Llibres controvertits de ChrisSpark

Aquesta pàgina mostra els llibres més "controvertits" de la teva biblioteca mesurats segons la desviació estàndard més alta de la valoració dels membres.

Desviació estàndard Valoració mitjana La teva valoració Títol
1.255 4.16 The First Epistle to the Corinthians de Gordon D. Fee
1.243 3.53 Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived de Rob Bell
1.239 3.42 The Epistle to the Romans: The English Text with Introduction, Exposition and Notes (New Testament Commentary) de John Murray
1.237 3.43 Jesus Before Christianity de Albert Nolan
1.219 3.55 Daily Study Bible: The Letters of James and Peter de William Barclay
1.204 3.68 Daily Study Bible: The Letter to the Romans de William Barclay
1.169 3.63 The Gospel According to Mark: The English Text with Introduction, Exposition and Notes de William L. Lane
1.167 4.25 Holy Bible (New International Version) de International Bible Society
1.118 3.52 The Bible as History de Werner Keller
1.084 3.7 Daily Study Bible: The Gospel of John, Volume 1, Chapters 1-7 de William Barclay
1.082 3.86 The Book of the Acts (New International Commentary on the New Testament) de F. F. Bruce
1.063 3.7 Daily Study Bible: The Gospel of Mark de William Barclay
1.05 4.05 Abridged Greek-English Lexicon de Henry George Liddell
1.037 4.14 Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 1: Genesis 1-15 de Gordon J. Wenham
1.033 3.53 Who Moved the Stone? de Frank Morison
1.03 3.9 Daily Study Bible: The Gospel of Matthew, Volume 1, Chapters 1-10 de William Barclay
1.01 4.01 The Letters of John : an introduction and commentary de John R. W. Stott
0.984 3.46 New Testament Survey de Merrill C. Tenney
0.984 3.87 The Works of Josephus de Flavius Josephus
0.965 3.71 The Book of Revelation de Robert H. Mounce
0.954 3.76 Daily Study Bible: The Letters to the Corinthians de William Barclay
0.949 3.82 The Epistle to the Hebrews (The New International Commentary on the New Testament) de F. F. Bruce
0.943 3.88 The Message of Ephesians (Bible Speaks Today) de John R. W. Stott
0.934 3.8 The Dead Sea Scrolls de Géza Vermes
0.932 4.1 Resurrection: Myth or Reality? A Bishop's Search for the Origins of Christianity de John Shelby Spong
0.932 4.42 Theological Dictionary of the New Testament de Gerhard Kittel
0.912 4.12 Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 41: Galatians de Richard N. Longenecker
0.904 3.84 Proverbs: An Introduction & Commentary (The Tyndale Old Testament Commentary Series) de Derek Kidner
0.9 3.85 Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why de Bart D. Ehrman
0.894 3.92 The King James Version Debate: A Plea for Realism de D. A. Carson
0.888 4.06 The Temple de Alfred Edersheim
0.887 4.16 Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels de Joel B. Green
0.883 4.3 Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures, The New JPS Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text de JPS
0.872 3.66 Old Testament survey : the message, form, and background of the Old Testament de William Sanford Lasor
0.859 4.21 Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 44: Colossians, Philemon de Peter T. O'Brien
0.856 3.89 Reflections on the Psalms de C. S. Lewis
0.855 4.18 Introducing Biblical Hebrew de Allen P. Ross
0.855 3.96 The Meaning of the Millennium: Four Views de Robert G. Clouse
0.854 4.44 The Gospel according to John (The Pillar New Testament Commentary (PNTC)) de D. A. Carson
0.854 4.37 La Germandat de l'Anell de J. R. R. Tolkien
0.847 4.5 The Greek New Testament de Eberhard Nestle
0.838 3.81 Gospel of Luke: A Commentary on the Greek Text (New International Greek Testament Commentary) de I. Howard Marshall
0.819 3.9 Documents of the Christian Church de Henry Bettenson
0.818 4.39 Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics de Daniel B. Wallace
0.813 4.16 The Message of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7 : Christian Counter-Culture) de John R. W. Stott
0.81 3.65 The Gospel According to St. Luke de Leon Morris
0.785 4.47 Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony de Richard J. Bauckham
0.781 4.15 Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World de Tom Holland
0.776 4.13 The Birth of the Messiah de Raymond E. Brown
0.762 3.82 Who Was Jesus? de N. T. Wright
0.752 4.38 Paul: An Outline of His Theology de Herman N. Ridderbos
0.751 4.34 Backgrounds of Early Christianity de Everett Ferguson
0.746 4.08 Paul for Everyone: Galatians and Thessalonians de Tom Wright
0.737 4.6 Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia de Karl Elliger
0.732 4.58 The Resurrection of the Son of God de N. T. Wright
0.728 4.4 Synopsis of the Four Gospels de Kurt Aland
0.726 4.22 New Testament Introduction de Donald Guthrie
0.722 4.49 The New Testament and the People of God de N. T. Wright
0.703 4.29 Philippians de Peter T. O'Brien
0.694 4.23 Scandalous: The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus de D. A. Carson
0.691 4.53 Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament de G. K. Beale
0.679 4.09 The Hard Sayings of Jesus de F. F. Bruce
0.668 4.13 Poet and Peasant and Through Peasant Eyes: A Literary-Cultural Approach to the Parables in Luke (Combined edition) de Kenneth E. Bailey
0.662 4.39 The Letter to the Ephesians (Pillar New Testament Commentary) de Peter T. O'Brien
0.653 4.5 The Wisdom Books: Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes: A Translation with Commentary de Robert Alter
0.625 4.32 A Reader's Greek New Testament de Richard J. Goodrich
0.609 4.55 The Epistle to the Romans de Douglas J. Moo
0.592 4.58 Jesus and the Victory of God de N. T. Wright
0.566 4.4 The Heresy of Orthodoxy: How Contemporary Culture's Fascination with Diversity Has Reshaped Our Understanding of Early Christianity de Andreas J. Köstenberger