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Jul 18, 2014
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Susan Lukey
About My Library
This is a begin again library. I lost my library when our town flooded in 2013 and we had 6 feet of water sitting in our basement for 2 weeks. It was sad to see my favourite books, collected since I was a child, as a pile of mush. Now I gradually rebuild - deciding what to replace and then hoping to find it, and making new discoveries along the way. A bittersweet adventure for me. Now 7 years in, I have found many of the books I want to replace and am now enjoying expanding my library.
About Me
I am an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada, working in team ministry with my beloved husband, also an ordained minister. We have two amazing sons, ages 20 and 22.
As I child, I often played librarian, creating pockets to put the card to "take out" a book from the library -- long before computers. My mom got me a date stamp and stamp pad so I could officially stamp the books out - or rather have my dolls stamp out their books from my library.
High River, Alberta
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