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Oct 11, 2006
About My Library
My library reflects my academic interest in American Western History, my professional interest in military history, and my growing interest in fiction. I only list the books I own. Since those early days as a page at Cossitt Library, I have always been a book lover -- and usually looking for still another bookcase to hold my treasures.
About Me
I began working at Cossitt Library in Memphis, TN, in about 1952 when I was still attending Bellview Junior High School. When a new city library was built in Memphis at Peabody and McLean, I helped move much of the circulating collection to the new location. In the new Library I shelved books, worked at the circulation desk, and assisted the Librarian, Mr. Jessie Cunningham, receive new books for the city. After graduating from Central High School, I attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado and then served a full career in the United States Air Force. I flew worldwide airlift missions (C-135, C-141, C-5)as well as 100 combat missions (AC-130)in Southeast Asia. I also served in the Pentagon as a long range planner, at the Office of Air Force History as a historian, and at the Atlantic Council of the United States as an Air Force Research Associate and as a Senior Fellow. While in the Air Force, I also completed a graduate degree in history at the University of Oklahoma and subsequently taught history at the Air Force Academy on four different assignments. Now retired, I'm trying to catch up on long-delayed reading and writing.
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
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