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Sep 26, 2006
Sobre mi
I am a 35-year old, married gal with six children who receive the benefits of my reading obsession through homeschooling and seeing me immersed, bug-eyed, in my latest book while gently shushing them to go away (and read their own stuff, of course).

We love books of all kinds at our house and there is always a family read-aloud in progress.

I am partial to suspense, thriller, & detective fiction, popular fiction of a quirky sort, collections of short stories and poetry, classics and eclectic pickings of Christian and secular non-fiction, and art (history/appreciation). I do a bit of prereading for our kids since they are all still 12 and under, so I get a taste of children's literature on a regular basis. I don't read to or for our bearded dragon, leopard gecko, turtle or parakeets, but thought I'd mention the critters here for posterity. I'm also a Christmas freak. I LOVE Christmas and Advent books.

We own every Stephen King book and they are nicely shelved in the order they were published. That sounds funny after my mention of Christmas books...

My goal is to own every "classic" that I have enjoyed or would like to read so that our home library is full of both old and new treasures for our children and (one day) grandchildren to love and keep coming home to! And so that my husband won't drive me insane during our retirement.

And I love that crisp, new-book smell...ahhhhh.
Cleveland, OH

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