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I read classics, newer stuff (mostly literary fiction, historical fiction). I am getting more interested in non-fiction too, especially memoirs about interesting places or times. I have an eclectic mix from many genres and eras, but really just want beautiful writing and to read something that is different and meaningful-- dark, weird, disturbing--all that is good too. I read to learn and experience and am up for a challenge.

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I'm a book-geek (and geek in general), mom-of-three young adults, retired scientist....I love the outdoors, forests, my Springer-doodle, coffee shops, food/wine/cocktails. I've taken up photography, gardening, sewing, and painting recently. I wish I were more artistic and crafty than I am. I'm from Dallas TX, then the Bay Area CA, and recently moved to Amherst MA.

Amherst, MA
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Llibreries: Bloomsbury Books, Bookshop Santa Cruz, City Lights Books, Half Price Books - Berkeley, Pegasus Downtown, Powell's City of Books (Portland)

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