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Nov 26, 2005
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Bob O’Hara
Sobre la meva biblioteca
"For I bless God in the libraries of the learned, and for all the booksellers in the world."

Principal areas represented: systematics and evolutionary biology, natural history, New England genealogy, the history and theory of the historical sciences, English and American poetry, Classics and ancient Greek numismatics, and Oxbridge-style residential colleges within larger universities. Authors specially represented: Emily Dickinson, Ernst Mayr, Stephen Toulmin. Also available: notes on the Library of Congress subject headings relating to the historical sciences.


Call number clouds provide an unequalled window into a collection, and because they are based on standard "tags" (the LC call numbers) they make all collections comparable. Although these "proof-of-concept" examples have been created by manual tagging, it should be possible in the future to have LT create call number clouds automatically. (Dewey call number clouds should be possible as well.)

Examples of call number clouds:


(In these examples, disregard the other generic tags created by each user; it isn't yet possible to separate out the call number tags as a distinct group.)


LC call numbers are complex and don't immediately lend themselves to automated sorting. It is possible to get LT to sort LC call numbers correctly by padding them out with blanks so that the initial alpha-numeric classes are always the same length. Here is an example:

RJO's "books about books" (class Z, in descending order)

It should be possible in the future for LT to parse LC call numbers in such a way that all users will be able to sort their collections by LC call number without manual padding.


Over time I intend to put many of the provenance, holdings, binding, and other notes I have recorded into a standard format that references the appropriate MARC field:

General note (500): element ; element. — Holdings note (590): RJO has element ; element. — Provenance (561): element ; element. — Binding note (563): element ; element.


ABAA glossary of book terms

• Public drafts of Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials, the forthcoming revision of the standard reference Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Books (1991) [Seems to be unavailable at the moment]

Library of Congress online Cataloger's Reference Shelf

• Brief listing of common MARC fields

Complete list of MARC fields

Provenance notes in MARC via field 561$a

OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards

Sobre mi
DEAR FRIENDS: Nearly everything in my library was destroyed in a fire, which you can read about here:
Contributions toward recovery are gratefully accepted at the bottom of that page.
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Biblioteques: Fitchburg Public Library (The Wallace Library), Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library - Harvard College Library, Hart Memorial Library, Bowles Hall, University of California, Berkeley, Hazen Memorial Library, Houghton Library - Harvard College Library, Library of Alexandria, Library of Congress, New England Historic Genealogical Society Library

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