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Making an account here again after many years. I don't remember most of the books I've read. Slowly adding things as I remember/rediscover them along with new things I've read. I'm also on Flickr & Neocities. Atlantan, 30s.

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la meva biblioteca

I don't care that much about organizing my books that much. My main tags are by time period. Here's some specific tag meanings:

Read before starting school: early books I learned to read with
Read in elementary school: Pre-k to 5th grade
Read in middle school: 6th to 8th grade
Read in high school: 9th to 12th grade
Read in 20s: 19-23 years old
Read in college: 24-29
Read in 30s: +30
Meh: Books I wish I could unread
Books my mom made me read: Crap my mom subjected me to as a child
Little Free Library: Books I picked up from nearby Little Free Library spots
Donated: Donated to either a Little Free Library spot or a thrift store
Early Reviewers: Received as part of LT's ER program
Received for free: All books I've received for free for review

Most of what I read in elementary school was heavily influenced by what books my schools' libraries and teachers had available or what my parents bought for me, and not much to do with my own interest. Our library was small and I read pretty quickly, so I basically read everything. Looking back, all I can say is my school librarians and teachers had terrible taste in books! But to be fair, so did I.

These days, I don't keep around very many physical or digital books, and my ebooks outnumber my physical ones. I don't have the space to have a big library of books.


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