Sobre mi
kyra ffrench :)

narlene is lame :)

some of MY famous quotes are:

"is fiji in europe?"
"wombats are australian?"
"isn't Sydney in Western Australia?"

and some of the quotes me and narlene like:

"ashna, that's a pretty name, how do you spell it?", "umm, C h l o e?" - narlene + chloe
"see", "no", "see", "no", "see", "no", "SING".. "um.. no carleen" - kyra + narlene.. ft carleen :)
"n-n-n-n-narlene", "AHUH kyra" - kyra + narlene
kyra writes down his name.. 'james' "that's not how you spell my name", "uhh yeah it is", "uhh no it's spelt J a m y z", "uhh no, that's Jam-yz silly." - kyra + jaymz

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