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S'ha unit
Dec 23, 2022
Sobre la meva biblioteca

to collect, curate, hoard, gather, preserve, observe, and archive.

Sobre mi

two continents away. cataloging everything that got me here so far.

(with the exception of cookbooks, they live at eatyourbooks now :))

"While bibliophiles have always distinguished between the book as text and the book as object, noncollectors have historically declined to see the physical book as anything other than a useful vehicle for information. In the past the printed page was for all practical purposes the sole textual medium. But the Internet and other media now demand that users judge between the relative merits—aesthetic, informational, logistic—of printed text and electronic text. The choice forces contemplation of the book as object, and the effect may already be seen in the proliferation of book exhibitions, increased membership in bibliophile societies, and a renewed interest in the ancient pastime of book collecting."

Eric Holzenberg

california, usa
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