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Jan 12, 2007
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Paul Birch
About My Library
I own all of the books in my catalogue. Most of my library I have acquired since 2004. I think i'm buying new ones faster than i'm reading them, so I will never read them all! Oh - and some of them are rubbish. I pick them up, flick thru them and discover they are turgid or just terrible and overlong.

Currently in the process of culling my collection - ie disposing of the ones that are not good. Hope to get down to 1,000 books from 2,000.

About Me
In summary I am interested in:

Internet, Entrepreneurship (std, Social & Policy versions), Social Networks, Viral Marketing & Word of Mouth, Co-Creativity, Happiness, Advocacy, Influence, Social Sciences, Culture, Social Norms, Rules & Roles, Fairness, Open Science, Patents, Motivation, Customer Mapping, Open Source, Creative Commons, Network Effect, Collaboration, Emergence, Human Potential, Data Analysis, Coaching, Mentoring, TV Show Formats, Deliberative Democracy, Think Tanks, Activism, Drug Prohibition, Parenting, San Francisco, Restaurants.

Last update (minor) - Oct 2010
London, UK

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