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"Rabbit" Series

101 Dalmatians {Dodie Smith}


20th Century Boys

33 1/3


Aaron Falk

The Accelerati Trilogy

The Accursed Kings

Action Comics Vol. 1 [1938-2011]


Adrian Mole

Adventure Comics

The Adventures of McBroom

African Trilogy

The Alchemy Wars

Alex & Eliza

Alex and Ada

Alice in the Country of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland: Publication Order

Alice's Adventures

All Clear

All Creatures Great and Small - UK

All Creatures Great and Small - US

All The Birds In The Sky

All-American Girl

All-New Ghost Rider

All-New Wolverine [2016]

All-New X-Factor [2014]

All-New X-Men [2012]

All-Star Comics [1940-1978]

All-Star Superman

Alle Toten fliegen hoch

Alliance-Union Universe

Alliance-Union Universe: Publishing order

I Am A Cat

I Am a Hero

Amalgam Comics

Amazing Fantasy [2004]

The Amazing Spider Man (2018-)

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man [Volume 1]

Amazing X-Men




Ambient - chronological

American Gods

Amy Gallup

Andreas Doppler

Android's Dream

Anna K

Anne of Green Gables

Answered Prayers Sextet

Ao Haru Ride

Aozora Yell


Are You Alice?

Aristotle and Dante


Art of Mentoring

D'Artagnan Romances

Artemis Fowl

The Arthurian Merlin Saga

Ascension Cycle

Asgardians of the Galaxy


Assassination Classroom

Astonishing X-Men

Atlan Saga

Attack on Titan

Augusten Burroughs autobiographies

The Aurora Cycle

Autobiography of Isaac Asimov

Avalon, Chronological Order

Avalon, Published Order

Avatar - Der Herr der Elemente [Comic]

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise

The Avengers

Avengers Vol. 1 [1963-2004]

Avengers {2018-}


B1bl10teca matematica [Corriere della Sera]



Barefoot Gen

The Baroque Cycle

Der Barrayar-Zyklus


Bartimaeus Sequence

Batgirl Vol. 4 [2011-]


Batman and Robin [2009]

Batman Vol. 3 [2016/Rebirth]

Batman: Damned

Batman: Demon Trilogy

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

Batman: The White Knight

Battle of the Atom

Battlestar Suburbia


Beelzebub manga

The Belgariad

Belgariad universe

Benny Shaw

Biblioteca Formentor

Bill Bryson's Complete Notes

Bill Bryson's Travels

Bill, the Galactic Hero

Billy Liar


Bird Box

Bizarro [2015]


Black Butler

Black Butler

Black Orchid

The Black Wolves Trilogy


Blade Runner


Blood of Earth

Blue Exorcist

Blue Spring Ride

Bobby Dollar


Bois Sauvage

The Book of the New Sun

The Books of Ambha

The Books of Babel

Books of Ember

The Books of Magic


Booster Gold Vol. 1


The Borrowers

Bosnian Trilogy

Boys Don't Knit

The Boys in the Band

Brat Pack

The Brave and the Bold [1955-1983]

The Brave Little Toaster

Brave Story

Brenda and Effie

Bridget Jones

The Brilliance Saga

The Broken Earth

Bromance Book Club


Bunny Suicides

Cable & Deadpool


Calvin and Hobbes

Camp Half-Blood

Cannery Row

Captain America

Captain America Comics (1941-1950)

Captain Underpants


Cardcaptor Sakura

Case closed

Cat Man


The Cemetery of Forgotten Books

Centenal Cycle

Challengers of the Unknown

Champions [2016]

Chaos Walking

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guides

The Checquy Files


Chief Inspector Armand Gamache

Children of Time

Chili Palmer

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chocolate War

The Christmas Books of Charles Dickens

Christmas Chronicles

Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne

The Chronicles of Alice

Chronicles of Amber

Chronicles of Narnia

Chronicles of Narnia, Chronological by story

The Chronicles of Prydain

The Chronicles of Shadow Valley

The Chronicles of St Mary's

The Chronicles of St Mary's {Chronological Order}


Chrétian's Arthurian Romances

Cici's Journal

Ciclo dei Vor - Ordine cronologico

The Circle

Cirque Du Freak - The Saga of Darren Shan

City Lights Pocket Poets Series

City of Dreaming Books

City of Spires

Civil War

Civil War II