Controversial Books for gilsbooks

This page shows the most "controversial" books in this library, as measured by the highest standard deviation of members' star ratings.

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Standard Deviation Average Rating Your Rating Títol
1.421 3.85 Astral Dynamics: A New Approach to Out-of-Body Experiences de Robert Bruce
1.317 3.74 Crepuscle (Primer llibre de la Saga Crepuscle) de Stephenie Meyer
1.285 2.87 Abduction de John E. Mack
1.238 3.38 Ted Bundy : Conversations with a Killer de Stephen G. Michaud
1.224 3.26 Contents Under Pressure de Edna Buchanan
1.212 3.38 The Mothman Prophecies de John A. Keel
1.209 3.07 A Bed by the Window: A Novel Of Mystery And Redemption de M. Scott Peck
1.205 3.37 The Black Velvet Gown de Catherine Cookson
1.178 3.28 Charms, Spells, and Formulas de Ray T. Malbrough
1.172 3.85 The Berkut de Joseph Heywood
1.166 3.36 Hip-Hop High School (Hoopster) de Alan Lawrence Sitomer
1.165 3.53 El codi Da Vinci de Dan Brown
1.152 3.16 The Last Two Million Years de Reader's Digest
1.143 3.58 In Search of Stones: A Pilgrimage of Faith, Reason, and Discovery de M. Scott Peck
1.142 2.89 Are Men Necessary?: When Sexes Collide de Maureen Dowd
1.134 3.83 Healing The Child Within: Discovery and Recovery for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families de Charles L. Whitfield
1.129 3.24 Beast de Peter Benchley
1.128 3.66 The Science of Star Wars: An Astrophysicist's Independent Examination of Space Travel, Aliens, Planets, and Robots as Portrayed in the Star Wars Films and Books de Jeanne Cavelos
1.123 4 Ten Little Bloodhounds de Virginia Lanier
1.121 3.66 In God's Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I de David Yallop
1.12 3.26 Scarpetta's Winter Table de Patricia Cornwell
1.119 3.83 The Longest Memory de Fred D'Aguiar
1.112 3.57 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back [movie novelization] de Donald F. Glut
1.111 4.04 Ultimate Visual Dictionary de Jo Evans
1.094 3.68 Who Wrote the New Testament?: The Making of the Christian Myth de Burton L. Mack
1.08 4.07 Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One de Edward O. Thorp
1.074 3.46 JFK: Reckless Youth de Nigel Hamilton
1.074 3.83 Love in a Dead Language de Lee Siegel
1.072 3.57 Bloomsbury: A House of Lions de Leon Edel
1.068 3.47 8.4 de Peter Hernon
1.064 3.46 The Likeability Factor: How to Boost Your L-Factor and Achieve Your Life's Dreams de Tim Sanders
1.063 3.37 Cradle and All de James Patterson
1.063 3.56 Texasville de Larry McMurtry
1.054 3.8 Al-Qur'an: A Contemporary Translation (Ahmed Ali, 1984) de al-Qur'an
1.049 3.87 El pèndol de Foucault de Umberto Eco
1.04 3.45 The Trench de Steve Alten
1.038 3.35 Sanctuary de Beverly Lewis
1.035 3.88 Slang and Euphemism, 3rd revised ed. de Richard A. Spears
1.031 3.96 The Oxford Book of Humorous Prose: From William Caxton to P.G. Wodehouse de Frank Muir
1.03 3.84 Lost Souls de Poppy Z. Brite
1.026 3.58 The Walk West: A Walk Across America 2 de Peter Jenkins
1.024 3.57 Coldheart Canyon de Clive Barker
1.02 3.82 The Book of Great Books: A Guide to 100 World Classics de W. John Campbell Ph.D.
1.018 3.56 Bloodline de Sidney Sheldon
1.009 3.47 Ca l'horror de Philip Ardagh
1.008 3.88 Perfect Sin de Kat Martin
1.006 3.54 Private Parts de Howard Stern
1.004 3.34 Sword Point de Harold Coyle
1.003 3.67 The Redemption of Sarah Cain de Beverly Lewis
1.002 3.74 The Seventh Scroll de Wilbur Smith
0.996 3.32 The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating and Sex de Joshua Piven
0.995 3.73 Democracy de Joan Didion
0.993 3.25 Mayflower Madam: The Secret Life of Sydney Biddle Barrows de Sydney Biddle Barrows
0.989 3.85 Sinatra: The Life de Anthony Summers
0.987 4.08 Jungle Pilot de Russell T. Hitt
0.98 3.93 An Instance of the Fingerpost de Iain Pears
0.98 3.83 Sinfully Sexy de Linda Francis Lee
0.975 4.05 A Wrinkle in Time de Madeleine L'Engle
0.975 3.3 Black Friday de James Patterson
0.972 3.56 Frank Zappa: The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play de Ben Watson
0.971 4.26 Breaking Free: Making Liberty in Christ a Reality in Life de Beth Moore
0.969 3.69 Resist or Serve : The Official Guide to The X-Files, Volume 4 de Andy Meisler
0.963 3.99 Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't de Jim Collins
0.962 3.93 Letters of the Century: America 1900-1999 de Lisa Grunwald
0.958 3.66 The Map of Love de Ahdaf Soueif
0.957 3.9 Nightside the Long Sun de Gene Wolfe
0.956 3.88 Heidi de Johanna Spyri
0.955 3.82 Every Dead Thing de John Connolly
0.948 4.29 The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing de Esther Hicks
0.947 3.87 The Gates of the Alamo de Stephen Harrigan
0.944 4.18 Norman Rockwell's Christmas Book de Norman Rockwell
0.939 3.95 Suddenly Sexy de Linda Francis Lee
0.937 4.28 Shakespeare A to Z: The Essential Reference to His Plays, His Poems, His Life and Times, and More de Charles Boyce
0.936 3.64 Ancient Images de Ramsey Campbell
0.936 3.49 The Secret of the Old Mill de Franklin W. Dixon
0.935 4.01 A Fine and Pleasant Misery de Patrick F. McManus
0.932 2.82 Bulldog Drummond de Sapper
0.93 3.49 Caro's Book of Poker Tells de Mike Caro
0.926 4.15 The Chinese Siamese Cat de Amy Tan
0.922 4.24 The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts de Judika Illes
0.918 3.91 A Wanted Man de Linda Lael Miller
0.917 4.08 El món segons Garp de John Irving
0.912 4.07 The Dragon Token de Melanie Rawn
0.907 3.74 Smilla's Sense of Snow de Peter Høeg
0.906 3.44 Bitter Truth de William Lashner
0.901 4.09 The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature de David Suzuki
0.899 4.13 The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation (Volume One, Parts I-II) de Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
0.894 4.11 A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Dubliners de James Joyce
0.892 4.02 Doble Identitat de Margaret Peterson Haddix
0.891 4.03 The House of Mirth de Edith Wharton
0.889 3.97 Flirting With Danger de Suzanne Enoch
0.888 3.94 Bulfinch's Mythology de Thomas Bulfinch
0.887 3.83 142. El Gat amb botes de Charles Perrault
0.883 3.74 Night Kills de John Lutz
0.883 3.44 The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century de Martin Harry Greenberg
0.882 3.68 Just One Look de Harlan Coben
0.882 3.14 You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again de Julia Phillips
0.882 3.98 Small Sacrifices de Ann Rule
0.877 3.47 To Weave a Web of Magic [Anthology 4-in-1] de Claire Delacroix
0.877 4.07 Bodies Electric de Colin Harrison
0.875 3.65 The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval Europe de George Holmes
0.874 3.7 The Serpent and the Grail de A. A. Attanasio
0.872 3.52 The Kennedy Women: The Saga of an American Family de Laurence Leamer
0.87 3.7 The Black Marble de Joseph Wambaugh
0.868 4.08 The Silence of the Lambs de Thomas Harris
0.868 4.09 The Portable Curmudgeon Redux de Jon Winokur
0.866 3.48 The Practice of Social Research de Earl R. Babbie
0.866 4.41 The Elements of Style: A Practical Encyclopedia of Interior Architectural Details from 1485 to the Present de Stephen Calloway
0.865 3.83 The Only Way to Cross de John Maxtone-Graham
0.865 3.85 Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy de Jane Leavy
0.865 4.07 The New York Public Library Desk Reference de The New York Public Library
0.864 3.89 Reader's Digest Illustrated Reverse Dictionary: Find the Words at the Tip of Your Tongue de Reader's Digest
0.864 3.49 ¿Que hi ha algú? de Jostein Gaarder
0.862 3.52 The Hellion de LaVyrle Spencer
0.86 3.74 The Beloved Invader de Eugenia Price
0.858 3.8 The Best of Life de David Edward Scherman
0.854 3.7 The Wreckers de Iain Lawrence
0.853 3.55 Amelia's War de Ann Rinaldi
0.852 4.06 The Americans: The National Experience de Daniel J. Boorstin
0.85 3.67 A Time to Die de Wilbur Smith
0.848 4.28 Harry Potter i l'orde del Fènix de J. K. Rowling
0.845 4.08 Just As I Am de Billy Graham
0.844 4.27 Jewish Literacy: The Most Important Things to Know About the Jewish Religion, Its People and Its History de Joseph Telushkin
0.844 3.55 Echoes in the Darkness de Joseph Wambaugh
0.843 4.07 The Friendly Shakespeare: A Thoroughly Painless Guide to the Best of the Bard de Norrie Epstein
0.842 3.95 La Pedra lunar : una narració amorosa de Wilkie Collins
0.841 4.03 How Good Do We Have to Be? de Harold S. Kushner
0.84 4.14 Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary de Donald Venes
0.838 3.81 Eight Weeks to Optimum Health: A Proven Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Body's Natural Healing Power de Andrew Weil
0.837 3.94 The Painted Veil de W. Somerset Maugham
0.837 4.19 Our Dumb Century: The Onion Presents 100 Years of Headlines from America's Finest News Source de The Onion
0.834 4.31 Dinotopia de James Gurney
0.833 4.09 Women de Annie Leibovitz
0.833 3.97 This Alien Shore de C. S. Friedman
0.831 3.9 Real Simple: The Organized Home de Editors of Real Simple Magazine
0.831 4.2 There Are No Children Here: The Story of Two Boys Growing Up in The Other America de Alex Kotlowitz
0.83 4.05 A Way of Being de Carl R. Rogers
0.829 3.97 The Tennis Partner de Abraham Verghese
0.822 4.19 The Stories of John Cheever de John Cheever
0.817 2.86 Quag Keep de Andre Norton
0.816 3.67 H Is for Homicide de Sue Grafton
0.815 4.12 With Malice Toward None de Stephen B. Oates
0.811 3.74 Scar Lover de Harry Crews
0.806 4.39 Les Dues Torres de J. R. R. Tolkien
0.806 3.83 Lens of the World de R. A. MacAvoy
0.803 4.12 Caesar de Colleen McCullough
0.799 4.04 Grimms' Fairy Tales {Illustrated Junior Library} de Jacob Grimm
0.798 4.43 The 20th-Century Children's Book Treasury: Picture Books and Stories to Read Aloud de Janet Schulman
0.796 3.67 Howard Hughes: His Life and Madness de Donald L. Barlett
0.79 2.98 E. Godz de Robert Asprin
0.788 3.82 In the Presence of the Enemy de Elizabeth George
0.786 3.51 James K. Polk de John Seigenthaler
0.785 4.05 The Calorie King Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter de Allan Borushek
0.783 3.66 Just Cause de John Katzenbach
0.782 4.02 Adventures in the Screen Trade de William Goldman
0.779 4.33 The Collected Stories de Isaac Bashevis Singer
0.771 3.84 In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner de Elizabeth George
0.77 4.15 The Art of Star Wars, Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back de Vic Bulluck
0.766 4 The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology de Arthur Cotterell
0.763 3.72 Howard Hughes: The Untold Story de Peter Harry Brown
0.76 3.99 Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This? de Marion Meade
0.751 4.34 Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book de Vogue Knitting Magazine
0.749 3.78 A Field Guide to Sprawl de Dolores Hayden
0.747 3.69 L'home que somreia de Henning Mankell
0.747 4.18 The Art of Star Wars, Episode IV - A New Hope de Carol Titelman
0.741 4.13 The Art of Star Wars, Episode VI - Return of the Jedi de Carol Titelman
0.729 3.7 Hide and Seek de Ian Rankin
0.724 4.19 The Complete Book of U.S. Presidents de William Degregorio
0.719 3.74 City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit de Elmore Leonard
0.712 3.97 The Jugger: A Parker Novel (Parker Novels) de Richard Stark
0.712 3.9 Matriarch: Queen Mary and the House of Windsor de Anne Edwards
0.71 4.1 Texas Glory de Lorraine Heath
0.695 3.93 Autumn from the Heart of the Home de Susan Branch
0.629 4.26 David Wallechinskys 20th Century: History With the Boring Parts Left Out de David Wallechinsky