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Tots els llibresPersonalitzat
Sumari: 1,400 sèries

"Sister" Jane Arnold


Abbess of Meaux Mystery




The Adventurers Quartet

Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom

The Adventures of Arabella Ashby

Adventures of Kick Keswick

Agatha Raisin

Age of Steam

Agent of Hel

Agnes and Effie Mystery

Aisling Grey, Guardian

Alafair Tucker

Alaskan Royal Family

The Alchemist

Alex Craft

Alex Stern

Alien Chronicles

All Souls

Alliance-Union Universe

Alliance-Union Universe: Publishing order

Allie Beckstrom

Alpha and Omega: World of the Marrok

Amelia Peabody [Chronological Order]

Amelia Peabody [Publication order]

American Hero

An Amish Mystery

Amory Ames

Anasazi Mysteries

Andrea Nash

Andy Brazil & Judy Hammer

Andy Carpenter

Anita Blake Comics

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter

Anna Pigeon

Annie Szabo Mysteries

Anvil of the World

The Apothecary

Appalachian Blessings

Apparatus Infernum


Arabella Beaumont



Arboretti Family Saga

Arc of a Scythe

Arcadia Project

Arcana [novels]

The Arcane Society

Arcane Society Dreamlight Trilogy

Arcane Society Looking Glass Trilogy

Arcane Underworld

Archer's Beach

Arly Hanks

The Art of Arrow Cutting

Artemis Awakening

Arthur trilogy

Arthurian Mysteries

The Ascendance Trilogy

ASH: A Secret History

Assistant Superintendent David 'Kubu' Bengu

Assiti Shards

Astrid Lethewood

Atlas Catesby

Augusta Goodnight Mysteries

Aunt Dimity

Aunty Lee Singaporean Mysteries

Aurelia Marcella

Aurelia Ryder

Aurora Teagarden

Ava Lee

Avatar Dance

The Axis Trilogy

Baba Yaga

Baby (Andersen)

Bailey Ruth

Baker Street Inquiries

Ballad Novels

Band of Four

The Banned and the Banished

The Bannerless Saga

Bannon and Clare

The Bar Cynster

Bard's Tale

Bardic Voices

The Bareknuckle Bastards

Der Barrayar-Zyklus

Bartimaeus Sequence

Bastion Club

A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery

Bedlam's Bard

The Bedwyn Prequels

Bedwyn Series

Bel McGrath Mysteries

The Belgariad

Belgariad universe

Bell Elkins

Bella Vista Chronicles

Bellinger Sisters

Ben Raveneau

Benedict Nesbitt

Benjamin January

Benji Golden Mysteries

Benni Harper Mysteries

Berger and Mitry Mysteries

Bernie Manuelito: Leaphorn and Chee extended series

Bess Crawford




Bitter Springs

The Bitterbynde Trilogy

Black Cobra Quartet

The Black Jewels Series

The Black Magician Trilogy

Black Sun’s Daughter

Blackbird Sisters

Blackthorn & Grim

Blood Books

Blood Singer


Bloody Jack Adventures

The Blue Heron Winery

Blue Ridge Library

Blue Satan

Bohemian Trilogy


Bone Universe

The Bone Witch

Book of Psalms Mysteries

The Book of Words

The Booking Agents

The Books of the Raksura

Border Series




Breaking the Wall


The Bride Quartet

Bridesmaids Behaving Badly

Bridge of D'Arnath

Bridgertons {Julia Quinn}

The Broken Earth

The Broken Empire

The Broken Empire World

Broken Magic

Broken Riders

Bromance Book Club

The Brothers Magnus

Bryant and May

Burning Cove, California

Burren Mysteries

Burton and Swinburne

Buryin' Barry Mystery

The Butcher's Boy



Cajun Country Mystery

Cal Leandros

Calandra {Susan Dexter}

California Bones trilogy

The Camel Club

Captain Lacey


The Cardinal's Blades

Carl Houseman

Carsington Brothers

The Casebook of Barnaby Adair

Casey Duncan

Cassandra Palmer

Cassie Swann

Castles Ever After

Cat Royal Adventures

Catherine and Alexander Cameron

Celta's HeartMates

Celtic Saga

Central Park Pact


Changeling Detective

Chanters of Tremaris

Chaoswar Saga

Charles & Mélanie Fraser/Malcolm & Suzanne Rannoch, chronological order

Charles & Mélanie Fraser/Malcolm & Suzanne Rannoch, publication order

Charles and Mélanie

Charley Davidson

Charlie Moon

Charlotte Graham Mystery

Chet and Bernie

Chicago Stars

Chicks in Chainmail

Chief Inspector Barnaby

The Childe Morgan Trilogy

Chilling Effect

Chinooks Hockey Team


Chosen of the Changeling