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100 Hours

100 Word Horror Collection

131 Days

30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night - Novels

3:AM Kisses

44 Chapters

Aaron Falk

The Abbey

Abby Kane FBI Thriller

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Accidentally Undercover

Adam Stanley

Addison Lockhart Series

Adler and Dwyer

Adrian Mole

Adrian's Undead Diary


The Adventures of Finn and Annie

The Adversary Cycle {Chronological Order}

The Adversary Cycle {Publication Order}

After the Cure

After Twelve


The Age of Apollyon Trilogy

Agent Hill

Agent Jade Monroe

Alaskan Vampires

Aleister Crowley Collection

Alex Cross

Alex Duarte

Alex Hoffman

Alex Kennedy

Alex Madison

Alex Mercer Thrillers

Alex Stern

Alex Sullivan

Alice Queensmeadow

Alice Vega

Almost Bad Boys

An Almost Tropical Mystery

Alpha Group


Alvirah and Willy

Amber Monroe

America's Bravest

An American in the UK

Among the Masses

Amos Walker

Ancient Guardians

Andrew Hunter

Andrew Mayhem Chronicles

Andrew Yancy

Angela Evans


Angels with Attitudes

Angie Prouty Nantucket Mysteries

Animal [K'wan]

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter

Ann Rule's Crime Files


Anna Curtis

Annual True Crime Anthology

The Anomaly Files

Anthony Paterno


Apocalypse Infection Unleashed

Archy McNally


Aristotle and Dante

Arranged Trilogy

Arthur Beautyman Mysteries

Ash Park

Asher Benson

Assassin Bug Thrillers / Bob Dillon

The Asylum Trilogy

Attic Clowns

Audrey's Guides

Augusten Burroughs autobiographies

Aurora Wasteland

Authors & Dragons


The Avengement

Average American Male

Avery & Carter

Avery Black

Avery Hart

Baby Talk

Bachelors of the Ridge

Bad Games

Bad Mother

The Badlands

Balls in Play

Banshee [Clancy]

Barkside of the Moon

Barnaby and Hooker

The Barrington Billionaires [J Winters]

The Barrington Billionaires SYNCHRONIZED World

Basketful of Heads


Baxter & Holt

The Beast House Series


A Beautiful Mess


The Bell Witch

Ben Whittle


Bennett Sisters Mysteries

Berenstain Bears

Berkley Street series

The Best American Crime Reporting

The Best Horror of the Year

Best New Horror

Bewitching Bedlam

Bill Dix Detective

Bill Hodges Trilogy

Bill Tasker

Billie Bly

Billy Jones

Bird Box

Bishop/Special Crimes Unit

Bitter Ashes

Black Rust

The Blackjack Trilogy

Blair Witch

Blake Sanders

Blanco County Mystery

Bleed Out

Blessings, Georgia

Blond Noir Mysteries

Blood Lite

Blood Secrets

Blood Trilogy

Blue Moon Investigations

Blue Rose

Bluewater Thrillers


Bombay Assassins

Books of Blood


Booky Wook

The Box Set

Brad Frame Mysteries

The Brady Bunch

Breaking the Pattern

Brennan & Esposito

Brian Helsing: The World's Unlikeliest Vampire Hunter

The Bridge Daughter Cycle

Bridget Sway's Afterlife Adventures

Brie's Submission

Brier Hospital

Brigadier Gerard

The British Zombie Invasion

Britt Montero

Broden Legal

Broken Blue

The Broken Trilogy

Brooke Walton

Broslin Creek

The Brother's Creed

Buck Reilly Adventures


Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi

C. J. Townsend

The Cabin

Calhoun Family

Camaro Espinoza

The Cape

Capture Me

Carrion Comfort

Carson Ryder

Carter Blake

Carve the Mark

Cases of Lieutenant Kane

Casey Jones

The Cat in the Hat

Cat Kinsella

Causal Enchantment

Cecil Kotto

The Cellar


Charles Bukowski's Selected Letters

Charley's Ghost

Charlie Cooper Mysteries

Charlie Crawford Mystery

Chase Baker Thriller

Chasing Chinatown Trilogy

Children of the After

Chiral Mad Anthology

Chloe Fine

Chocolate Lovers

Chrissy Livingstone

The Christmas Books of Charles Dickens

The Chronicles of Alice

Chronicles of the Infected

Circle of Evil

Civil Corruption

Class Trip