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Birthright: The Book of Man de Mike Resnick

Fear Itself: Avengers Academy de Christos Gage

Ghoul (Critic's Choice Horror) de Marc Ronson

Mystery of the Snow Pearls (Dungeons & Dragons Module CM5) de Anne Gray McCready

Beneath the wheel de Hermann Hesse

Minrothad Guilds de Deborah Christian

Barlowe's Inferno de Wayne Douglas Barlowe

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Quant a miBeen reading mostly fantasy and sci-fi (and some horror) for 30+ years now. Have done some regular fiction and non-fiction and just got into graphic novels about 12 years ago (although I read comics on and off all my life).

I tend to like dark/gritty fantasy and sci-fi (Mieville, Moorcock, Martin etc...). I really like monsters and magic a lot but not necessarily to the extent you find them in D&D novels. I don't like really hard sci-fi and have been getting into historical fiction a lot more (mostly Cornwell) recently.

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la meva biblioteca
I do a lot of books on audio and I also get graphic novels from the library and don't own the actual book so I'm not sure how that will affect my recommendations. Maybe I'll add them in but tag them as "not owned" or something similar.
I think I have between 1500 and 2000 books laying around here but have read less than 25% of them.

GrupsBookMooching, Books Compared, Combiners!, Gamers, Graphic Novels, Steampunk, The Valheru, Weird Fiction

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