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Jul 9, 2008
About My Library
My library consists of all my books on my shelf (shelves, would be a better word). Except my ARCs that I have not finished reading yet. When I finish them, I will then add them to the famed Bookworm Library (What do you mean you have never heard of my library? Oh well, you can't win them all.)
About Me
Hi everyone! I am just another bookworm (though this bookworm's name is TheBookworm) who dwells and pretty much wallows in the written words adorning every book on my shelf (okay, well shelves). There is nothing I enjoy more than opening a new hardcover book and hearing the crisp crack that enables me to fling... fine, more like gentle carrassing and slowly pulling the cover away from the beautiful pure white paper within that is a new world waiting for me to be transported in. I know, creepy, but any true bookworm gets a giddy feeling when they walk into a Barnes and Noble and can't help but breath in deeply the "new book smell".

I love books (can you tell) and hope to someday be a librarian.
South Dakota, USA
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