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Quant a miBooks make me happy. I'm addicted to the mystery of what's between the covers; I also work for a magazine and so often have access to free review copies of brand new books. How can I resist? Thus, a library that grows disproportionately to the amount of time I can actually devote to reading (although hardly a day goes by when I don't squeeze in at least 15 minutes of book-time).

* Pst: I've recently opened my library up to my mother and sister and will be posting their books as well. (And they have the password, so if weird things start showing up, don't blame me. Or at least, don't blame me exclusively. ;))

When I'm not reading or admiring my bookshelves, I like to write, cuddle my kitties, and watch movies. I also have a knack for creating "concept album" mix CDs, in which I arrange songs related to a certain theme in such a way that the listener can follow a story arc throughout the whole CD. Yes, stories make my world go round.

I'm introverted but not necessarily shy, except when I'm around someone who puts butterflies in my stomach. I'm an editor by career because I wanted to get paid to read; I work at a magazine as my "day job" and have picked up some freelance book manuscript editing recently. I hope to get more of that type of work in the future.

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la meva biblioteca
The books uploaded to my library represent a specific fraction of the books I own: namely, the books present in my apartment that I have NOT read. I have stacks of books in storage at my parents' place that are both read and unread, and thinking of them stresses me out a little bit because, as you can see, I have my work cut out for me getting through these!

I started cataloging my books after FINALLY reorganizing them a year after moving in (when I was so overwhelmed that I shoved them into shelves roughly by genre, but then accumulated more books that got shoved wherever they would fit). And since a local bookstore is going out of business, I decided I'd better go through my books BEFORE they close so I know what I have before snatching up all the books they'll give a way for cheap or free. And I thought cataloging them here would help me remember what I had when I pay my last respects to the bookstore at the end of the week. I'm also curious about how many books I actually have.

My reading tastes are pretty eclectic but center around literary fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, young adult literature, and religion/spirituality. I also enjoy the occasional memoir, historical fiction, classic, or (guilty secret) romance novel. I collect retellings of fairy tales, religious stories, myths, and especially Arthurian legend. The shelves I systematically avoid at libraries and booksales are westerns and mysteries. For nearly everything else, I'm game (and I could be convinced with the right western or mystery, I'm sure).


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