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Nov 26, 2006
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Susan Stinson
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I live in a small apartment. Parts of my library are tucked in a box under a chair in the living room and under towels on a rickety little table in the bathroom, on top of a filing cabinet, and all. I'm still entering my books, and the process, along with causing me to vacuum dust off my books, is making me sentimental. I'm noticing something about how being in college twenty years ago so shaped my tastes and the books I've kept, but I haven't gotten it pinned down enough to articulate it.
Sobre mi
I'm the author of novelsSpider in a Tree, Venus of Chalk, Martha Moody and Fat Girl Dances with Rocks, as well as a collection of poems and lyric essays, Belly Songs. For more about what I'm up to now, check out my livejournal or my website. I'm active on twitter and Facebook, too.
Northampton, MA
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