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May 18, 2009
About My Library
I like to read a range of genres, but my favourites are Jewish history/ WW2; forensic anthropologist, thrillers, mysteries, medical thrillers, historic romance, general/drama, autobiographies, travel writing,forensic psychologists, etc. I have a number of favourite authors. I don't read fantasy, sci-fi.
About Me
My passions in life are travelling and reading as well as cheering for my favourite footy team. I don't own a lot of books but prefer to borrow them from my local public library. I spend my money on travel instead of books. I have a notebook I keep with hundreds of book titles I want to read. I go to bookshops and get the latest catalogues, I keep notepaper in my bag and note down new titles at airports, on the plane, etc......
WA, Australia
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