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Quant a miTo all my international friends who (first) learn about me, my books, my fascination for literature and love of language, here are some quotes I feel very strong about:

- Although I do not really believe man is manufacturable, I believe great novels are indispensable because they create hope, give us the living illusion that this world has a kernel and a meaning, and they give us pleasure because this impression remains with every page we turn (Orhan Pamuk).

- Books just help me to find a meaning in how I stand in this world: they guide me in serious questions, my reflection and perspective on the world (Gerrit Komrij).

- Reading is a nice antidotum to the rat race we live in. The problem with the rat race? Even when you win, you are still a rat (Lily Tombin).

- Poetry is wondering about mankind and all its strange curves, despair about the inadequacy of it, delight about existence 'an sich'. It is at the same time philosophy and a game, wisdom and wit, light-footed and deadly serious (Wislawa Szymborska).

And furthermore:
I live in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, called Flanders. So, a Flemish citizen is a Belgian who speaks Dutch. On the one hand, it's not all that complicated (like an Austrian who speaks German), on the other hand some people make a lot of fuss about it. Flemish people don't have a nation but we have an identity.
- Only in experiencing the local, the particular, one can transcend it. True diversity is experiencing the 'other', what is new to me/us, confront it with my 'own' world. If it doesn't clash, we are not challenged (I think Benno Barnard said this).

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