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A.A.A. Terruwe(1) A.A. King(1) A.A. A.A. Sage(1) A. Aure; R. Egenter and F. O'Connor O.P.(1) Abbe Huvelin(1) Abbe Joseph Buotet(1) OCSO Abbess Christine of Whitlland(1) Monks of Glenstal Abbey(3) New Melleray Abbey(1) OSB. Abbot David Parry, ed. De Waal, Esther(1) Abbot D. Oswald Hunter Blair.(1) Abbot General Gabriel Sortais(1) Abbot Of Cl Bernard(1) Walter M. Abbott(1) A Benedictine of Farnborough(1) A Benedictin of Stanbrook(1) A.B. Grosart(1) Swami Abhishiktananda(3) A. Boyle (translator)(1) A Carmelite Nun(1) A Carthusiantr. A Monk of Parkminster(1) Francis Acharya(1) A Cistercian Monk(1) Clarke A(1) A Country Rector(1) H. B. Acton(1) J. Adair(1) David Adam(4) Karl Adam(2) Adam of Perseigne(1) Daniel J. Adams(1) C. J. Adcock(1) Debra Adelaide(1) Ronald B. Adler(1) Adrian Graffy(1) Susan Muto Adrian Van Kaam, and others(1) A.E. Gregory(1) Aelred. Translated by a Religious of C. S. M. V.(1) O.P. Aelred Whitacres, Vincent McNabb, O.P., Prof. A.E. Taylor; Mgr Gonne, Prof. T.F. Tout; Hugh Pope, O.P.(1) Guerric OCsO Aerden(1) not dated 34 photgraphs illustrative of the community's lif A fine photographic collection published by the Abbey quarto size(1) Fortescue A(1) A French Mystic of the Thirteenth Century.,(1) Mary Agreda(1) Yohanan Aharoni(1) Barnabas M. Ahern(4) John Aherne(1) O.P. A. J. Coupet(1) A.J. Krailsheimer(1) Jones A(1) A. Kreidir and S. Murray(1) O.P. A. Laffay(1) A lay-man with help from a Carthusian monk.(1) James Alberione(1) O.Cist. Albert Urban(1) William Foxwell Albright(2) St Peter of Alcantara(1) Dogenes Alen(1) David Alexander(2) Pat Alexander(2) & Rambaut Alexander, W. H., Tr. Irenaeus. Roberts(1) D.D. and James Donaldson Alexander Roberts, LL.D.(1) Alexander Schemmann(1) Clement of Alexandria(1) Hilarion Alfeyev(1) James Alison(2) Alison Wertheimer(1) translated by Jeremy Moiser A Little Brother of Je(1) all as before(2) all as before hbk(1) A. M. Allchin(12) A. M.et al Allchin(1) all details as before(1) John Allegro(1) John Francis Allen(1) John L. Allen(1) Rudolf Allers(1) Rudolph Allers(1) Joaquin Alliende-Luco(1) Mary H. Allies(2) Patrick Allitt(1) Jean-Jacques von Allmen(1) Curtis SSJE Almquist(1) Berthold; Translated by Hilda C. Graef Altaner(1) Charlene Altemose(2) Robert Alter(8) David Alton(2) Ambrose(1) Ambrose(4) A. M. Canopi(1) O.F.M. A. McCormack(1) A Monk of Le'rins(1) 'A Monk of Parkminster'(1) Montefiore A(1) A.M. Weigl. Deals wih the apparitions at Montichiari-Fontenell(1) Jeanne Ancelet-Hustache(1) Bernhard W. Anderson(1) G. W. Anderson(1) Norman Anderson(1) Ray S. Anderson(1) St.]; [T. Thompson and Notes by [Ambrose, Trans]. by;[ J. H. Srawley, Ed.] , Intro.(1) Andreas Andreopoulos(1) Andrew Beck (Editor) Bshop(1) Iris Jones Andrew Headon, Carol Richardson, , Judith Champ.(1) A. Neame (ed.)(1) Aneel Aranha(1) Angela of Foligno(1) Boethius(1) Julia Annas(1) Anne Sigier(1) Anonn.g.(1) Anonymous(8) Anonymous(1) Anonymous(1) Anonymous(1) Anselme le Bail OCSO(3) Anselm of Canterbury(3) Peter Frederick Anson(5) Richard C. Antall(1) Anthony Meehan(1) Anthony of Padua(3) A number of Cistercian Religious(1) A Nun of Stanbrook(1) A Nun of Stapehill(1) Ph.d. A., D.h.l. Rev. Dr. A. Cohen M.(1) A Poor Clare Colettine(1) Raphael Appleby(1) George Appleton(1) George Archbishop Appleton(1) S.O.C. A. Presse(1) A Priest(1) A Priest of Mount Melleray(2) Mike Aquilina(1) Saint Thomas; Newman Aquinas, John Henry(1) St. Thomas; Aquinatis; Caramello Aquinas, Petri(1) Thoma Aquinas(1) Josef (Maclaren Thomas and Pieper Aquinas, Drosta(1) Additional Appendices by Thomas Gilby St. Thomas Aquinas Timothy McDermott(1) translator) St. Augustine (Louis A Arand(1) Gerald A. Arbuckle(1) A Religious of CSMV(1) a religious of the Holy Child Jesus(1) J. P. Arendzen(1) Francis Arinze(1) Aristotle(1) J.A. K. ( Translator ) Aristotle; Thomson(1) Armand John Le Boutillier De Rance(1) Karen Armstrong(3) Eberhard Arnold(1) Johann Christoph Arnold(2) D.D. et al. A. Roberts(1) As Before(2) Thomas Asbridge(1) As celebrated by Pope John Paul II(1) George Aschenbrenner(1) Tony Ashcroft(1) Geoffrey Ashe(2) A Short and Easy Method of Prayer by Simple Faith in The Presence of God(1) John Ashton(1) Angela Ashwin(1) Piotr Ashwin-Siejkowski(2) A Sister of the Society(1) Eddie Askew(1) Don Aslett(1) Smith G A(1) A. Solignac et al.(1) German Catechetical Association(1) As Vol. 1(2) translating to fit the music of J. Gelineau A Team, SJ.(1) Athanasius(5) Athanasius tr A Religious of C.S.M.V. foreword C.S. Lewis(1) Apostolos N. Athanassakis(1) Richard Atherton(2) S.J. A. Tissot(1) Margaret Atkins(1) Margaret Atkins, C. Chivers, C. Jamison, P. Lafon, J. Livesey, U. Sahrpe.(1) Rita L. Atkinson(1) I. (Eds.) Dru A. & Trethowan(1) Attributed to St Albert the Great:(1) Donald Attwater(1) Roger and 5 other contributors Aubert(1) Jacques Audinet(1) E. B. Pusey St. tr. E.B. Pusey Augustine, D.D.(1) J. G. Pilkington [Trans.] Augustine, and Justin Lovill [Ed. ] St.(1) Saint Augustine(20) Saint; tr. and abridged by S.E. Wirt Augustine(1) Gustaf Aulén(1) Jordan Aumann(2) David E. Aune(1) Marcus Aurelius(1) Austin Flannery O.P>and 9 other contributors with relevant official texts(1) H Austin(1) No Author(7) multiple authors(1) Norman Autton(2) Teresa de Ávila(10) Paul Avis(1) A.W. Richard Sipe(1) Stephanus Axters(1) Janet Backhouse(1) John Baggley(1) Samuel Bagster(1) Michael Baigent(1) Kenneth E. Bailey(5) Earle Baillie(1) Augustine Baker(3) F A OSB Another slightly later edition c. 1877 of Sancta Sophia Baker(1) T. G. A. Baker(1) Vicente Balaguer(1) John Baldock(1) Baldwin of Ford(2) Joyce G. Baldwin(1) Balthasar(2) Hans Urs von Balthasar(33) Hans Urs von Balthazar(1) Abbott John Eudes Bamberger(1) Edwin Bannon(1) Robert Barakat(1) Arthur R. Baranowski(1) Barbara Thompson(1) Slavko Barbaric(2) Tomislav Vlasic and Slavko Barbaric(2) Ronald Barclay(1) W. Barclay(1) William Barclay(30) Garrett Barden(1) Archimandrite Barnabas(1) Jonathan Barnes(1) Michael Barnes(1) M.D. Baron frederick Von Gagern(1) C. K. Barrett(7) Dom Mark Barrett(1) Trevor Barrett(1) William E. Barrett(1) Simon Barrington-Ward(2) Patrick Barry(1) Patrick; Yeo Barry, Richard; Norris, Kathleen(1) William Barry(1) William A. Barry(3) William J. William A.; Connolly Barry(1) Henry Bars(1) Manfred Barthel(1) Karl Barth(1) Dominique Barthélemy(2) J V Bartlet, D.D., on the basis of the earlier edition by S.D.F. Salmond, D.D(1) J M. T. Barton(1) John Barton(3) based on Bishop Challoner's translation(1) Duncan Basil(4) Saint Basil, Bishop of Caesarea(3) St. ed. Sr M.M. Wagner Basil, C.S.C(1) Bernard Basset(3) Richard J. Bauckham(1) Miriam-Rose Baumann(1) William J. Bausch(1) BBC(1) (ed.) B. Carlin(1) B.C. Mischke O.S.C. and F. Mischke O.S.C.(1) Augustin Bea(1) Andrew Beards(1) Gordon Beattie(1) Tina Beattie(1) Evode Beaucamp(2) Mike Beaumont(1) Julia De Beausobre(1) Lucy Beckett(2) Wendy Beckett(4) Betsey; N. O'Connor and J.M. Sparough Beckman, SJ(1) Bede(13) Christopher A. Beeley(1) Frances Beer(1) Maria Beesing(1) G. M. Behler(1) David Bellamy(1) Chris Bell(1) David N. Bell(6) Domi Bellenger(1) Linda L. Belleville(1) H. Idris Bell(1) Hilaire Belloc(3) Golden Bells(1) Charles Belmonte(1) Godefroid Bélorgey(3) John Ben-Daniel(1) Saint Benedict(3) BenedictXVI & John XXIII [Jun 2009-June 2010](1) George Bennet(1) Bennett W & Bonsall H(1) RH Benson(1) James Bentley(1) Jacqueline Bergan(1) Dianne Bergant(1) Alison J. Berger(1) Peter L. Berger(1) J. Berkeley(1) Adele Berlin(1) Ursmer Berlière(2) M. V. Bernadot(1) Bernard(1) J. H. Bernard(1) J.P Bernard(1) Bernard of Clairvaux (Author); Kilian Walsh (Translated by); M. Corneille Halflants (Introdcution by)(1) Bernard of Clairvaux(20) Eric Berne(1) Paul Bernier, SSS(1) Marcelle Bernstein(1) Daniel Berrigan(1) Br Lewis Berry CO(1) C. G. Gharib Berselli(1) Costante Berselli(2) Gabriel 'e Bertoniere(1) Jerome Bertram(2) Frédérique Bertrand(1) Besa(1) Albert Marie Besnard(1) Jean-Martial Besse(1) Bethge B (ed)(1) Henry Bettenson(3) Otto & R. Riesner Betz(1) Frances A Bevan(1) B.G. Watson(1) Enzo Bianchi, Bose Community(1) Enzo of th Community of Bose Bianchi(1) Enzo OSB Bianchi(1) Bible(1) David J. Bick(2) Ruth Bidgood(1) Duane R. Bidwell(1) Hermenegild M. Biedermann(1) B.I. Knott(1) Bernard Billet(1) Dennis Joseph Billy(3) Rene Biot(1) Charles Birch(1) OSB David Bird(1) Francis Plato; Birrell(1) Bishop Challoner(1) Bishop Collingridge(1) Bishop Daniel J. 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Bokenkotter(1) Vivian Boland(1) Sergius Bolshakoff(1) Bolton Abbey(1) Dom Bernard Basil Bolton(1) Robert Bolt(1) Horatius Bonar(1) S. Bonaventure(1) Saint Bonaventure(2) Bonaventure tr. A Friar of S.S.F.(1) Meg Bond(1) Dietrich Bonhoeffer(7) Edward de Bono(1) Sarah Borden(1) Marcus J. Borg(2) Günther Bornkamm(1) Ladislaus Boros(7) George Borrow(1) James Borst(2) Borther O.P. (ed) printed in Demark(1) Joan Borysenko(1) David Jacobus Bosch(1) Mishtooni Bose(1) Gabrielle Bossis(1) John Bossy(1) Bernard Botte(1) Madeleine I. Boucher(1) Henri Bouillard(2) Henri Boulad(1) Maria Boulding(3) A.C. Bouquet(2) Michael Bourdeaux(1) Myles M Bourke(1) Vernon J. Bourke(1) Cardinal Bourne(1) Louis Bouyer(9) José María Bover(1) James Richmond (eds) John Bowden(1) John Bowden(1) E. G. Bowen(1) Fiona Bowie(1) John Bowker(1) Peter J. Bowler(1) Philip Boyce(1) C T and H.G. Meara Boyd(1) M. Eugene Boylan(5) Bp Kallistos Ware(1) Carl E. Braaten(1) John Bradshaw(1) Phylip Brake(2) Leslie F. Brandt(1) Vincent P. Branick(1) François-Marie Braun(2) Joseph L. Breault, Community of God's Love(1) William Breault(2) Peter G. Van Breemen(5) H Bremond(1) Henri Bremond(3) Henri; Translated by K.L. Montgomery. Bremond(1) L. C. L. Brenton(1) Brian A. Davies O.P.(1) Ignatius Brianchaninov(1) Birgitta of Sweden(1) T. E. Bridgett(2) Charles Augustus Briggs(1) John Bright(2) Laurence Bright(1) Guy Brinkworth(1) Canon Law Society of Great Britain(2) British and Foreign Bible Society(1) Lorna R.S.C.J. Brockett(1) Sebastian Brock(2) Robert C. Broderick(1) James Brodrick(2) Geoffrey W. Bromiley(1) Jacob Bronowski(1) Christopher Brooke(1) Odo Brooke(1) Z. N. Brooke(1) (edit.) Bro Pierre-Marie Delfieux.(1) O.C.S.O. Bro. Pinnochio(1) Magen Broshi(1) Bro. Thomas OCSO [Mt St Bernard's](1) Rosemary Broughton(1) Jan Brouwers(1) Mathew Browne(1) Thomas Browne(1) Fred Brown(1) J. A. C. Brown(1) James Brown(1) Kathy Brown(1) Peter Brown(1) Peter Brown, Illustrated by:(1) Raphael Brown(1) Raymond Brown(1) Raymond Brown(2) Raymond Brown(1) Raymond E. Brown(27) Raymond Edward Brown(1) Sarah Brown(1) F. F. Bruce(3) Walter Brueggemann(2) C.C. de Bruin(1) Pierre de Bérulle(1) August Brunner(1) Bruno Scott James(1) O.C.R. Bruno Walker(1) Cecile Bruyere(3) Cecile OOSB Abbess of Stanbrook Bruyere(1) Sally Bruyneel(1) OSB B. Steidle, monk of Beuron; tr. U.J. Schnitzhofer, OSB.(1) Martin Buber(4) Bertrand Buby(1) Francis J. Buckley(1) Michael Buckley(1) Michael D.D Buckley(1) Michael Buckley, Ed.(1) Monsignor Michael Buckley(1) Richard Buckner(1) E. A. Wallis Budge(1) Walbert Bühlmann(2) Sergius Bulgakov(1) Anthony Bullen(1) L. G. Bullock(1) Sebastian Bullough(1) R. Bultmann(2) Rudolf Bultmann(4) Paul Matthews Van Buren(1) Walter J. Burghardt(1) Jacques Bur(1) Jabez D.D. Burns(1) Paul Burns(1) Ruth Burrows(4) Virginia Burrus(2) Bishop of Clifton. Burton(1) Douglas Burton-Christie(1) Janet Burton(2) J E Burton(1) Bernard J. Bush(1) William Done Bushell(1) Paul C ed. F.M. Kirsch OFM Cap. Bussard(1) Carmen Acevedo Butcher(1) Peter Richard Butcher(1) Abbot C Butler(1) B Butler(1) Basil Christopher Butler(4) W. Butler-Bowdon(1) Christopher Butler(1) Edward Cuthbert Butler(7) Josephine E. Butler(1) Lionel Butler(1) Herbert Butterfield(2) R Button(1) David G. (Ed. ) Buttrick(1) F. J. J. Buytendijk(1) Tony Buzan(1) 1969 By Authority of Geberal Chapter(1) by authority of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the USA(1) Linzey (selections by)(1) Caroline Walker Bynum(1) Brendan Byrne(5) Lavinia Byrne(2) Lavinia Sr Byrne(1) Matthew Byrne(1) Fernand Cabrol(2) Fernand Abbot Cabrol(1) Seymour Cain(2) Susan Cain(1) G. B. Caird(2) Antonio Calcagno(1) Carnegie Samuel Calian(1) Joseph Callewaert(1) Helder Camara(1) Peter John Cameron(1) Alice L. Camille(1) Edward F. Campbell, Jr.(1) Roy Campbell(1) Stephanie Campbell(1) Hans von Campenhausen(1) Mary Campion(1) Bishop Jean Pierre Camus(1) Jack Canfield(1) Rev Fr Benedict Canfield(1) Canon Dalton(2) Raniero Cantalamessa(14) Eileen Cantin(1) Laurence Cantwell(1) Frederick Hugh (1857-1955) Capron(1) Philip Caraman(3) Ernesto Cardenal(1) Cardinal Franz Koenig(1) Cardinal Scho..born O.P(1) Jerry Carfantan(1) Sandro Carletti(1) Joel Carmichael(1) Josep Carner(1) Merlin R. Carothers(1) Joel A. Carpenter(1) A. CARREL(1) Carlo Carretto(7) Denis Carroll(1) L. Patrick Carroll, S. J.(1) L. Patrick S.J. and K.M. Dyckman Carroll, S.N.J.M(1) Michael P. Carroll(1) Robert Carroll(3) Wesley Carr(1) A Carthusian(12) Anon. ('A Carthusian')(1) Geraldine Carville(6) Columba Cary-Elwes(1) Juliana Casey(1) Michael Casey(2) Michael Casey(9) Michael OCSO and David Tomlins OCSO Casey(1) R.A. Cashen(1) O.C.S.O. Casimir Bernas(1) Saint John Cassian(3) Sheila Cassidy(2) Jean; John Cassian; Pichery Cassien, Dom E.(2) John J. Castelot(1) Fr. Gary Caster(1) I. Claremont De Castillejo(1) Tony Castle(1) Catherine(1) Saint Catherine of Genoa(1) Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales(4) Catholic Church(18) Catholic Truth Society(3) John Cattini(1) Sean Caulfield(1) Jean Pierre de Caussade(6) Sofia Cavalletti(1) Martinus Cawley(1) Fulbert Cayré(1) C. Berselli and G. Gharib(1) S.S.J.E. C. Bryant(1) Mulcahy C.C.(1) Dodd C(1) Anthony R. Ceresko(1) Henry Chadwick(2) Owen Chadwick(5) F Chalet(1) Frankiln Chambers(1) R. W. Chambers(1) Judith Champ(1) Joseph M. Champlin(2) John Chapin(1) Colin Gilbert Chapman(1) Dom Roger Chapman(1) John Chapman(2) John ,ed. Roger Hudleston OSB; Chapman(1) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin(25) T Chardin(1) Igumen Chariton(1) T. M. Charles-Edwards(1) Pierre Charles(1) R. H. Charles(1) James H. Charlesworth(1) Celestin Charlier(2) Charls de Foucauld(1) Etienne Charpentier(3) Jean-Baptiste Chautard(3) Marina and sevn other contributors Chavchavadze(1) Cong. Orat. C.H.Bowden(1) C. Heaney OCSO(1) Dom M. Etiènne (O.C.S.O.) Chenevière(4) Marie-Dominique Chenu(4) Ronda De Sola Chervin(1) G. K. Chesterton(6) Th. G. Chifflot(2) J. P. Chilcott-Monk(1) Joan Chittister(2) Joan; Williams Chittister, Rowan(1) Derwas J. Chitty(1) K. Cholmeley(1) Noam Chomsky(1) A. Chérel(1) Chris Edmonson and Emma Ineson(1) James Lee Christian(1) Father Ansgar Christiansen(1) Rex Christiansen(1) Christifideles Laici(1) Christophe de Cherge'(1) Christoph von Cardinal Schonborn(1) John tr: G. Prevost Chrysostom(1) Archimandrite Chrysostomos(1) Saint John Chrystostom(6) S. John. tr: E. Budge Chrysostom(1) St. John tr: J. Tweed Chrysostom(1) John Chryssavgis(1) F. J. Church(1) CIIR Catholic Institute for International Relations(1) Ciprian Vagaggini OSB(1) C. Kegan Paul(1) C. Kirchbergr(1) Clairvaux(1) Bernard of / Paul Diemer Clairvaux(1) John G. Clancy(1) Mother Mary Clare(1) Clare Nash(1) Sister Clare(1) Arthur J C.SS.R Clarke(1) Bill Clarke(1) Gillian Clark(1) James G. 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Juanita Colon(1) F Colquhoun(1) Frank Colquhoun(1) Alberto Colunga(1) Jean Comby(2) James A. Comiskey(1) Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission(5) International Theological Commission(2) Second Anglican/Roman Catholic International Commission(2) Committee for Catholic/Jewish Relations of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales(1) Frances M. M. Comper(1) Colmcille O Conbhuidhe(2) James H. Cone(1) Yves Congar(11) Congregation for Catholic Education(2) Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life(6) Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith(4) Congregation for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant Poples(1) Patrick Conlan(1) Val Conlon(2) Luke; Stannard Silcock Connaughton(1) Desmond Connell(1) Kevin J. Conner(1) Anthony Conran(2) Daniel Considine(1) Giles Constable(2) Constantine Barbanson O.F.M. Cap. [1581-1632](1) Anne Convery(1) Hans Conzelmann(1) Michael D. Coogan(1) David Cook(1) Eugene J. Cooper(1) W V Cooper(1) Phil Cope(1) Frederick Copleston(10) Glyn Coppack(1) Patrick Corbett(1) Thomas Corbishley(2) Jean Corbon(1) James A.; Green Coriden, Thomas J.; Heintschel, Donald K.(1) Mairian Corker(1) St Thomas. Ed. Cornelius Ernst Aquinas(1) Gaalyahu Cornfeld(1) Francis Macdonald Cornford(1) Gerard M Corr(1) Editors) Ioannis De Forda (Edmundus Mikkers Et Hilarius Costello(2) Hilary Costello(1) Stephen Cottrell(1) Stephen Bp Cottrell(2) P. and P. Purdue Coughlan(1) Peter Coughlan, and Purdue, Peter(1) Ann Couldrick(1) Second Vatican Council(10) Michael Counsell(2) Phil Cousineau(1) John Coventry(3) John S. J. Includes chapters on 'Revelation and the Old Testament' Coventry, and 'Revelation and the New Testament(1) John Cowburn(1) F.G. Cowley(2) Frederick George Cowley(1) Alun Rhys Cownie(1) Harvey Cox(2) Tom Coyle(1) M. L. Cozens(1) Gerald R. Cragg(1) John F. 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