Llibres controvertits de faithluth

Aquesta pàgina mostra els llibres més "controvertits" de la teva biblioteca mesurats segons la desviació estàndard més alta de la valoració dels membres.

Desviació estàndard Valoració mitjana La teva valoració Títol
1.368 3.9 NIV Adventure Bible de Lawrence O. Richards
1.338 3.52 Good News Bible: Today's English Version de American Bible Society
1.336 3.61 The Shadow of His Wings: The True Story of Fr. Gereon Goldmann, OFM de Gereon Goldmann
1.299 3.41 Historical Evidences for the Christian Faith de Josh McDowell
1.275 3.24 Evidence That Demands a Verdict de Josh McDowell
1.274 3.26 The God Makers de Ed Decker
1.271 3.86 What's So Great about Christianity de Dinesh D'Souza
1.228 3.42 The New Dare to Discipline de James C. Dobson
1.224 3.88 Elijah: A Man of Heroism and Humility de Charles R. Swindoll
1.219 3.55 Daily Study Bible: The Letters of James and Peter de William Barclay
1.208 3.85 The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah de Alfred Edersheim
1.204 3.73 Daily Study Bible: The Letter to the Romans de William Barclay
1.202 3.74 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian [2008 film] de Andrew Adamson
1.199 3.83 The Lie: Evolution de Ken Ham
1.193 3.95 Why Pro-life?: Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers de Randy Alcorn
1.187 3.98 Cosmic Christmas de Max Lucado
1.174 3.92 Twelve Extraordinary Women: How God Shaped Women of the Bible, and What He Wants to Do with You de John MacArthur
1.167 4.27 The Holy Bible: New International Version (NIV) de Zondervan
1.16 3.82 The Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey de Frank E. Peretti
1.159 3.03 The Strong-Willed Child de Dr. James C. Dobson
1.15 3.69 The Case for Easter: Journalist Investigates the Evidence for the Resurrection de Lee Strobel
1.144 3.52 The Constantine Codex de Paul L. Maier
1.142 3.72 The Case for Faith: A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity de Lee Strobel
1.14 3.63 Where Love Is, There God Is Also de Leo Tolstoy
1.135 3.3 More Than a Skeleton de Paul L. Maier
1.127 3.6 Prisoners of Hope: The Story of Our Captivity and Freedom in Afghanistan de Dayna Curry
1.123 3.6 On the Anvil de Max Lucado
1.122 3.64 Darwin on Trial de Phillip E. Johnson
1.122 4.02 Fireproof [2008 film] de Alex Kendrick
1.108 3.8 Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance de Tony Dungy
1.107 3.68 Already Gone: Why your kids will quit church and what you can do to stop it de Ken Ham
1.106 3.73 When Christ Comes de Max Lucado
1.106 3.37 Good Grief: A Constructive Approach to the Problem of Loss de Granger E. Westberg
1.102 3.84 Kathleen's Story de Lurlene McDaniel
1.1 4.03 The Legend of the Candy Cane de Lori Walburg
1.089 3.88 The Secret of the Desert Stone de Frank Peretti
1.088 4.07 Oxford Bible Atlas de Herbert G. May
1.087 3.84 The Case for Christ de Lee Strobel
1.082 4.19 Luther's Small Catechism de Martin Luther
1.08 3.75 Dinner with a Perfect Stranger de David Gregory
1.071 4.07 A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 de W. Phillip Keller
1.066 3.64 Boundaries in Dating: How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Relationships de Henry Cloud
1.066 4.01 Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear de Max Lucado
1.065 3.83 Perelandra de C. S. Lewis
1.064 3.85 More Than a Carpenter de Josh McDowell
1.06 3.68 Home to Harmony de Philip Gulley
1.059 3.6 The Legend of Annie Murphy de Frank Peretti
1.058 3.67 Flying Blind de Frank Peretti
1.055 3.45 Angels: God's Secret Agents de Billy Graham
1.05 4.03 Loving God de Charles Colson
1.049 3.79 Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot de Max Lucado
1.049 3.33 Life on the Edge de James C. Dobson
1.049 4.03 The Stars for a Light de Lynn Morris
1.048 3.77 That Hideous Strength de C. S. Lewis
1.047 3.69 Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life de Charles R. Swindoll
1.044 4.05 The Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need de Stan Berenstain
1.043 4.02 The Philosophy of Tolkien: The Worldview Behind The Lord of the Rings de Peter Kreeft
1.043 3.55 I'm a Big Sister de Joanna Cole
1.042 3.85 Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers de Patrick Kavanaugh
1.041 4.19 The Christmas Story (A Little Golden Book) de Jane Werner
1.04 4 Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery de Eric Metaxas
1.036 3.89 If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat de John Ortberg
1.033 3.88 The Tender Years de Janette Oke
1.032 3.91 Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans de Martin Luther
1.031 3.68 Hangman's Curse (The Veritas Project Vol. 1) de Frank Peretti
1.03 4.03 When God Weeps de Joni Eareckson Tada
1.029 4.12 The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language (New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs) de Eugene H. Peterson
1.029 4.36 Money, Possessions, and Eternity de Randy Alcorn
1.029 3.41 A Skeleton in God's Closet de Paul L. Maier
1.029 3.85 3:16: The Numbers of Hope de Max Lucado
1.028 3.82 Just Walk Across the Room: Simple Steps Pointing People to Faith de Bill Hybels
1.026 3.99 Like Gold Refined de Janette Oke
1.025 3.77 Kingdom's Dawn de Chuck Black
1.025 3.68 More Ready Than You Realize de Brian D. McLaren
1.023 3.39 When God Doesn't Make Sense de James Dobson
1.021 3.8 The Dead Sea Scrolls de Michael O. Wise
1.021 3.67 Eerdmans' Handbook to the History of Christianity de Tim Dowley
1.021 3.88 Mistaken Identity: Two Families, One Survivor, Unwavering Hope de Don Van Ryn
1.02 3.69 The Parable Of The Lily de Liz Curtis Higgs
1.017 3.8 The Safest Place On Earth de Larry Crabb
1.017 4.03 Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say No, To Take Control of Your Life de Henry Cloud
1.016 3.43 Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible de Matthew Henry
1.015 4.05 Hinds' Feet on High Places de Hannah Hurnard
1.015 4.03 Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs de Emerson Eggerichs
1.013 4 The Kingdom of the Cults de Walter Ralston Martin
1.013 3.97 A Quiet Strength de Janette Oke
1.009 3.81 The Book of God de Walter Wangerin
1.009 3.64 The Life of Our Lord: Written for His Children During the Years 1846 to 1849 de Charles Dickens
1.007 4.23 A Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians de Martin Luther
1.003 3.88 Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer de Max Lucado
1.003 4.06 Esther: A Woman of Strength & Dignity de Charles R. Swindoll
1.003 3.67 Eerdmans Handbook to the Bible de David Alexander
1.002 3.99 Out of the Saltshaker and into the World: Evangelism As a Way of Life de Rebecca Manley Pippert
1.002 3.77 Bringing Up Boys: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Men de James C. Dobson
1.002 4.07 All Things Bright and Beautiful de Cecil Frances Alexander
1 4.12 In His Image de Paul Brand
1 3.96 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe [2005 film] de Andrew Adamson
0.999 3.92 A Christian Manifesto de Francis A. Schaeffer
0.998 4.05 Beatrice's Goat de Page McBrier
0.998 3.87 The Berenstain Bears and the Truth de Stan Berenstain
0.996 3.96 Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine de Max Lucado
0.994 4.12 Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes de Shauna Niequist
0.993 4.06 Love Finds a Home de Janette Oke
0.991 4.17 Hearts of Fire: Eight Women in the Underground Church and Their Stories of Costly Faith de Voice of the Martyr
0.991 3.58 Gideon's Torch de Charles Colson
0.989 3.95 Same Kind of Different As Me: A Modern-Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together de Ron Hall
0.985 4.32 The Passion of the Christ [2004 film] de Mel Gibson
0.985 4.05 Cast of Characters: Common People in the Hands of an Uncommon God de Max Lucado
0.985 3.94 At Home in Mitford de Jan Karon
0.984 3.46 New Testament Survey de Merrill C. Tenney
0.984 3.86 The Works of Josephus de Flavius Josephus
0.983 3.78 Share Jesus Without Fear de Linda Evans Shepherd
0.982 3.85 Life Goes On de Philip Gulley
0.981 4.03 The Grace Awakening de Charles R. Swindoll
0.981 3.83 Love Must Be Tough de James C. Dobson
0.979 4.1 Love Comes Softly de Janette Oke
0.979 4.07 The Genesis Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Book of Beginnings de Henry M. Morris
0.978 4.16 The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life de Hannah Whitall Smith
0.976 3.96 Love's Enduring Promise de Janette Oke
0.975 4.03 Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk about God's Deliverance de Beth Moore
0.975 3.9 When God Whispers Your Name de Max Lucado
0.973 3.84 The Book of Hours de T. Davis Bunn
0.972 4.03 Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God de Francis Chan
0.972 4.07 Seven Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness de Eric Metaxas
0.972 3.79 Nightmare Academy de Frank Peretti
0.971 4.23 The Language of Letting Go de Melody Beattie
0.97 3.9 A Common Life de Jan Karon
0.97 3.84 Out of the Silent Planet de C. S. Lewis
0.969 4.01 Let's Roll! Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage de Lisa Beamer
0.968 3.71 In the Company of Others de Jan Karon
0.967 3.77 The Tower of Geburah de John White
0.967 3.96 It's Not About Me: Rescue From the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy de Max Lucado
0.965 3.99 And the Shofar Blew de Francine Rivers
0.964 3.53 Lenten Lands: My Childhood with Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis de Douglas H. Gresham
0.964 3.96 The Five Love Languages de Gary D. Chapman
0.962 4.09 Love's Unfolding Dream de Janette Oke
0.962 3.72 The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin de Stan Berenstain
0.962 4.22 I Dared to Call Him Father: The Miraculous Story of a Muslim Woman's Encounter with God de Bilquis Sheikh
0.961 4 Tramp for the Lord de Corrie Ten Boom
0.96 3.72 The History of the Church: From Christ to Constantine de Eusebius
0.957 3.87 The Tombs of Anak de Frank E. Peretti
0.957 3.86 El cavall i el noi de C. S. Lewis
0.957 3.38 Reader's Digest Atlas of the Bible de Editors of Readers Digest
0.957 4.3 Daring to Hope: Finding God's Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful de Katie Davis Majors
0.955 3.93 The Apostle: A Life of Paul de John Pollock
0.954 3.76 Daily Study Bible: The Letters to the Corinthians de William Barclay
0.954 4.07 He Chose The Nails: What God did to Win Your Heart de Max Lucado
0.953 3.68 What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women de James C. Dobson
0.952 3.91 When the Game Is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box de John Ortberg
0.952 3.92 Angel of Hope de Lurlene McDaniel
0.951 4.52 Lutheran Service Book de Concordia Publishing House
0.951 3.99 Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale de Martin Waddell
0.95 3.88 The Night of Las Posadas de Tomie DePaola
0.95 3.86 The Englisher de Beverly Lewis
0.949 3.82 The Epistle to the Hebrews (The New International Commentary on the New Testament) de F. F. Bruce
0.948 4.1 Traveling Light: Releasing the Burdens You Were Never Intended to Bear de Max Lucado
0.948 3.86 No Wonder They Call Him the Savior de Max Lucado
0.948 4.04 The God Who is There: Speaking Historic Christianity Into the Twentieth Century de Francis A. Schaeffer
0.947 4.14 Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good de Jan Karon
0.945 4.02 The Abolition of Man de C. S. Lewis
0.944 4.1 Love's Long Journey de Janette Oke
0.944 4.09 A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Discipleship in an Instant Society de Eugene H. Peterson
0.943 4.14 How Should We Then Live?: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture de Francis A. Schaeffer
0.942 3.89 The Case for the Real Jesus: A Journalist Investigates Current Attacks on the Identity of Christ de Lee Strobel
0.939 4.07 Love's Unending Legacy de Janette Oke
0.939 4.26 One Tuesday Morning de Karen Kingsbury
0.938 3.93 El nebot del mag de C. S. Lewis
0.937 4.22 The Christmas Joy Ride de Melody Carlson
0.937 3.99 Shepherds Abiding de Jan Karon
0.936 4.13 A Searching Heart de Janette Oke
0.936 4.06 The Betrayal de Beverly Lewis
0.936 4.21 Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World de Eric Metaxas
0.935 4.1 The Screwtape Letters de C. S. Lewis
0.934 4.04 Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life de Marjorie J. Thompson
0.934 3.96 Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married de Gary D. Chapman
0.934 3.82 Just Shy of Harmony de Philip Gulley
0.934 4.07 Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World de Max Lucado
0.933 4.28 Heaven de Randy Alcorn
0.933 3.89 A Royal "Waste" of Time: The Splendor of Worshiping God and Being Church for the World de Marva J. Dawn
0.933 3.81 Signs and Wonders de Philip Gulley
0.932 3.99 Jesus through the Centuries: His Place in the History of Culture de Jaroslav Pelikan
0.932 3.92 Too Busy Not to Pray de Bill Hybels
0.931 3.94 Next Door Savior: Near Enough to Touch, Strong Enough to Trust de Max Lucado
0.931 3.91 God Came Near: Chronicles of the Christ de Max Lucado
0.93 4 David: A Man of Passion & Destiny de Charles R. Swindoll
0.929 4.03 Born Again de Charles W. Colson
0.928 4.1 El lleó, la bruixa i l'armari de C. S. Lewis
0.927 3.8 Balto and the Great Race de Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
0.926 3.86 Parenting With Love And Logic de Foster Cline
0.925 3.85 The Applause of Heaven de Max Lucado
0.925 3.82 Escape from the Island of Aquarius de Frank E. Peretti
0.925 4.52 Thompson Chain-Reference Bible: KJV de Frank Charles Thompson
0.924 4.06 Love's Abiding Joy de Janette Oke
0.922 3.88 The Great House Of God: A Home for Your Heart de Max Lucado
0.922 3.88 El tron de plata de C. S. Lewis
0.921 4.28 The Power of a Praying Wife de Stormie Omartian
0.921 3.97 The Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings de Stan Berenstain
0.921 4.08 To Be Where You Are de Jan Karon
0.919 4.01 The Hidden Art of Homemaking de Edith Schaeffer
0.918 4.13 Light from Heaven de Jan Karon
0.917 3.61 Finding God in Unexpected Places de Philip Yancey
0.916 4.21 The Berenstain Bears and the Golden Rule (Berenstain Bears/Living Lights) de Mike Berenstain
0.914 4.08 Love Takes Wing de Janette Oke
0.914 3.97 Your God Is Too Small de J. B. Phillips
0.914 4.24 New Testament History de F. F. Bruce
0.913 4.02 Disappointment with God de Philip Yancey
0.913 3.38 Return to Harmony de Janette Oke
0.913 4.17 The Revelation de Beverly Lewis
0.911 3.87 The Preacher's Daughter de Beverly Lewis
0.911 4.26 Mere Christianity de C. S. Lewis
0.91 3.87 El príncep Caspian de C. S. Lewis
0.909 3.91 The Parting de Beverly Lewis
0.908 3.99 A Light in the Window de Jan Karon
0.908 4.08 Psalms: The Prayer Book of the Bible de Dietrich Bonhoeffer
0.907 4.18 Companion To Narnia de Paul F. Ford
0.906 3.88 The Covenant de Beverly Lewis
0.906 4.03 La travessia del Navegant de l'Alba de C. S. Lewis
0.905 4.04 Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, & Priorities of a Winning Life de Tony Dungy
0.904 3.77 Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea de Frank E. Peretti
0.904 4.15 Gods and Kings de Lynn Austin
0.902 3.92 Miracles de C. S. Lewis
0.901 4.11 In The Grip Of Grace de Max Lucado
0.901 3.93 Home to Holly Springs de Jan Karon
0.9 3.94 The Sunflower de Richard Paul Evans
0.9 3.92 Lessons from a Sheep Dog de Phillip Keller
0.898 3.89 You Carried Me: A Daughter's Memoir de Melissa Ohden
0.898 4.1 The Last Bride de Beverly Lewis
0.894 3.88 The Door in the Dragon's Throat de Frank E. Peretti
0.894 3.81 And the Angels Were Silent: The Final Week of Jesus de Max Lucado
0.894 4.02 Just Like Jesus de Max Lucado
0.893 4.17 Fearfully and Wonderfully Made de Philip Yancey
0.893 4.02 Los Cuatro amores de C. S. Lewis
0.889 4.01 Come Rain or Come Shine de Jan Karon
0.887 4.2 The Crippled Lamb de Max Lucado
0.886 4.13 When helping hurts : how to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor -- and yourself de Steve Corbett
0.886 4.04 Out to Canaan de Jan Karon
0.885 3.81 A Harmony of the Gospels de A. T. Robertson
0.884 4 More than Conquerors: An Interpretation of the Book of Revelation de William Hendriksen
0.883 4.21 Holman Bible Atlas: A Complete Guide to the Expansive Geography of Biblical History (Broadman & Holman Reference) de Thomas V. Brisco
0.883 4.09 Moses: A Man of Selfless Dedication (Great Lives from God's Word) de Charles R. Swindoll
0.883 4.14 What's So Amazing About Grace? de Philip Yancey
0.882 4.09 The Reformation de Will Durant
0.881 3.96 The Forbidden de Beverly Lewis
0.878 3.54 Preparing for Adolescence de James C. Dobson
0.878 4.41 Concordia Self-Study Bible: Niv de Robert G. Hoerber
0.875 3.69 Improving Your Serve de Charles R. Swindoll
0.875 3.45 The Christmas Bus de Melody Carlson
0.875 4.03 The Story - The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People de Zondervan
0.873 4.32 The Gift of Pain de Paul Brand
0.87 3.86 The Brethren de Beverly Lewis
0.867 4.27 El Hòbbit, o viatge d'anada i tornada de J. R. R. Tolkien
0.867 4.2 Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Christian in Community de Dietrich Bonhoeffer
0.866 4.21 The Great Divorce de C. S. Lewis
0.865 4 The Sister Circle de Vonette Bright
0.863 4.03 The Jesus I Never Knew de Philip Yancey
0.862 3.97 Jesus among Other Gods de Ravi Zacharias
0.861 4.33 Beyond Tuesday Morning de Karen Kingsbury
0.859 4.18 Caesar and Christ de Will Durant
0.857 4.08 In This Mountain de Jan Karon
0.856 3.91 Reflections on the Psalms de C. S. Lewis
0.856 4.17 Paul de F. F. Bruce
0.855 4 The Meaning of the Millennium: Four Views de Robert G. Clouse
0.855 4.12 Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus de Kyle Idleman
0.855 4.11 How Now Shall We Live? de Charles W. Colson
0.854 4.45 The Gospel according to John (The Pillar New Testament Commentary (PNTC)) de D. A. Carson
0.854 4.37 La Germandat de l'Anell de J. R. R. Tolkien
0.854 4.28 Sit, Walk, Stand de Watchman Nee
0.853 4 The Age of Louis XIV de Will Durant
0.852 4.35 God Gave Us You de Lisa Tawn Bergren
0.852 4.23 Every Now and Then de Karen Kingsbury
0.85 4 Reaching for the Invisible God de Philip Yancey
0.85 3.93 The Third Gift de Linda Sue Park
0.849 4.09 A New Song de Jan Karon
0.849 4.08 These High, Green Hills de Jan Karon
0.848 3.9 Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments de Alexander Cruden
0.848 3.9 A Gentle Thunder de Max Lucado
0.847 4.11 God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics de C. S. Lewis
0.847 3.92 Ethics de Dietrich Bonhoeffer
0.845 4.2 Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther de Roland H. Bainton
0.844 4.13 The Bible and the Future de Anthony A. Hoekema
0.842 4.12 Christy Miller Collection, Volume 1: Summer Promise; A Whisper and a Wish; Yours Forever de Robin Jones Gunn
0.842 4.24 Tortured for Christ de Richard Wurmbrand
0.842 4.17 Un dol observat de C. S. Lewis
0.84 4.32 Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy de Eric Metaxas
0.84 3.9 A Love Worth Giving: Living in the Overflow of God's Love de Max Lucado
0.839 4.39 Safely Home de Randy Alcorn
0.83 4.01 Six Hours One Friday: Anchoring to the Power of the Cross de Max Lucado
0.83 3.94 Luther: Man Between God and the Devil de Heiko A. Oberman
0.829 4.01 Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: Finding Intimacy With God in the Busyness of Life de Joanna Weaver
0.829 4.15 Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope de Mary Beth Chapman
0.828 4.15 You'll Get Through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times de Max Lucado
0.828 4.33 The River de Beverly Lewis
0.827 4.07 Rousseau and Revolution de Will Durant
0.826 3.77 The Iron Sceptre de John White
0.824 3.66 Harper's Bible Dictionary de Paul J. Achtemeier
0.824 4.13 Just In Case You Ever Wonder de Max Lucado
0.823 4.14 The Age of Voltaire de Will Durant
0.823 3.94 A Change of Heart: A Harmony Novel (Plus) de Philip Gulley
0.823 4.08 Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? de Philip Yancey
0.822 4.22 The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict de Ken Sande
0.822 4.17 The Prodigal de Beverly Lewis
0.821 4.09 Postmodern Times: A Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought and Culture (Turning Point Christian Worldview Series) de Gene Edward Veith Jr.
0.821 3.85 Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed The World de Paul L. Maier
0.821 3.9 Outlive Your Life: You Were Made to Make A Difference de Max Lucado
0.82 3.83 A History of Israel de John Bright
0.819 3.32 The Search for the Twelve Apostles de William Steuart McBirnie
0.819 4.4 The Hiding Place de Corrie Ten Boom
0.817 3.82 Almost Friends de Philip Gulley
0.816 3.52 The Dead Sea Scrolls de John M. Allegro
0.815 3.89 The Bible Jesus Read de Philip Yancey
0.814 3.89 The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Related Dementias, and Memory Loss de Nancy L. Mace
0.812 4.31 The Cost of Discipleship de Dietrich Bonhoeffer
0.812 4.16 Front Porch Tales de Philip Gulley
0.812 3.2 Parenting Isn't for Cowards de James C. Dobson
0.806 4.4 Les Dues Torres de J. R. R. Tolkien
0.806 4.12 Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down de Marva J. Dawn
0.805 4.06 Joni: An Unforgettable Story de Joni Eareckson Tada
0.804 4.38 Fatal Discord: Erasmus, Luther, and the Fight for the Western Mind de Michael Massing
0.798 4.33 Cartes des de la presó de Dietrich Bonhoeffer
0.798 4.28 God Gave Us the World de Lisa Tawn Bergren
0.798 3.96 God Is Closer Than You Think: This Can Be the Greatest Moment of Your Life Because This Moment Is the Place Where You Can Meet God de John Ortberg
0.797 4.6 The Holy Bible: English Standard Version (ESV) de Crossway Bibles
0.797 4.46 Noah’s Ark de Jerry Pinkney
0.797 4.27 The Hammer of God de Bo Giertz
0.794 4.15 Two-Part Invention: The Story of a Marriage de Madeleine L'Engle
0.791 4.18 How People Grow: What the Bible Reveals About Personal Growth de Henry Cloud
0.79 4.09 The Secret Keeper de Beverly Lewis
0.79 4.3 Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies de David Bentley Hart
0.789 4.29 Christy Miller Collection, Volume 3: True Friends / Starry Night / Seventeen Wishes de Robin Jones Gunn
0.789 4.14 In the Presence of My Enemies de Gracia Burnham
0.788 3.97 Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food de Lysa TerKeurst
0.787 4.22 Ragman And Other Cries Of Faith de Walter Wangerin
0.787 4.34 Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life de Tish Harrison Warren
0.785 3.85 Pontius Pilate de Paul L. Maier
0.783 4.04 In the Eye of the Storm de Max Lucado
0.782 4.23 The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: Expanded Edition de Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
0.78 4.41 The Spirituality of the Cross: The Way of the First Evangelicals de Gene Edward Veith
0.778 3.82 Back Home Again de Melody Carlson
0.775 4.41 Christy Miller Collection, Volume 2: Surprise Endings / Island Dreamer / A Heart Full of Hope de Robin Jones Gunn
0.772 4.17 The Longing de Beverly Lewis
0.771 4.07 Where Is God When It Hurts? de Philip Yancey
0.77 4.31 The Mitford Bedside Companion: A Treasury of Favorite Mitford Moments, Author Reflections on the Bestselling Series, and More, Much More de Jan Karon
0.77 4.29 In My Father's House: The Years Before "The Hiding Place" de Corrie Ten Boom
0.769 3.78 I'm a Big Brother de Joanna Cole
0.768 3.91 A Place of Healing: Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God's Sovereignty de Joni Eareckson Tada
0.768 4.47 El retorn del Rei de J. R. R. Tolkien
0.766 4.11 Hurt: Inside the World of Today's Teenagers (Youth, Family, and Culture) de Chap Clark
0.764 3.61 Dancing with Max: A Mother and Son Who Broke Free de Emily Colson
0.764 3.73 You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church--and Rethinking Faith de David Kinnaman
0.763 4.11 God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life de Gene Edward Veith Jr.
0.763 4.31 Life Together and Prayerbook of the Bible (Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, Vol. 5) de Dietrich Bonhoeffer
0.762 4.13 Genesis in Space and Time: The Flow of Biblical History (Bible commentary for layman) de Francis A. Schaeffer
0.758 3.96 The Story of Jonah (An Alice in Bibleland Storybook) de Alice Joyce Davidson
0.753 4.36 Redemption de Karen Kingsbury
0.753 4.41 The Large Catechism of Martin Luther de Martin Luther
0.753 4.45 Because I Love You de Max Lucado
0.753 3.92 The Flames of Rome de Paul L. Maier
0.753 3.97 Luther the Reformer: The Story of the Man and His Career de James M. Kittelson
0.751 3.54 Corrie Ten Boom's Prison Letters de Corrie Ten Boom
0.746 4.43 The Book of Concord: The Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church de Theodore G. Tappert
0.745 4.29 Facing Your Giants: A David and Goliath Story for Everyday People de Max Lucado
0.744 4.11 Who You Are When No One's Looking de Bill Hybels
0.743 4.49 The Landmark Herodotus: The Histories de Herodotus
0.743 4.2 The Age of Reason Begins de Will Durant
0.739 4.55 Studies in the Sermon on the Mount de Martyn Lloyd-Jones
0.738 4.26 Fred Stays with Me! de Nancy Coffelt
0.737 4.28 Transposition and other Addresses de C. S. Lewis
0.736 4.37 Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption de Katie J. Davis
0.736 4.33 Keep a Quiet Heart de Elisabeth Elliot
0.733 4.44 Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption de Laura Hillenbrand
0.733 4.29 Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel de C. F. W. Walther
0.73 4.28 All God's Children and Blue Suede Shoes: Christians and Popular Culture (Turning Point Christian Worldview) de Ken Myers
0.725 4.38 Faith of My Fathers de Lynn Austin
0.722 4.25 Every Day Deserves a Chance: Wake Up to the Gift of 24 Hours de Max Lucado
0.72 4.32 He Still Moves Stones de Max Lucado
0.719 4 Josephus: The Essential Works de Flavius Josephus
0.713 4.17 Amazing Love de Corrie Ten Boom
0.702 4.52 14 Cows for America de Carmen Agra Deedy
0.7 4.17 Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God de Noel Piper
0.698 3.69 Love is a Choice : Recovery from Codependent Relationships DVD de Robert Hemfelt
0.691 4.48 Return de Karen Kingsbury
0.686 4.23 Reading Between the Lines: A Christian Guide to Literature (Turning Point Christian Worldview Series) de Gene Edward Veith Jr.
0.684 4.5 Remember de Karen Kingsbury
0.679 4.46 Being Mortal: Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End de Atul Gawande
0.669 4.47 Song of Redemption de Lynn Austin
0.657 4.34 On Being a Theologian of the Cross: Reflections on Luther's Heidelberg Disputation, 1518 de Mr. Gerhard O. Forde
0.656 4.49 Rejoice de Karen Kingsbury
0.656 3.97 God Grew Tired of Us: A Memoir de John Bul Dau
0.655 4.54 The Love Letters de Beverly Lewis
0.653 4.55 Reunion de Karen Kingsbury
0.62 3.83 Martin Luther: renegade and prophet de Lyndal Roper
0.609 4.35 Only Opal: The Diary of a Young Girl de Opal Whiteley
0.607 4.27 Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality de Wesley Hill
0.6 4.56 Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels de J. Warner Wallace
0.59 4.1 In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving de Leigh Anne Tuohy
0.58 4.59 The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name de Sally Lloyd-Jones
0.576 3.73 A Step Further de Joni Eareckson Tada
0.564 4.66 Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity de Nabeel Qureshi
0.55 4.55 Among the Gods de Lynn Austin
0.542 4.67 Jotham's Journey: A Storybook for Advent de Arnold Ytreeide
0.537 4.53 The Strength of His Hand de Lynn Austin
0.354 4.83 Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions -- A Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord de Paul Timothy McCain