Controversial Books for jbarlow

This page shows the most "controversial" books in this library, as measured by the highest standard deviation of members' star ratings.

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Standard Deviation Valoració mitjana Your Rating Títol
1.42 3.82 Our Search for Happiness de M. Russell Ballard
1.371 4 Incredible You! 10 Ways to let your greatness shine through de Wayne Dyer
1.337 3.43 The Shack de William P. Young
1.317 3.74 Crepuscle (Primer llibre de la Saga Crepuscle) de Stephenie Meyer
1.301 3.74 Atlas Shrugged de Ayn Rand
1.28 4.19 Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith de Joseph Smith
1.27 2.64 Citas del Presidente Mao Tsetung de Mao Tse-Tung
1.249 3.86 A Marvelous Work and a Wonder de LeGrand Richards
1.246 3.58 The Education of a Speculator de Victor Niederhoffer
1.237 3.26 Qui s'ha endut el meu formatge? : una manera sorprenent d'afrontar el canvi en el treball i en la vida privada de Spencer Johnson
1.234 3.55 A Message to Garcia de Elbert Hubbard
1.22 2.89 The Greening of America: How the Youth Revolution Is Trying to Make America Livable (WRONG ISBN) de Charles A. Reich
1.196 3.94 The Story Factor (2nd Revised Edition) de Annette Simmons
1.187 3.7 Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond de Bruce C. N. Greenwald
1.173 3.31 L'egiptòleg de Arthur Phillips
1.173 3.8 E-Myth Mastery: The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company de Michael E. Gerber
1.171 3.73 A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America de Stacy Schiff
1.168 3.89 Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life de Maxwell Maltz
1.164 3.85 Think and Grow Rich de Napoleon Hill
1.161 3.27 Shadow Account de Stephen Frey
1.154 4.18 The Miracle of Forgiveness de Spencer W. Kimball
1.149 3.52 Investments de Zvi Bodie
1.146 3.44 Gung Ho! Turn On the People in Any Organization de Ken Blanchard
1.139 3.31 American Sucker de David Denby
1.136 3.46 Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results de Stephen C. Lundin
1.134 3.61 Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! de Robert T. Kiyosaki
1.132 3.5 The Road to Omaha de Robert Ludlum
1.131 3.48 Creating raving fans de Ken Blanchard
1.128 3.64 How to Become a Rainmaker: The Rules for Getting and Keeping Customers and Clients de Jeffrey J. Fox
1.128 2.99 The Legacy de Stephen W. Frey
1.125 3.64 The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: Violate Them at Your Own Risk! de Al Ries
1.125 3.9 Beauty and the Beast de Walt Disney
1.124 3.67 The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness de Stephen R. Covey
1.123 3.67 Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive de Harvey Mackay
1.122 3.96 The Great Apostasy de James E. Talmage
1.121 3.49 The Pursuit of Wow! de Tom Peters
1.118 3.47 Beyond Bullet Points: Using Microsoft PowerPoint to Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate, and Inspire de Cliff Atkinson
1.114 3.5 Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking de Andy Sernovitz
1.111 3.67 The Present de Spencer Johnson
1.111 3.37 The Hydrogen Economy: The Creation of the World-Wide Energy Web and the Redistribution of Power on Earth de Jeremy Rifkin
1.11 3.43 Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World's Best Market de Jim Rogers
1.108 3.45 The Alchemy of Finance: Reading the Mind of the Market de George Soros
1.108 3.67 The Ultimate Gift de Jim Stovall
1.104 3.8 Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty : The Only Networking Book You'll Ever Need de Harvey Mackay
1.104 3.02 When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change de Mohamed El-Erian
1.104 2.96 The Discipline of Market Leaders: Choose Your Customers, Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market de Michael Treacy
1.099 3.83 What Dads Can't Do de Douglas Wood
1.098 3.21 Fortalesa digital de Dan Brown
1.097 4.05 The Money Game de Adam Smith
1.095 3.77 Fooling Some of the People All of the Time de David Einhorn
1.092 3.76 The Power of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World With Kindness de Linda Kaplan Thaler
1.09 3.64 Àngels i dimonis de Dan Brown
1.088 3.37 Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions de John Kotter
1.087 3.9 Like a Fire is Burning de Gerald N. Lund
1.083 4.02 Articles of Faith de James E. Talmage
1.083 3.38 Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow's Big Changes de Mark Penn
1.081 3.78 Popol-Vuh de Quiché Maya
1.079 3.85 Where Are the Customers' Yachts?: or A Good Hard Look at Wall Street de Fred Schwed
1.078 3.95 Il·lusions de Richard Bach
1.078 3.24 Hedgehogging de Barton Biggs
1.077 3.53 Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News de Bernard Goldberg
1.075 3.86 The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal de Jim Loehr
1.074 3.9 The History of Joseph Smith by His Mother de Lucy Mack Smith
1.072 4.23 Human Action: A Treatise on Economics de Ludwig Von Mises
1.069 3.59 Death at the Chase de Michael Innes
1.066 3.94 The Power of Positive Thinking de Norman Vincent Peale
1.065 3.34 In-N-Out Burger: A Behind-the-Counter Look at the Fast-Food Chain that Breaks All the Rules de Stacy Perman
1.065 3.23 Trust Fund de Stephen Frey
1.063 3.96 As a Man Thinketh de James Allen
1.063 3.71 The Millionaire Mind de Thomas J. Stanley
1.062 3.38 Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Legacy de Eric Van Lustbader
1.061 3.68 The Sandcastle Contest de Robert Munsch
1.061 3.5 Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done de Larry Bossidy
1.06 3.87 Smelly Socks de Robert Munsch
1.059 3.51 Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior de Phil Jackson
1.057 3.3 UN NADAL DIFERENT de John Grisham
1.054 3.73 The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable de Nassim Nicholas Taleb
1.052 3.06 L'Enigma del quatre de Ian Caldwell
1.051 3.47 The Last of the Mohicans de James Fenimore Cooper
1.05 3.68 DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: Greece, Athens & the Mainland de Marc Dubin
1.049 3.87 El pèndol de Foucault de Umberto Eco
1.045 3.86 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People de Stephen R. Covey
1.045 3.47 The Deerslayer de James Fenimore Cooper
1.044 3.65 The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time de Jeffrey D. Sachs
1.043 3.88 L'última batalla de C. S. Lewis
1.037 3.15 Trading Reality de Michael Ridpath
1.034 4.11 Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court de John Wooden
1.034 4.1 The Go-Giver: A Surprising Way of Getting More Than You Expect de Bob Burg
1.033 3.54 Future Shock de Alvin Toffler
1.033 3.73 The Dream of Scipio de Iain Pears
1.033 3.65 The Christmas Box de Richard Paul Evans
1.03 3.61 My Years with General Motors de Alfred Sloan
1.03 3.21 Warren Buffett Speaks: Wit and Wisdom from the World's Greatest Investor de Janet Lowe
1.029 3.82 How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times or Bad de William J. O'Neil
1.029 3.49 La perla de John Steinbeck
1.028 3.94 The Richest Man in Babylon de George S. Clason
1.028 3.18 The Day Trader de Stephen Frey
1.027 3.54 La Granja de John Grisham
1.027 3.86 The Shepherd of the Hills de Harold Bell Wright
1.026 3.67 Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time de Keith Ferrazzi
1.025 3.66 In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies de Thomas J. Peters
1.024 3.8 Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom de Robert T. Kiyosaki
1.024 3.69 The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century de Thomas L. Friedman
1.024 4.02 Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success de John C. Maxwell
1.024 3.55 Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength de Bill Phillips
1.023 3.22 The Insider de Stephen Frey
1.021 3.72 Whale Done! : The Power of Positive Relationships de Kenneth Blanchard
1.021 3.89 Your Money and Your Brain: How the New Science of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make You Rich de Jason Zweig
1.019 4 Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy de Sarah Ban Breathnach
1.018 3.41 The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less de Richard Koch
1.016 3.14 Bleachers de John Grisham
1.016 3.55 The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization de Thomas L. Friedman
1.016 3.65 The Crucible de Arthur Miller
1.015 3.24 Next de Michael Crichton
1.01 3.71 The Maya de Michael D. Coe
1.01 3.59 The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance de Henry Petroski
1.009 3.65 There's No Such Place as Far Away de Richard Bach
1.007 3.99 Pillar of Light de Gerald N. Lund
1.005 4.1 Security Analysis: Principles and Technique de Benjamin Graham
1.004 3.85 A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations de Kate L. Turabian
1.003 3.94 How to Win Friends & Influence People de Dale Carnegie
1.003 3.45 The Bishop Murder Case de S. S. Van Dine
1.001 3.87 El Doctor Givago de Boris Pasternak
1.001 3.93 The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It de Michael E. Gerber
1 3.98 Dear and Glorious Physician de Taylor Caldwell
0.997 3.67 How to Master the Art of Selling de Tom Hopkins
0.997 3.97 The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: A Fable for Managers (And Their Employees) de Patrick Lencioni
0.997 3.66 Politics de Aristotle
0.997 3.81 The Jungle de Upton Sinclair
0.996 3.95 The Trusted Advisor de David H. Maister
0.995 3.77 Being There de Jerzy Kosiński
0.995 3.99 Reminiscences of a Stock Operator de Edwin Lefevre
0.993 3.72 The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything de Stephen M. R. Covey
0.992 3.35 Trevayne de Robert Ludlum
0.989 3.63 The Monk and the Riddle: The Art of Creating a Life While Making a Living de Randy Komisar
0.989 3.93 An Exaltation of Larks de James Lipton
0.988 3.59 The Bourne Ultimatum de Robert Ludlum
0.988 3.88 The Lady or the Tiger and Other Stories de Frank Stockton
0.987 3.6 Great Lion of God de Taylor Caldwell
0.987 3.88 The Winner's Curse de Richard H. Thaler
0.985 3.44 Prey de Michael Crichton
0.983 3.87 Without Remorse de Tom Clancy
0.983 3.08 The First Billion de Christopher Reich
0.982 4.01 Truth Will Prevail de Gerald N. Lund
0.982 3.71 The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy de Thomas J. Stanley
0.98 3.93 An Instance of the Fingerpost de Iain Pears
0.98 3.88 First Things First : To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave a Legacy de Stephen R. Covey
0.978 3.72 Leadership Is an Art de Max De Pree
0.977 3.88 The Ox-Bow Incident de Walter Van Tilburg Clark
0.977 4.03 Thy Gold to Refine de Gerald N. Lund
0.975 3.61 The Panic of 1907: Lessons Learned from the Market's Perfect Storm de Robert F. Bruner
0.974 3.35 Rising Sun de Michael Crichton
0.973 3.98 One Hundred and One Famous Poems de Roy J. Cook
0.972 3.71 Wish You Well de David Baldacci
0.97 3.89 Homes i ratolins de John Steinbeck
0.969 4.01 The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance de W. Timothy Gallwey
0.969 3.91 The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play de Harry Lorayne
0.968 3.84 L'Art de la guerra de Sun Tzu
0.967 3.52 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Spy de Len Deighton
0.967 3.36 The Matlock Paper de Robert Ludlum
0.967 3.66 The Greatest Generation de Tom Brokaw
0.966 3.79 Deu dies que trasbalsaren el món de John Reed
0.964 3.89 Death in Venice and other stories de Thomas Mann
0.963 3.94 La Riquesa de les nacions : indagació sobre la naturalesa i les causes de Adam Smith
0.963 3.5 The Lost World de Michael Crichton
0.962 3.17 Captain Singleton de Daniel Defoe
0.961 3.22 See You Later Alligator de William F. Buckley, Jr.
0.961 3.52 Megatrends 2000 de John Naisbitt
0.96 4.11 Free to Choose: A Personal Statement de Milton Friedman
0.959 3.92 Your Erroneous Zones de Wayne Dyer
0.959 3.75 One Up On Wall Street : How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money In The Market de Peter Lynch
0.958 3.62 1,000 Places to See Before You Die de Patricia Schultz
0.957 3.97 Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box de The Arbinger Institute
0.957 3.52 The History of Money: From Sandstone to Cyberspace de Jack Weatherford
0.957 3.86 El cavall i el noi de C. S. Lewis
0.956 4.18 Els pilars de la Terra de Ken Follett
0.956 3.75 The Little Book That Beats the Market de Joel Greenblatt
0.956 3.58 The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America, 1815-1846 de Charles Grier Sellers
0.955 3.8 Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time de Howard Schultz
0.954 3.8 The Little Drummer Girl de John le Carré
0.952 3.28 Timon d'Atenes de William Shakespeare
0.952 3.51 Iceberg de Clive Cussler
0.951 4.01 The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict de Arbinger Institute
0.951 4.31 Bonds That Make Us Free: Healing Our Relationships, Coming to Ourselves de C. Terry Warner
0.95 3.63 Folk Tales of the British Isles de Kevin Crossley-Holland
0.95 3.33 The Spy: A Tale of the Neutral Ground de James Fenimore Cooper
0.948 3.53 The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story de Michael Lewis
0.948 3.71 Spy Hook de Len Deighton
0.948 4.2 String Figures and How to Make Them: A Study of Cat's Cradle in Many Lands de Caroline F. Jayne
0.948 3.81 Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation de Lynne Truss
0.948 3.83 A Time to Kill de John Grisham
0.946 3.27 The Fly on the Wall de Tony Hillerman
0.946 3.94 London de Edward Rutherfurd
0.945 3.76 Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk de Peter L. Bernstein
0.944 3.56 The Collaborator of Bethlehem de Matt Beynon Rees
0.943 3.93 Red Storm Rising de Tom Clancy
0.941 3.43 The Chamber de John Grisham
0.94 3.8 Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable de Seth Godin
0.939 4.12 The Screwtape Letters / Screwtape Proposes a Toast de C. S. Lewis
0.939 3.4 Airframe de Michael Crichton
0.938 3.86 The Covenant de James A. Michener
0.938 3.96 A Man for All Seasons de Robert Bolt
0.938 3.92 El nebot del mag de C. S. Lewis
0.937 3.75 Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant de W. Chan Kim
0.937 3.66 The Warren Buffett Way de Robert G. Hagstrom
0.937 3.97 Sarum de Edward Rutherfurd
0.935 3.83 Dinosaur Roar! de Paul Stickland
0.935 3.44 Charly de Jack Weyland
0.935 3.9 Pretty Birds de Scott Simon
0.934 3.35 L'Apel·lació de John Grisham
0.934 3.4 Beating the Street de Peter Lynch
0.934 3.58 The Nudist on the Late Shift: And Other True Tales of Silicon Valley de Po Bronson
0.933 4.28 The Law de Claude Frédéric Bastiat
0.933 3.32 Dead Irish de John Lescroart
0.932 3.52 Storm Warning de Jack Higgins
0.932 3.7 Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers de Seth Godin
0.931 3.32 The Paris Option de Robert Ludlum
0.931 4.22 What Has Government Done to Our Money? de Murray Rothbard
0.931 3.51 Bombardiers de Po Bronson
0.93 3.75 The Rising Tide de Jeff Shaara
0.93 3.91 Harvey Penick's Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings From a Lifetime in Golf de Harvey Penick
0.93 3.29 The Bobbsey Twins of Lakeport de Laura Lee Hope
0.929 3.43 The Triggerman's Dance de T. Jefferson Parker
0.929 3.39 The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today de Mark Twain
0.927 3.59 La Innocència del pare Brown de G. K. Chesterton
0.927 3.74 Vint mil llegües de viatge submarí de Jules Verne
0.927 4.12 See You at the Top de Zig Ziglar
0.927 4.07 De la servitud humana de W. Somerset Maugham
0.927 3.74 La Intel·ligència intuïtiva : com decidir d'un cop d'ull de Malcolm Gladwell
0.927 3.64 The Man in the Brown Suit de Agatha Christie
0.926 4.04 DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: Great Britain de Michael Leapman
0.926 3.63 The Invention of Air: A Story Of Science, Faith, Revolution, And The Birth Of America de Steven Johnson
0.925 4.04 The Company de Robert Littell
0.924 3.67 The Pilgrim's Regress: An Allegorical Apology for Christianity Reason and Romanticism de C. S. Lewis
0.924 3.79 Birds of Prey de Wilbur Smith
0.923 4.19 The Poisonwood Bible de Barbara Kingsolver
0.923 3.93 The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood de Howard Pyle
0.922 3.88 El tron de plata de C. S. Lewis
0.922 3.34 The Bobbsey Twins' Adventure in the Country de Laura Lee Hope
0.922 3.56 Night Probe de Clive Cussler
0.922 3.23 The Terminal Man de Michael Crichton
0.921 3.98 A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future de Daniel H. Pink
0.921 3.88 The Lonely Silver Rain de John D. MacDonald
0.919 3.9 Tres anglesos s'esbargeixen de Jerome K. Jerome
0.919 3.69 What Moms Can't Do de Douglas Wood
0.918 3.63 The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World de Alan Greenspan
0.918 4.04 When I Say No, I Feel Guilty de Manuel J. Smith
0.917 4.07 El desert dels Tàrtars de Dino Buzzati
0.917 3.49 The Street Lawyer de John Grisham
0.916 3.79 Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself de Daniel H. Pink
0.916 4.11 Brave Men de Ernie Pyle
0.916 3.82 Curtain: Poirot's Last Case de Agatha Christie
0.916 3.34 The King of Torts de John Grisham
0.914 3.87 Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings de Philip A. Fisher
0.914 3.61 The Client de John Grisham
0.913 3.81 Buffettology: the Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett the World's Most Famous Investor de Mary Buffett
0.912 3.43 The Osterman Weekend de Robert Ludlum
0.911 3.86 The Forest de Edward Rutherfurd
0.911 3.74 La Firma de John Grisham
0.91 3.34 The Janson Directive de Robert Ludlum
0.909 2.92 The Number : A Completely Different Way to Think About the Rest of Your Life de Lee Eisenberg
0.908 4.16 The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness de Dave Ramsey
0.908 3.66 The Coffee Trader de David Liss
0.908 3.54 Vixen 03 de Clive Cussler
0.908 3.9 Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing de Harry Beckwith
0.907 3.56 Avenger de Frederick Forsyth
0.906 4.11 The Little Engine That Could de Watty Piper
0.906 4.03 La travessia del Navegant de l'Alba de C. S. Lewis
0.906 3.61 The Pelican Brief de John Grisham
0.906 4.04 El Talp de John le Carré
0.906 4 Just So Stories de Rudyard Kipling
0.904 3.82 The Shepherd de Frederick Forsyth
0.903 3.91 Stone Soup [retold by Heather Forest] de Heather Forest
0.902 3.69 Dot.con: How America Lost Its Mind and Money in the Internet Era de John Cassidy
0.902 3.87 The Merchant of Prato de Iris Origo
0.901 3.93 Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors de Michael E. Porter
0.901 3.34 The Elephant and the Dragon: The Rise of India and China and What It Means for All of Us de Robyn Meredith
0.9 3.68 On Her Majesty's Secret Service de Ian Fleming
0.9 3.63 The Key to Rebecca de Ken Follett
0.899 3.91 Pay It Forward de Catherine Ryan Hyde
0.899 4.14 The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation (Volume One, Parts I-II) de Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
0.898 3.91 Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers de Jim Rogers
0.898 3.65 My Life as a Quant: Reflections on Physics and Finance de Emanuel Derman
0.897 3.69 The Devil's Alternative de Frederick Forsyth
0.896 3.72 Moth Smoke de Mohsin Hamid
0.896 3.82 Stumbling on Happiness de Daniel Todd Gilbert
0.896 3.47 The Mediterranean Caper de Clive Cussler
0.896 3.69 Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love de Dava Sobel
0.895 3.88 Gods and Generals de Jeff Shaara
0.894 4 The Wealthy Barber de David Barr Chilton
0.894 3.9 Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, Second Edition de Kerry Patterson
0.894 3.81 Gain de Richard Powers
0.892 3.83 Espia perfecte, Un (A Perfect Spy) de John le Carré
0.892 4.23 The Poetry of Robert Frost de Robert Frost
0.892 3.84 La frontera de l'èxit : el punt d'inflexió de modes i epidèmies de Malcolm Gladwell
0.891 3.48 Halftime: Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance de Bob Buford
0.89 3.84 Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life de Martin E. P. Seligman
0.89 4 How Capitalism Saved America: The Untold History of Our Country, from the Pilgrims to the Present de Thomas DiLorenzo
0.889 3.78 The Predators' Ball The Junk Bond Raiders and the Man Who Staked Them de Connie Bruck
0.889 3.98 Jimmy Stewart and His Poems de James Stewart
0.889 3.73 Complot contra els Estats Units de Philip Roth
0.888 3.6 Cyclops de Clive Cussler
0.888 3.82 How to lie with statistics de Darrell Huff
0.887 3.66 The Runaway Jury de John Grisham
0.887 3.87 Co-Active Coaching, 2nd Edition: New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and, Life de Laura Whitworth
0.887 3.77 Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want And Getting It de Henriette Anne Klauser
0.887 4.03 The Siege of Krishnapur de J. G. Farrell
0.885 3.7 The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture de John Battelle
0.885 3.65 The Rainmaker de John Grisham
0.884 3.81 Armageddon: A Novel of Berlin de Leon Uris
0.883 4.07 The Power of Intention de Wayne Dyer
0.882 3.81 1968: The Year That Rocked the World de Mark Kurlansky
0.88 4.09 The Intelligent Investor: A Book of Practical Counsel de Benjamin Graham
0.88 3.42 The Interpretation of Financial Statements de Benjamin Graham
0.879 3.88 The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance de Ron Chernow
0.879 3.96 Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies de Jim Collins
0.879 3.38 The Gemini Contenders de Robert Ludlum
0.878 3.83 No Second Chance de Harlan Coben
0.878 3.78 The Green Gauntlet de R. F. Delderfield
0.877 3.85 Theirs Was the Kingdom de R. F. Delderfield
0.875 4.11 Seny i sentiment de Jane Austen
0.875 3.89 The Cold War: A New History de John Lewis Gaddis
0.875 4.16 The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements de Eric Hoffer
0.875 3.92 Gone for Soldiers de Jeff Shaara
0.874 3.64 Los perros de la guerra de Frederick Forsyth
0.874 4.08 Tai-Pan de James Clavell
0.874 3.68 The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea de John Micklethwait
0.873 3.41 Finding Moon de Tony Hillerman
0.872 3.67 The Undercover Economist: Exposing Why the Rich Are Rich, the Poor Are Poor--and Why You Can Never Buy a Decent Used Car de Tim Harford
0.872 4.09 Your Money or Your Life de Joe Dominguez
0.872 3.63 Deep Six de Clive Cussler
0.871 3.66 Promise Me de Harlan Coben
0.871 4 Travels with Charley: In Search of America de John Steinbeck
0.87 4.28 America's Great Depression de Murray Rothbard
0.87 3.8 Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation (Book with CD) de Wayne Dyer
0.869 4.53 Jesus the Christ de James E. Talmage
0.869 4.06 The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else de Hernando de Soto
0.868 3.42 The Devil's Banker de Christopher Reich
0.868 3.48 The Arraignment de Steve Martini
0.867 4.28 Leaves of Grass (1891-92 Edition) de Walt Whitman
0.867 4.04 Lincoln de Gore Vidal
0.866 4.21 Charlotte's Web de E B White
0.865 3.92 The Power of Focus: What the Worlds Greatest Achievers Know about The Secret of Financial Freedom and Success de Jack Canfield
0.864 4.18 Wicked: The Grimmerie, a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Hit Broadway Musical de David Cote
0.862 3.96 Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors de Piers Paul Read
0.859 3.76 The Woods de Harlan Coben
0.856 3.89 The Informant: A True Story de Kurt Eichenwald
0.856 3.79 Skinwalkers de Tony Hillerman
0.855 3.95 Alone de Richard E. Byrd
0.855 3.77 The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations de James Surowiecki
0.855 3.61 El Mirall dels espies de John le Carré
0.854 3.58 Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior de Ori Brafman
0.853 4.02 The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life de Alice Schroeder
0.853 4.03 The Last Full Measure de Jeff Shaara
0.853 3.83 The Financier de Theodore Dreiser
0.852 3.85 Pàl.lid cavall, pàl.lid genet de Katherine Anne Porter
0.851 4.04 The Day of the Jackal de Frederick Forsyth
0.851 3.79 A Thread Across the Ocean: The Heroic Story of the Transatlantic Cable de John Steele Gordon
0.851 3.73 The Cardinal of the Kremlin de Tom Clancy
0.851 4.04 A Random Walk Down Wall Street de Burton G. Malkiel
0.851 4.04 DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: London de Michael Leapman
0.851 3.96 Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change de Elizabeth Kolbert
0.849 3.82 The Honourable Schoolboy de John le Carré
0.849 4.13 Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist de Roger Lowenstein
0.849 3.9 The $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories de Mark Twain
0.848 4.22 Rebecca de Daphne Du Maurier
0.847 3.98 Sweet Thursday de John Steinbeck
0.846 3.85 Smart Women Finish Rich de David Bach
0.846 3.67 The Conquerors: Roosevelt, Truman and the Destruction of Hitler's Germany, 1941-1945 de Michael R. Beschloss
0.844 4.03 The Face of Battle de John Keegan
0.844 4.09 Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920's de Frederick Lewis Allen
0.844 4.03 DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: Istanbul de DK
0.844 4.17 A Season of Joy de Gerald N. Lund
0.843 4.16 Nine Innings de Daniel Okrent
0.842 4.18 Captain Blood de Rafael Sabatini
0.842 4.19 The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm de Jacob Grimm
0.841 3.89 The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men against the Sea de Sebastian Junger
0.841 3.97 Summer of '49 de David Halberstam
0.84 3.67 Sacred Clowns de Tony Hillerman
0.84 3.67 The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations de Angela Partington
0.84 4.39 Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! de Mo Willems
0.84 3.88 The Eagle Has Landed de Jack Higgins
0.839 3.95 Eye of the Needle de Ken Follett
0.838 3.6 Highgate Rise de Anne Perry
0.837 3.76 The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind de Gustave Le Bon
0.837 4.13 The Metaphysical Club: A Story of Ideas in America de Louis Menand
0.835 3.78 Darkest Fear de Harlan Coben
0.834 3.73 The Blessing Way de Tony Hillerman
0.834 4.32 The Gregg Reference Manual de William A. Sabin
0.833 4.08 American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880 - 1964 de William Manchester
0.832 4.32 El Comte de Montecristo de Alexandre Dumas père
0.829 4.03 Vides dels dotze cèsars de Suetonius
0.828 3.69 The Second Chair de John Lescroart
0.828 3.82 Irrational Exuberance de Robert J. Shiller
0.828 3.7 Wall Street Meat: My Narrow Escape from the Stock Market Grinder de Andy Kessler
0.827 3.97 Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country de William Greider
0.825 4.17 Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea de Gary Kinder
0.824 4.14 More Than You Know: Finding Financial Wisdom in Unconventional Places de Michael J. Mauboussin
0.824 4.05 Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression de Studs Terkel
0.823 4.51 Standing for Something: 10 Neglected Virtues That Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes de Gordon B. Hinckley
0.823 3.48 Silent Partner de Stephen Frey
0.822 3.3 The Benson Murder Case de S. S. Van Dine
0.821 4.26 The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation (Volume Two, Parts III-IV) de Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
0.821 3.41 The Raphael Affair de Iain Pears
0.82 3.8 Six Armies in Normandy: From D-Day to the Liberation of Paris de John Keegan
0.819 3.91 God is an Englishman de R. F. Delderfield
0.818 3.98 In the Clearing de Robert Frost
0.817 4.13 The Longest Day: The Classic Epic of D-Day de Cornelius Ryan
0.816 4.08 The Razor's Edge de W. Somerset Maugham
0.816 3.8 The Wal-Mart Effect: How the World's Most Powerful Company Really Works--and How It's Transforming the American Economy de Charles Fishman
0.815 3.99 L'espia que va tornar del fred de John le Carré
0.814 3.99 The Last Kingdom de Bernard Cornwell
0.812 3.59 Tulipomania : The Story of the World's Most Coveted Flower & the Extraordinary Passions It Aroused de Mike Dash
0.808 3.92 Mort en el Nil de Agatha Christie
0.808 3.76 Fer-de-Lance de Rex Stout
0.807 4.31 Hawaii The Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook de Andrew Doughty
0.807 3.99 Benjamin Franklin: An American Life de Walter Isaacson
0.807 3.84 Blood of Victory de Alan Furst
0.806 3.98 The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game de Michael Lewis
0.805 4.09 The Story of Britain: From the Romans to the Present: A Narrative History de Rebecca Fraser
0.804 4.15 Why Zebras Dont Get Ulcers: A Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping de Robert M. Sapolsky
0.803 3.84 A Thief of Time de Tony Hillerman
0.803 3.62 The First $20 Million is Always the Hardest de Po Bronson
0.803 3.96 The Great Crash 1929 de John Kenneth Galbraith
0.802 3.99 The Way West de A.B. Jr Guthrie
0.802 4.16 Lenin's Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire de David Remnick
0.801 3.69 Learn to Earn: A Beginner's Guide to the Basics of Investing and Business de Peter Lynch
0.8 3.8 The Fallen Man de Tony Hillerman
0.8 4.01 The Heaven Tree de Edith Pargeter
0.798 4.07 October 1964 de David Halberstam
0.798 3.47 Die Broke: A Radical Four-Part Financial Plan de Stephen Pollan
0.797 4.16 Smiley's People de John le Carre
0.797 4.28 The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power de Daniel Yergin
0.797 4.35 Approaching Zion de Hugh Nibley
0.797 3.77 Dance Hall of the Dead de Tony Hillerman
0.796 3.74 Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports, Second Edition de Howard Schilit
0.796 3.73 The Penguin Book of War de John Keegan
0.795 3.99 Your Memory : How It Works and How to Improve It de Kenneth L. Higbee
0.795 4.18 Nicholas and Alexandra de Robert K. Massie
0.794 3.63 Don't Look Now and Other Stories de Daphne du Maurier
0.794 3.58 Rocks and Minerals: A Guide to Familiar Minerals, Gems, Ores and Rocks de Herbert S. Zim
0.793 4.06 Stocks for the Long Run: The Definitive Guide to Financial Market Returns and Long-term Investment Strategies de Jeremy J. Siegel
0.791 4.06 The Brendan Voyage de Timothy Severin
0.79 3.74 The Wailing Wind de Tony Hillerman
0.786 3.81 The New Well-Tempered Sentence: A Punctuation Handbook for the Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed de Karen Elizabeth Gordon
0.785 3.8 The First Eagle de Tony Hillerman
0.784 4.25 The Caine Mutiny de Herman Wouk
0.783 3.98 The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes - and Why de Amanda Ripley
0.783 3.95 Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation de Edward Chancellor
0.782 3.75 Back Spin de Harlan Coben
0.782 4.05 Manias, Panics, and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises de Charles P. Kindleberger
0.781 4.42 No Doubt About It de Sheri Dew
0.78 4.21 Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. de Ron Chernow
0.78 3.85 Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power de John Steele Gordon
0.778 4.07 A Short History of Financial Euphoria de John Kenneth Galbraith
0.778 3.7 Talking God de Tony Hillerman
0.778 4.28 The Guns of August de Barbara W. Tuchman
0.777 4.02 Den of Thieves de James B. Stewart
0.777 4 When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management de Roger Lowenstein
0.776 4.1 At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor de Gordon W. Prange
0.774 3.85 Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China de Leslie T. Chang
0.774 4.24 An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942–1943 de Rick Atkinson
0.773 4.14 Conspiracy of Fools: A True Story de Kurt Eichenwald
0.771 3.86 Coyote Waits de Tony Hillerman
0.771 4.32 John Adams de David McCullough
0.77 3.55 Un Crim de qualitat de John le Carré
0.77 4.13 The Embarrassment of Riches: An Interpretation of Dutch Culture In the Golden Age de Simon Schama
0.767 3.97 The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic--and How It Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World de Steven Johnson
0.765 4.31 No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II de Doris Kearns Goodwin
0.764 3.59 The Roaring Nineties: A New History of the World's Most Prosperous Decade de Joseph E. Stiglitz
0.762 4.11 The Yellow Admiral de Patrick O'Brian
0.759 4.16 In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex de Nathaniel Philbrick
0.758 4.24 The Reckoning de David Halberstam
0.757 3.8 Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy de Matthew R. Simmons
0.756 3.76 The Foreign Correspondent de Alan Furst
0.755 3.82 Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation de Peter L. Bernstein
0.754 4 Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980 de Charles Murray
0.753 4.46 The Last Lion, Winston Spencer Churchill: Visions of Glory, 1874-1932 de William Manchester
0.753 3.71 The Anonymous Venetian de Donna Leon
0.752 3.78 Fade Away de Harlan Coben
0.75 4.24 The Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt de Parley P. Pratt
0.749 3.85 Listening Woman de Tony Hillerman
0.748 4.31 The Christmas Alphabet de Robert Clarke Sabuda
0.747 3.84 The First World War de John Keegan
0.745 4 We Die Alone: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance de David Howarth
0.742 3.8 People of Darkness de Tony Hillerman
0.739 3.84 The Ghostway de Tony Hillerman
0.733 4.18 Roget's Super Thesaurus de Marc McCutcheon
0.732 3.52 The Heart of a Leader de Ken Blanchard
0.729 3.98 Presidential Leadership: Rating the Best and the Worst in the White House (Wall Street Journal Book) de James Taranto
0.728 3.82 The Dark Wind de Tony Hillerman
0.728 4.45 Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln de Doris Kearns Goodwin
0.716 3.93 How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life de Thomas Gilovich
0.709 3.85 Since Yesterday: The 1930's in America, September 3, 1929 to September 3, 1939 de Frederick Lewis Allen
0.698 4.04 Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor de John C. Bogle
0.694 4.1 The Amateurs: The Story of Four Young Men and Their Quest for an Olympic Gold Medal de David Halberstam
0.686 3.87 Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes And How To Correct Them: Lessons From The New Science Of Behavioral Economics de Gary Belsky
0.677 3.25 The Tycoons: How Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Jay Gould, and J. P. Morgan Invented the American Supereconomy de Charles R. Morris
0.669 3.52 Bad for Business de Rex Stout
0.66 4.6 Go Forward with Faith: The Biography of Gordon B. Hinckley de Sheri L. Dew