detective Fiction Swedish literature (1), Swiss literature (1), detective fiction Swedish literature (1), Gay and Lesbian history (1), American history Middle East (1), Entomology (1), Rome (1), Wendy Bishop Hans Ostrom (1), Christianity/Buddhism (1), Working Class (1), WWI (1), Art (1), Icelandic literature (1), cartoons (1), Indian literature (1), Cats (1), Birds (1), Venice (1), mythology (1), Travel (1), Politeness (1), Etiquette (1), Rom (1), Health (1), Autobiography (1), Greek history (1), Leigh Hunt (1), Social Sciences (1), Vikings (1), Folklore (1), Elvis (1), Hungarian literature (1), Poe (1), Biograohy (1), German history (1), Children's literature (1), Natural history (1), World history (1), Environment (1), Cartoons (1), Carpentry (1)
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Nov 19, 2007
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It's an eclectic assembly of books, authors, and topics, even as tags and clouds show preferences, obsessions, and distractions. Poetry comes first, but beyond that, I like books: detective fiction, African American literature, canonical fiction, obscure fiction, essays, languages, philosophy, theology, Swedish literature, religions, gardening, et alia. I'm an English professor, scholar, fiction-writer, and poet, so these vocations inform my library. Quirky books on arcane subjects are most welcome, as are arcane books on quirky subjects. I'm drawn to old paperbacks of almost any kind--the pulpier, the better. Can Library Thing bring order to the vortex of books that has accompanied my life? That is the question. As Al Davis (an English major) of the Oakland Raiders is alleged to have said once, "Just read, baby." Most of my books were recently paroled from storage; slowly they're finding their way to the LT catalogue.

My ratings of books are high for two main reasons: I tend not to hang on to books that I dislike intensely, and I know how hard it is to write a book--any book. If I give a book three stars, then I probably won't be in a hurry to read it again. Four stars mean the book is at least very good; sometimes they mean that I recognize the book is great but that it may simply not be the kind of book I treasure. For example, Alexander Pope was a great poet, a superb verse-technician, but I truly enjoy very little of his work. Five stars mean I think the book is excellent, and I usually have great affection (if for varying reasons) for most (but not all) of the five-star books.

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