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Jan 13, 2007
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This library includes not only the books on my shelves at home and in my office, but also all my books that are still at my parents' house. The tags are thus designed so that I can send my parents a link to my library, say "send me this book!" and they can find the box with those tags, find the book with that cover, and send it to me.

A few notes about my rating system (prompted by a friend who recently encountered my library, and assumed a bit too much about how I rated books): While it's not immediately obvious, when dealing with more "canonical" literature my ratings often reflect not just the content of the book, but the specifics of a particular edition, usually in terms of its usefulness for either research or teaching (though I don't expect anyone but me to be able to tell which standard is getting used for each book). For example, Jane Eyre gets four stars in the Wordsworth Classics edition, but five in the Norton Critical Edition. The Penguin edition of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde gets 3 1/2 stars, while the Norton Critical gets 5 (I just love the side-by-side with Chaucer's source text). The Riverside Chaucer gets 4 because it's simply too big and clunky, and the Norton Critical edition of the Canterbury Tales gets 4 1/2 stars instead of 5 because it's not complete.

Also, some books are rated in terms of pure enjoyment while others get a much more critical rating because I work with them on a scholarly level.
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I'm a PhD student in English, with a focus on Renaissance religious literature. I have a great love of science fiction and fantasy, and I read a lot of children's literature in order to unwind from my studies.
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