Real Name
Peter Jasion
About My Library
Primary Contents:
Audio, Automotive, and Aviation (7 shelves)
Hard Science (e.g., physics/cosmology/etc. - 6 shelves)
Popular Fiction (selected authors only - 2 shelves)
Philosophy (B. Russell/W. & A. Durant/etc. - 4 shelves)
Science Fiction (2 bookcases of just hardcover editions)
Sherlock Holmes (3 shelves of collectibles/pastiches/etc.)

About Me
My name is Peter Jasion. I am a retired IBMer as of 2009.

(From early 2009...) I am just getting started with this awesome venture. I have tried to do this 10 years ago with old database applications - NOT. I have hinted for a QueCat as a Holiday Gift. (I will buy one if I do not receive one... ;-)

I have too many books in my house - 5 full ceiling-height (8 ft. with a library ladder)and 4 six foot bookcases! Not to mention another 5 boxes of paperbacks in storage!

Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA
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