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Abruzzo Trilogy

African Trilogy

The American Empire Project

American Jewish Committee Social Studies Series Publication

Autobiography of Isaac Asimov

Blade Runner

Border Trilogy

Bush at War

Capital: A Critique of Political Economy


City Lights Pocket Poets Series

Console-ing Passions

Cycle de l'absurde

The Divine Comedy

Doc Savage

Doc Savage Original Publication Order

Elie Wiesel's Memoirs

Fantastic Voyage

Foundation Expanded Universe

Girlfriend Trilogy

Goethe's Faust

The Good and The Beautiful Library - Reading Level 9

Gremlins Movie Novelization

Hainish Cycle

Hainish Cycle, Chronological

Hannibal Lecter Series

Heroes in Hell

Homer's Epic Cycle

Illustrated Classics Graphic Novels

Images of America

Independence Day Novelization

International Film Guide Series

Isaac Asimov's Robot Series


Jurassic Park {Crichton novels}

Kenzie & Gennaro

King Kong

The Last Interview Series

The Making of the President

Mars Trilogy

Milton's Paradise

MLK: An American Legacy

New International Webster's Pocket Reference

The Night Trilogy

The Odyssey Sequence

The Omen series

A People's History

Planet of the Apes

Roads to Freedom

Robert Kennedy and His Times

La Saga des Sept Soleils

Saga of Seven Suns

The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction

The Southern Reach

Stanford Graphic Novel Project

Studies in Prejudice


Upton Sinclair - Gesammelte Werke in Einzelausgaben [Malik]


Where Do We Go From Here?

Zodiac, True Crime