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Sep 29, 2009
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Rebecca Klemme Eliceiri
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Favorite LCSH:
Black theology.
Christian women saints -- Fiction.
Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)
Creative ability.
Creative ability -- Problems, exercises, etc.
Feminism -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
Feminist theology.
Human ecology -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
Mary Magdalene, Saint -- Fiction.
Music -- Instruction and study.
Music -- Religious aspects.
Patriarchy -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
Rhythm -- Psychological aspects.
Sacred vocal music -- Instruction and study.
Self-actualization (Psychology) -- Problems, exercises, etc.
Spiritual life.
Womanist theology.
Women -- Religious life -- History.
Women clergy -- Fiction.
Women drummers (Musicians)
Women in the Bible -- Fiction.

Favorite genres/forms:
Christian fiction.
St. Louis, MO
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