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Sèries a què pertanyen els llibres de la biblioteca de Kerans

Sumari: 152 sèries

75 Years of DC Comics

Adeptus Mechanicus

Adrian Mole


Allen Carr's Easy Way

Alpha Legion

The Ambassador

The Andromeda Strain

Angelika Fleischer

Archaon Duology

Auntie Mame

Bastion Wars

The Beast Arises

Bequin Trilogy

Black Hearts

Black Legion

Black Library Celebration Anthologies

The Black Plague

Blackstone Fortress book series

Blade Runner

Blood Angels

Blood of Nagash

Blue Ant

Books of the Shaper

Bruna Husky

Brunner the Bounty Hunter


Castellan Crowe Series


Champions of Chaos

Chaos Space Marine

Communication and Society

The Complete Short Stories of J.G. Ballard



Dark Angels, author's reading order


Dawn of Fire

Death Korps of Krieg

Dragonriders of Pern: Publication Order


DV Expert Series



Empire Army

Empire of the Sun

Ender Saga

Ender's Game


The Eschaton

Fabius Bile

Fight Club

for Dummies Arts and Photography

Forge of Mars


Gilead Saga

The Godfather

Gotrek & Felix

The Green Mile

The Grey Knights

Hakan Veil

Halting State

Heroes of the Empire

The History of Middle-Earth

The History of The Lord of the Rings

The Horus Heresy

The Horus Heresy Novels

The Horus Heresy: Primarchs

The Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra

The Horusian Wars

Imperial Guard

Inquisition War

Inquisitor (Author's Reading Order)

Iron Snakes Space Marines

Iron Warriors

Issues in Society

The Jackpot Trilogy

John Rain

Járnhamar Space Wolves

Kill-Team Talon


A Land Fit for Heroes

The Later Silmarillion

The Laundry

Legend of Sigmar

Legends of the Dark Millennium

The Lord of the Rings

The Lords of Silence

Mark Watney

Mathias Thulmann: Witch Hunter


Milton's Paradise


Night Lords

Normal by Warren Ellis

O'Reilly Books

Orion Trilogy

Path of the Eldar



Ready Player One

The Red Path

Revelation Space

The Rise of Nagash


Sgt. Carlos Hathcock Story

Shaper/Mechanist Universe

Shield of Baal

Shira Calpurnia

Sicarius Trilogy

Sisters of Battle

Slough House

A Song of Ice and Fire

Soul Drinkers

Space Marine Battles

Space Marine Conquests

Space Marines Anthologies

Space Wolf

The Stormlight Archive

Takeshi Kovacs

Taschen : Basic Art

Thanquol and Bone Ripper

Thunder & Steel

Time of Legends

Tyrion and Teclis

Ufthak Blackhawk

Ulrika the Vampire


Vampire Counts

The Vampire Genevieve

Vaults of Terra

Von Carstein Trilogy

War of Vengeance

Warhammer (fiction)

Warhammer 40,000 (fiction)

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Warhammer Crime

Warhammer Dwarfs

Warhammer Elves

Warhammer Elves of the Time of Legends, reading order

Warhammer Heroes

Warhammer: Knights of Bretonnia

Warhammer: The End Times

Warhammer: The End Times Novel Series

Warhammer: The Sundering

Warlords of Karak Eight Peaks

Warriors of the Chaos Wastes

Watchers of the Throne

Wax and Wayne

The Wheel of Time

Word Bearers