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Isle of Dogs de Patricia Cornwell

The Death of Common Sense: How Law is Suffocating America de Philip K. Howard


In Silence de Erica Spindler

Go, Girl, Go! (Cheer USA) de Jeanne Betancourt

Song Lee and the Hamster Hunt de syzy kline

The illustrated home electronics fix-it book de Homer L Davidson

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Quant a miWe, the members of the Broadmoor Improvement Association, are using Library Thing to help us catalog books given to us by anonymous individuals from around the world, who are helping us restock our beloved local children's library, Rosa F. Keller Center and Library.

Keller Library is located in the center of New Orleans, Louisiana.

While the buildings were water damaged (and have been gutted and mold remediated), the contents of Keller Library were completely destroyed by hurricane Katrina. This includes a complete loss of the library collection.

If we don't do a private book drive and redo the library ourselves, as neighbors who live near the library, we will not get our beloved library back for nearly 10 years and the children (and adults) in our area will have no library for miles around.

To learn more about our situation and heroic citizen effort to bring back and restock our important library, please visit our website:

Please consider donating to our cause. We desperately need your help.

Thank you.

The Citizen Library Committee
The Broadmoor Improvement Association

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To learn more about our neighborhood association (and perform due diligence to make sure this is not a ruse), visit our website:

You'll find lots of third party references to us, including news coverage by the New York Times, Boston Globe, USA Today, Times Picayune, and others.

Sadly, our plight is real. So is the bizarre reality that citizens must renovate and restock our local public library.

Visit our websites to learn more about our bizarre (and desperate) need.


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