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This is the family library. The real commitment we made as a couple did not involve jewelry or vows, but combining libraries. Since then we've added a third but most of her books are not here. I have taken a mulligan on the picture books or I would never be done, but I'm determined to start with the chapter books so I don't buy the same Rats of NIMH book for a third time.

I don't rate everything, but when I do, one star means I intentionally put it down before finishing, two stars means I'm aware I read it but I didn't really take anything from it, and five stars means I'd recommend it to almost anyone. I collect Golden Guides (#golden guides), vintage pamphlets(#pamphlet) and small, beautiful hardcover books(#aesthetic).
Portland, OR
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Llibreries: Annie Bloom's Books, Bookmans - Mesa, Bookmans - Phoenix, Changing Hands Bookstore, Floating World Comics, Left Bank Books, Multnomah County Library - Title Wave Used Books, Powell's Books on Hawthorne, Powell's City of Books (Portland), Reading Frenzy, Vintage Books, Webster's Bookstore Café

Biblioteques: Arizona State University Libraries - Hayden Library, Ledding Library of Milwaukie, Multnomah County Library - Central Library, Penn State University Libraries, Phoenix Public Library - Burton Barr Central Library, Scranton Public (Albright Memorial) Library, Vancouver Community Library (Main Library)

Altres: Rose City Book & Paper Fair, Wordstock - Portland's Annual Festival of the Book

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