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The Postman (Bantam Classics) de David Brin

The Best of Keith Laumer de Keith Laumer

Term limitation: The return to a citizen legislature de Trudy Pearce

Active Liberty: Interpreting Our Democratic Constitution de Stephen Breyer

Pale Fire de Vladimir Nabokov

The Executioner Always Chops Twice: Ghastly Blunders on the Scaffold de Geoffrey Abbott

Grand Jury de Philip Friedman

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Quant a miI have written for Reason, Liberty, and other publications, including the late, great Loompanics Unlimited Catalog.

Look up the name "Timothy Wirkman Virkkala" on Apple’s Books platform. You may find a number of ebooks with forewords by me. Authors include:

Richard Cantillon, economist
Alexis de Tocqueville, sociologist
Lord Acton, historian
Frédéric Bastiat, economist
Yves Guyot, economist
J.S. Mill, philosopher and economist
Henry David Thoreau, essayist
Louis Baudin, economist
J. H. Levy, economist and logician

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
You can see what I have. But it is what I lack that most concerns me. Books I am looking for: George Santayana in the early red-brown Scribner's editions: The Life of Reason: Reason in Science; Reason in Religion, etc.

A nice copy of Vaihinger's The Philosophy of As-If; works by Scottish Enlightenment writers (I have some, of course); the old, big edition, in 19th century hardcover, of William Hamilton's Metaphysics; old editions of Henry Sidgwick and Leslie Stephens; Herbert Spencer's Data of Sociology, etc., in the standard D. Appleton cover, red-brown with horizontal gold stripes; and nice paperbacks of Copleston's History of Philosophy, all editions after Leibniz (Vol. 5 on).

In economics, Gossen's treatise, Pareto's Manual, the recent translation of Dupuit, and anything by H. Dunning Macleod.

Great Books of the Western World, Britannica, in the cloth editions: 4. Homer; 8. Aristotle I; 28. Gilbert et al.; 34. Newton; 43. American State Papers, etc.; 44. Boswell; 45. Lavoisier; 47. Goethe; 48. Melville; 50. Marx Engels; 53. William James.

GrupsBallantine Adult Fantasy, Books Compared, Early Reviewers, Ernest Bramah, Modern Library Collectors, Philosophy and Theory, The Rabble Discuss Cabell: James Branch Cabell &c, The Weird Tradition

Autors preferitsRobert Ardrey, Nicholson Baker, Donald Barthelme, Arnold Bennett, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, Ernest Bramah, James Branch Cabell, Ronald H. Coase, F. Marion Crawford, Peter De Vries, Lord Dunsany, F. A. Hayek, W. H. Hutt, Israel M. Kirzner, Ludwig M. Lachmann, Lucian, H. L. Mencken, Carl Menger, George Meredith, Ludwig Von Mises, Iris Murdoch, Vladimir Nabokov, George Santayana, Nassau William Senior, Herbert Spencer, F. W. Taussig, Jack Vance, Gore Vidal, Voltaire (Preferits compartits)

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Membre des deFeb 21, 2007

Llegint actualmentThe Mind and Society (Trattato di Sociologia generale), Vol. 1: Non-Logical Conduct de Vilfredo Pareto
Critique of Interventionism de Ludwig von Mises
Political Economy (Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged): American Science Series, Advanced Course de Francis A. Walker
The Outcome of Individualism: Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged de Joseph Hiram Levy

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