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Quant a miIdiot that quit working in a library for a job that paid more and stole my soul. Studying English nearly broke my love of reading (as enforced reading of at least three books a week is wont to do) but gradually recovering, years later.

I like reading in bed mostly; don't you find one of your arms usually goes dead at some point though? The tube is usually an excuse to get a few pages in too - and worth the extra over the bus if you get travel sick reading. I like to read in the park in summer too; people tend to leave you alone.

Whilst a student I read 'A Room of One's Own' entirely whilst sat on the toilet. I read it in instalments, you'll be glad to hear. I'm probably going to try this next with some Nietzsche - people always say they have great ideas on the toilet - I enjoy a good Penguin Great Ideas book on the loo too.

I might like to write a book one day (this is the sort of thing it's okay to want to experience you know, for yourself; not, for example, having children) but I think I know what it'd be about and it's fairly depressing so I'm sort of putting it off.

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
All the books in my library I own, and are mostly found in charity shops (I recommend the British Heart Foundation, in most cities) I used to pinch all the fruity and weird donations to the library I used to work in and they wind their way back to the charity shops over the years. I've started passing on books I like too; no point me hoarding stuff I'll never have time to read again anyway.

I like a pre-owned book best, ones with dedications written in the front the best. My favourite so far is in the front of my copy of Proust's 'Remembrance of Things Past: 1' which reads: "To remind you of Brighton. Love Ad xx I feel sick!" I always write dedications in books I pass on, and my favourite book someone brought me back from their holidays instead of a stick of rock. Books are infinitely better than rock, though David Foster Wallace sort of metaphorically smashes your teeth in.

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Llegint actualmentComrade or Brother?: A History of the British Labour Movement de Mary Davis
Talk Spanish Grammar de Susan Dunnett
Complete Latin American Spanish: Teach Yourself de Juan Kattán-Ibarra
Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain de Oliver Sacks

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