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Becky Ford
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I try to keep books rotating through my personal library as much as possible. There are a few books I will NEVER "unhaul." Those are my collection of Daphne du Maurier books, and books that autographed by the author. I primarily read historical and literary fiction. However, I do love a good biography or a history tome to satisfy my Anglophilia. Since discovering BookTube in 2015, I've started reading more Fantasy.
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Hello...Becky here. I love that I found another platform where fellow readers can connect. I live in the Tulsa area. When my nose is not in a book, I am either watching Oklahoma Sooner athletics or cuddling a rescue dog. Sometimes I do both while reading. For my "day" job, I'm an accountant at a manufacturing plant. I can also be found on YouTube where I awkwardly talk about the books I read. I also embrace wanderlust and love to travel.
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