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Apr 3, 2022
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"The madman is a dreamer awake." -Sigmund Freud

"Mental health is a commitment to reality at any cost." -M. Scott Peck

Welcome to The Spirit Doctor collection!

After a recent move, I've finally reached the point where I can take the time to properly catalogue my private library. Currently, books are organized by the boxes they fit in and I'll probably keep them tagged by box number until everything has been added before arranging and storing by subject. There are roughly 40 boxes to go through in total.

I also have a decent eBook and audiobook library that will be included in respective discrete collections. For ease of reference, eBook titles will be given an (eBook) designation and audiobook titles (audio) along with relevant tags. All electronic media was legally purchased and/or transferred directly from another format in my possession (i.e. I regularly scan my own books).

Content Disclaimer: As an independent researcher and psychodynamic psychotherapist, I have studied and written on many different topics involving the human condition including forensic psychology, human sexuality, occult mysticism, East/West spirituality, Christian theology, new religious movements, and various fringe subcultures. Just because a title is in my collection, does not mean I believe or condone the content and views of the author. Additionally, ratings are based on how well the topic of the text was addressed and/or if novel ideas are presented, especially in regard to those conducting research on the matter.

Somewhere between The Sprawl and The Red Room.
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