Kentucky (6), American Revolution (6), Founding Fathers (5), U.S. Presidents (4), Daniel Boone (3), Kentucky History (3), Civil War (3), U.S. Presidents; Civil War History (2), Founding Fathers; Biography; American Revolution (2), American Revolution; U.S. Presidents; Founding Fathers (2), American Revolution; Founding Fathers; U.S. Presidents (2), Pioneer Travel (2), Kentucky State History (2), Biography (2), WV (2), KY (2), Hampshire County (2), American Civil War (2), Korean War (2), Abraham Lincoln (1), American Revolution; U.S. Constitution; Founding Fathers (1), Founding Fathers; Benjamin Franklin; American Revolution (1), American Revolution; Biography; Founding Fathers (1), Iroqouis Campaign; Year of the Hangman; French & Indian War; American Revolution (1), Founding Fathers; Biography; U.S. Presidents; American Revolution (1), American Colonial History; Early American Settlement (1), American Revolution; Lafayette; France; George Washington (1), American Revolutionary War History; American Revolution (1), Founding Fathers; U.S. Presidents; American Revolution (1), Foundng Fathers; Biography; American Revolution (1), U.S. History (1), Benjamin Franklin; Founding Fathers (1), Patriots; American Revolution; Founding Fathers (1), Founding Fathers; American Revolution (1), U.S. Presidents; Civil War; General Ulysses S. Grant (1), U.S. Presidents; WWII; Depression; FDR (1), American Revolution; Paul Revere (1), U.S. Presidents; Lincoln Assasination (1), American Revolution; 1st Edition (1), Prince Georges County; Maryland History (1), Virginia Colonial Militia; French Indian War; Patriot Index (1), Kentucky History; Shaker Religion; Pleasant Hill (1), General Robert E. Lee; General Ulysses S. Grant; American Civil War (1), General Ulysses S. Grant; American Civil War (1), Ellis Island; American Immigrants (1), American Revolution; War of 1812; U.S. Presidents (1), American Revolution; Found Fathers; U.S. Presidents (1), U.S.Presidents; U.S. History; Lincoln Assasination (1), American Revolution Military Leaders (1), Philadelphia Wagon Road (1), Civil War History (1), Rhode Island (1), West Virginia History (1), Shawnee Indians (1), Virginia History (1), Kentucky Architectural History (1), Danville (1), Boyle County (1), Early Virginia History (1), Kentucky Pioneers; Lexington (1), Founding Fathers; Biography (1), Historical Highway Markers (1), American Civil War; Romney (1), Great Pennsylvania Wagon Road (1), Thomas Jefferson (1), Slavery; American Revolution (1), Frontier Travel (1), Old Frederick County (1), Dark and Bloody Ground (1), French (1), Genealogy (1), Kentucky Derby (1), Stonewall Jackson (1), Pioneer (1), Thomas D. Clark (1), Lt. John Blue (1), Post-American Revolution (1), American Revolution Battles & Campaigns (1), American Revolution; World History (1)
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Aug 11, 2007
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Library reflects my interest in American History.
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Retired USAF Officer; high school teacher (Science, History). Enjoy reading Colonial, American Revolution, and Founding Fathers history. Member of the National Society, Sons of American Revolution (21 Patriots); 2nd cousin (5X removed) to Abraham Lincoln--My 6GGM, Anne Shipley (1748-1828) was Lincoln's Great Aunt.
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