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Quant a miUpdate 6/20/16. The as yet unnamed new grandson came last night. So, the 4th grandson. Pictures still to follow.

We are expecting our 4th grandchild in July. She will be our first girl. Her name is Sydney. Pictures to follow.

Presently I am trying to study Latin. I have never had any Latin and it seemed time to work on that.

Update November 2015: The last three years I have been active in the MOOC community. Coursera and edx. If you participate in MOOCs I would be interested in hearing from you. And in June 2016 it seemed good to start a MOOC group.

Update June 2013: Greysin Smith is my new grandson.

Update August 2012: New grandbaby announcement. I am thinking this one may be my last grandchild. We are very excited.

Update January 2012: As you might notice in my profile picture, my son and daughter in law were kind enough to give me a second grandson, Jaxin. Born Dec 16, 2010. He has the best smile I have ever seen, and as of this week has 7 toofeses. My first grandchild is 3 years old. His name is Gabriel.

Update August 25 2010: My son and daughter in law had their ultrasound today. They are happy to announce a healthy baby boy. It was nice that they let the grandparents be present. What is better than seeing your grandson moving in the womb?

My new profile picture, changed June '10, is my new grandchild - no name yet. (This refers to the ultrasound image in my pictures. No longer my profile picture.)

It is good to find a site dedicated to book lovers. I am excited about the opportunity to organize and search my book collection. Interests include Christian and Jewish religion, biblical criticism, Greek and Hebrew language, philosophy, ancient history,astronomy,math and physics, business, sales, history, and literature.

Since Sep 09 skywatching has been a nightly habit. Learning the stars and constellations, watching the movements, understanding the motions in the solar system has been exciting. If you are interested in such things, please join Skywatchers. This is a group for beginners in skywatching, any question or comment about the stars is welcome.

I am real excited that we have a young man working towards seminary who has asked me to help him with an introduction to NT Greek. I always enjoy working with anyone to study Greek. We start this weekend, October 17, 2009.

I also started a group that focuses on the Gospels. Please join the gospel talk group. Would love to have more participation than my ramblings.

The Isaiah group has not been active of late, because I have been inactive this winter. The group is intended to discuss a chapter each week. Please join and feel free to comment on any of the topics already started. I will certainly join in with you, but I will not start any new topics until probably the Summer 2010.

After some participation in group discussions I felt it necessary to add here that I am not a specialist in any field and have no post graduate degree. My reading and studying is fluid, but does tend to move within the topics of interest listed above. I mention this here because there are so many good minds and field experts on LT. I do not want anyone to assume that I have expertise in any subject.

αρκει σοι η χαρις μου
וירא אלהים כי טוב
αρα ουν ως καιρον εχομεν εργαζωμεθα το αγαθον
προς παντας
τω αιτουντι σε δος
εγω ειμι, μη φοβεισθε
μηδεν αγαν
σπευδε βραδεως

Huston Smith - Religion is always more than morality, but if it lacks a moral base it will not stand.

Confucius - If we are not yet able to serve man, how can we serve gods? If we do not yet know about life, how can we know about death?

I have generally called myself a nerd, but seeing seeing everyone on LT it was obvious that I just don't have the skills that the best have. Anyway here are my nerd levels.

Just for a little self promotion. I have written some articles for Scotsman Guide, a mortgage industry publication. Here is a recent article.

Working with the New FHA

This was the lead article for December 2009 issue.

Lead Article: Inside the Reg Z Maze

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
June 2012 I am working to organize my books. Over the last month I think I reduced my collection by several hundred (probably well over 1,000 are gone). The remaining books I hope to be able to organize better so that I can find them, and know that I have them.

I will also work to improve my tagging system.

So far most of my catalogued library consists of my boxed up garage books. Not that I do not appreciate these books, it is just my wife says I am out of room in the house.

Had to choose, and these are boxed up.

One of the great things about Library Thing is that I can know what books are in boxes and even better, find them. I am working diligently to finish going through those books.

Several that were in boxes have now been elevated from boxed status, and proudly are displayed, squeezed in, on a shelf.

Mostly though even the boxed up garage books reflect the subjects listed in the about me section. My shelved books also cover the same subjects.

My Collections I have just started (7/7/09) to use the collections. I think I will add books Currently Reading going forward and move them to Books Read when I finish them. Don't see the benefit to try to go back to list all books read previously, but I might do that at sometime.

10/4/09 My efforts to catalogue books have really been slacking lately. Part of the problem is that a storm had knocked the internet down, and wiped out my computer. I hope soon to get the motivation to renew the effort.

About my ratings I have rated enough books that I thought I might need to explain. All of my ratings are 4 or 5 stars, which gives the appearance of grade inflation. The truth is, I do not read a book that is not a 4 or 5 in my opinion. I simply put it down, unfinished, and do not bother to give rating. I also try to review the books that I rate, so it is possible to see my reasoning for the rating.

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