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Into the out of de Alan Dean Foster

Kushiel's Chosen de Jacqueline Carey

The Turning Season (Shifting Circle, #3) de Sharon Shinn

Imager : the first book of the imager portfolio de L. E. Modesitt

Feather and Bone de Gus Smith

Overshoot de Mona Clee

The Hippopotamus Pool de Elizabeth Peters

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Quant a miCurrently a blogger, photographer, indexer, editor, writer of creative non-fiction (emphasis on "nature writing"), and occasional teacher of history, environmental studies and writing. In other words, I collect information and observations and wrap them up neatly for later consumption.

My professional background is in environmental history and the American West. My hobbies are mostly craftsy and outdoorsy. I'm a Green and pantheist Unitarian Universalist, if labels matter to you.

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
Science fiction and fantasy predominate among the books for pleasure reading.

The rest can be roughly divided into sporadic enthusiasms, crafts and hobbies, and the detritus of my academic life (all the required texts from my graduate and undergraduate years, plus a good number of books in my own fields of interest).

They include foreign languages, knitting, crafts, recorder and guitar, photography, yoga, camping and backpacking... Plus there are children's books, poetry, and things about cats, and a whole wad of reference books.

Some days, the only thing that I think holds it all together is me.

About my ratings: 3 stars is a neutral rating. The book is okay. The number of the stars to the right or left of it suggests which way I tend to feel about it; the more stars, the stronger the feeling. There probably won't be many 1s, as such books would get sold at the earliest opportunity. (Even the 2s are pushing it.)

A note about three non-subject tags: series, incomplete series, and wishlist. The first two refer to books that are parts of trilogies, duologies, on-going-series, etc. An incomplete series is one where I don't have all the books, either because I haven't bought them, or because they haven't been published yet. "Wishlist" tags books I do not own, but would like to have. If I have read them, they will have a star rating; if I haven't (like if they're unpublished book 3 in a trilogy) they won't.

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