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Shawn Patrick Cooke

Shawn Patrick Cooke és un autor/a de LibraryThing, un autor/a que afegeix la seva biblioteca personal a LibraryThing.

Vegeu la pàgina d'autor de Shawn Patrick Cooke.

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Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell / Perfect State de Brandon Sanderson

The Big-ass Book of Crafts de Mark Montano

The DNA Disaster de Victor Appleton IV

Equal Rites de Terry Pratchett

The Book of Questions: Business, Politics, and Ethics de Gregory Stock

Legends II: New Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy de Robert Silverberg

Snuff de Terry Pratchett

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Membre: shabacus

Col·leccionsLa teva biblioteca (3,025), Unvalidated (6), Validated (4,280), No longer owned (869), Shawn's (2,588), Abbey's (1,605), Lily's (484), Read (1,580), Per llegir (447), Audiobooks (48), eBooks (5), Video (734), Attic (28), Llegint actualment (9), Totes les col·leccions (4,683)

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Quant a miWe are Shawn and Abbey (or Abbey and Shawn depending on who you're talking to). When we got married, our libraries were combined into a giant Voltron of reading. Come on in, we'll give you a tour.

We are both fans of fiction, and the fiction section belongs to both of us. Most of the fantasy books are Shawn's, and most of the horror is Abbey's. Abbey also has the larger young adult section, and nearly all the picture books. We both had quite a few classics.

The drama section is nearly all Abbey's, as are the acting books. The books on language and linguistics are nearly all Shawn's. These sections represent their respective college majors, as well as current interests.

You may also notice an extensive craft section. This section is shared, but it probably weights more heavily to Abbey simply thanks to the breadth of her skills in that area.

We are both active readers and always looking for suggestions on what to read next!

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
Shawn does most of the ratings here. Below is his rating system:

These are my favorites, the volumes that I have internalized and go back to over and over. This highest rating is not intended to convey perfection, but rather a book that has helped to define who I am, or leaves me substantially changed after reading it.

This is a rating I reserve for books that might some day get five starts, but I don't yet know well enough, or have some tiny flaw that keeps me from fully appreciating it.

A book that I read and heartily enjoyed. Probably something I would read again. A fully favorable impression.

★★★½ or ★★★
A book which I enjoyed, but probably would not read again. These ratings are ones that I often give to junk food books, pure candy for the mind that are fun to read without really contributing anything new.

★★½ or ★★
A book towards which I was neutral or dissatisfied. This is the rating I typically give to books for which I was not the target audience, and have nothing to capture a reader outside its genre. These aren't bad books necessarily, just ones I wasn't engaged by.

★½ or ★
Legitimately bad books. Here, I try to be as objective as possible, setting aside my distaste from a book and commenting upon the actual quality. These books tend to have technical flaws that render them unfit for publication.

Too bad to finish. Thoroughly without worth or merit or any redeeming quality.

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Autors preferitsSteven Brust, Susanna Clarke, Caitlin E. Jones, Robert Jordan, Charles de Lint, Anne McCaffrey, Terry Pratchett, J. K. Rowling, Brandon Sanderson, J. R. R. Tolkien, P. G. Wodehouse (Preferits compartits)

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També aGoodreads

Nom realShawn and Abbey

UbicacióGlen Allen, VA

Tipus de comptepúblic

URL /profile/shabacus (perfil)
/catalog/shabacus (biblioteca)

Membre des deAug 8, 2011

Llegint actualmentThe Wind in the Willows de Kenneth Grahame
The Left Hand of Darkness de Ursula K. Le Guin
Flatland : A Romance of Many Dimensions de Edwin A. Abbott
God's Debris: A Thought Experiment de Scott Adams
The Moonstone de Wilkie Collins
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