Llibres controvertits de jrademaker

Aquesta pàgina mostra els llibres més "controvertits" de la teva biblioteca mesurats segons la desviació estàndard més alta de la valoració dels membres.

Desviació estàndard Valoració mitjana La teva valoració Títol
1.232 3.09 Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution de Robert C. Atkins
1.207 3.43 The Shops de India Knight
1.2 3.3 The Thrift Book: Live Well and Spend Less de India Knight
1.175 3.18 Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris de Jennifer L. Scott
1.174 3.41 Beauty's Punishment de A. N. Roquelaure
1.171 3.4 Beauty's Release de A. N. Roquelaure
1.161 3.18 Roanoke: Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony de Lee Miller
1.153 3.08 Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper -- Case Closed de Patricia Cornwell
1.151 3.22 The Floating Book de Michelle Lovric
1.145 3.72 The Book Nobody Read: Chasing the Revolutions of Nicolaus Copernicus de Owen Gingerich
1.142 3.83 Women in Clothes de Sheila Heti
1.136 3.87 Slightly Foxed but Still Desirable: Ronald Searle's Wicked World of Book Collecting de Ronald Searle
1.128 3.7 Islands de Dan Sleigh
1.127 3.29 Cottage for Sale, Must Be Moved: A Woman Moves a House to Make a Home de Kate Whouley
1.112 3.32 Lost for Words: The Mangling and Manipulating of the English Language de John Humphrys
1.108 3.71 Keeping On Keeping On de Alan Bennett
1.108 3.85 The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983 - 1992 de Tina Brown
1.101 3.6 Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism de Mary Daly
1.101 3.24 The Lost Life of Eva Braun de Angela Lambert
1.1 4.19 Si el món fos un poblet : un llibre sobre la gent del món de David J. Smith
1.096 3.7 What's Your Poo Telling You? de Anish Sheth
1.092 4.05 ’Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving de Dav Pilkey
1.09 3.46 An Alphabetical Life: Living It Up in the World of Books de Wendy Werris
1.09 2.98 The Poe Shadow de Matthew Pearl
1.086 3.28 Fat Girl: A True Story de Judith Moore
1.085 3.06 Insatiable: Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess de Gael Greene
1.085 4.19 Drawn from Memory de E.H. Shepard
1.082 3.36 In the Wake of the Plague: The Black Death and the World It Made de Norman F. Cantor
1.081 3.53 The Abominable de Dan Simmons
1.08 3.99 The Way of the Women de Marlene Van Niekerk
1.078 2.13 The Bag Lady Papers: The Priceless Experience of Losing It All de Alexandra Penney
1.073 3.54 The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World's Most Elegant Woman de Karen Karbo
1.067 3.31 Quiet, Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian de Scott Douglas
1.066 3.68 L'historiador de Elizabeth Kostova
1.065 3.91 Living a Beautiful Life: 500 Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty and Joy to Every Day of Your Life de Alexandra Stoddard
1.064 3.87 House Beautiful Decorating with Books de Marie Proeller Hueston
1.063 3.02 The Shoe Queen de Anna Davis
1.061 3.71 The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own de Nina Garcia
1.06 3.12 Neanderthal de John Darnton
1.057 3.62 Stud: Adventures in Breeding de Kevin Conley
1.052 3.06 L'Enigma del quatre de Ian Caldwell
1.051 3.64 De papel. En torno a sus dos mil años de historia de Nicholas A. Basbanes
1.051 3.69 Day by Day Armageddon de J. L. Bourne
1.049 3.33 The Devil Wears Prada de Lauren Weisberger
1.046 4.04 The Gift of the Deer de Helen Hoover
1.046 3.4 Sex de Madonna
1.043 3.1 Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping de Judith Levine
1.038 3.63 The Mummy or Ramses the Damned de Anne Rice
1.037 3.41 La Ruta del tabac de Erskine Caldwell
1.037 3.63 Tales of the Alhambra de Washington Irving
1.037 3.72 The Lost World of the Kalahari de Laurens van der Post
1.031 3.88 Hunger: An Unnatural History de Sharman Apt Russell
1.03 3.64 Reading Allowed: True Stories and Curious Incidents from a Provincial Library de Chris Paling
1.03 3.61 The Roaches Have No King de Daniel Evan Weiss
1.029 3.02 Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet: A Weight-Loss Plan for Real Women de India Knight
1.028 4.02 The Anatomy of Bibliomania de Holbrook Jackson
1.025 3.69 The King's English de Betsy Burton
1.024 3.88 The Crimson Petal and the White de Michel Faber
1.023 3.45 Xenophobe's Guide to the Dutch de Rodney Bolt
1.022 3.49 Athenais: The Real Queen of France de Lisa Hilton
1.02 3.47 Drood de Dan Simmons
1.02 3.41 Target Underwear and a Vera Wang Gown: Notes from a Single Girl's Closet de Adena Halpern
1.016 3.34 The Story of an African Farm de Olive Schreiner
1.016 3.43 La princesa de Clèves de Madame de La Fayette
1.015 3.96 Everyone Poops de Tarō Gomi
1.015 3.45 So Many Books, So Little Time: A Year of Passionate Reading de Sara Nelson
1.014 3.65 An Innkeeper's Diary de John Fothergill
1.013 3.78 Global Woman: Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers in the New Economy de Barbara Ehrenreich
1.012 3.97 The Witching Hour de Anne Rice
1.012 3.25 Other People's Dirt: A Housecleaner's Curious Adventures de Louise Rafkin
1.011 4.05 Tea with Mr. Rochester de Frances Towers
1.011 3.14 Almost Adam de Petru Popescu
1.011 3.5 Palladian Days: Finding a New Life in a Venetian Country House de Sally Gable
1.01 3.78 Robbing the Bees: A Biography of Honey--The Sweet Liquid Gold that Seduced the World de Holley Bishop
1.007 3.97 Hotel Bemelmans de Ludwig Bemelmans
1.006 3.77 Ghosts of Cape Sabine: The Harrowing True Story of the Greely Expedition de Leonard F. Guttridge
1.005 3.86 El roig i el negre de Stendhal
1.004 3.96 In Tearing Haste: Letters between Deborah Devonshire and Patrick Leigh Fermor de Charlotte Mosley
1.003 4.02 Possession: A Romance de A. S. Byatt
1.003 3.47 Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously de Julie Powell
1 3.7 Formatge de Willem Elsschot
1 3.85 L'Any del pensament màgic de Joan Didion
0.998 3.5 The Ghost Writer de John Harwood
0.998 4.26 Country of My Skull: Guilt, Sorrow, and the Limits of Forgiveness in the New South Africa de Antjie Krog
0.998 3.87 Buried Alive: The Terrifying History of Our Most Primal Fear de Jan Bondeson
0.997 3.81 The Jungle de Upton Sinclair
0.997 3.65 Off the Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor de Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh
0.995 3.68 La màgia de l'ordre de Marie Kondo
0.994 3.63 The Fat Girl's Guide to Life de Wendy Shanker
0.994 4.05 Life at the Bottom : The Worldview that Makes the Underclass de Theodore Dalrymple
0.993 3.7 Farthest North de Fridtjof Nansen
0.991 3.18 Fanny Hill de John Cleland
0.991 3.99 On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City (Fieldwork Encounters and Discoveries) de Alice Goffman
0.99 3.86 The Letters of Noël Coward de Noël Coward
0.989 4.06 La carretera de Cormac McCarthy
0.987 3.75 El significat de la nit de Michael Cox
0.987 3.48 Com llegir i per què de Harold Bloom
0.987 3.67 Old Books, Rare Friends: Two Literary Sleuths and Their Shared Passion de Leona Rostenberg
0.986 3.56 The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime de Miles Harvey
0.986 3.61 The Child That Books Built de Francis Spufford
0.982 3.51 Forgotten Bookmarks: A Bookseller's Collection of Odd Things Lost Between the Pages de Michael Popek
0.982 3.56 The Black Death: Natural and Human Disaster in Medieval Europe de Robert S. Gottfried
0.982 3.89 The Passage de Justin Cronin
0.981 3.95 El perfum : història d'un assassí de Patrick Süskind
0.98 3.6 Ghosts of Tsavo: Tracking the Mythic Lions of East Africa de Phillip Caputo
0.98 2.96 El Códice Secreto de Lev Grossman
0.98 4.04 Indian Creek Chronicles: A Winter Alone in the Wilderness de Pete Fromm
0.98 3.59 Salomé de Oscar Wilde
0.979 3.62 Sex With Kings de Eleanor Herman
0.978 3.38 Historia de Manon Lescaut de Abbé Prévost
0.978 3.76 Nasty: My Family and Other Glamorous Varmints de Simon Doonan
0.978 3.71 Inferno de Larry Niven
0.977 3.47 I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman de Nora Ephron
0.976 3.59 Beethoven's Hair: An Extraordinary Historical Odyssey and a Scientific Mystery Solved de Russell Martin
0.976 3.61 The Thoughtful Dresser: The Art of Adornment, the Pleasures of Shopping, and Why Clothes Matter de Linda Grant
0.976 3.36 Maggie: A Girl of the Streets de Stephen Crane
0.975 3.87 The Woman with a Worm in Her Head: And Other True Stories of Infectious Disease de Pamela Nagami
0.975 3.59 Noblesse Oblige: An Enquiry into the Identifiable Characteristics of the English Aristocracy de Nancy Mitford
0.972 3.55 I Remember Nothing: and Other Reflections de Nora Ephron
0.972 3.65 The Fran Lebowitz Reader (Metropolitan Life / Social Studies) de Fran Lebowitz
0.972 4 The Shepherd's Life: Modern Dispatches from an Ancient Landscape de James Rebanks
0.972 3.85 A house unlocked de Penelope Lively
0.971 3.84 Basquiat: A Quick Killing in Art de Phoebe Hoban
0.971 4.3 Shackleton de Roland Huntford
0.971 3.85 Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary de Ruby Ferguson
0.971 3.54 A Reading Diary: A Year of Favourite Books de Alberto Manguel
0.97 3.56 Travels in West Africa de Mary Kingsley
0.969 3.76 Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life de Justine Picardie
0.969 3.46 La Reina i jo de Sue Townsend
0.968 3.42 French Women Don’t Get Fat de Mireille Guiliano
0.966 3.78 The Living Dead 2 de John Joseph Adams
0.966 3.58 The Long Weekend: Life in the English Country House, 1918-1939 de Adrian Tinniswood
0.965 3.3 Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins de Rupert Everett
0.964 3.85 Leonardo da Vinci: Flights of the Mind de Charles Nicholl
0.964 3.14 A Year Without "Made in China": One Family's True Life Adventure in the Global Economy de Sara Bongiorni
0.963 3.39 Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream de Adam W. Shepard
0.963 3.44 Vox de Nicholson Baker
0.963 3.54 Porno de Irvine Welsh
0.962 3.93 Letters of the Century: America 1900-1999 de Lisa Grunwald
0.962 2.7 Checkout de Anna Sam
0.962 3.97 Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1 de Mark Twain
0.96 3.63 Shopped: The Shocking Power of British Supermarkets de Joanna Blythman
0.96 4 The Last Temptation of Christ de Nikos Kazantzakis
0.958 3.61 Toast de Nigel Slater
0.957 3.66 The Kingdom de Robert Lacey
0.957 3.6 The Princes in the Tower de Alison Weir
0.956 3.39 Elegance de Kathleen Tessaro
0.956 4.04 Decca: The Letters of Jessica Mitford de Jessica Mitford
0.955 3.81 Book Row: An Anecdotal and Pictorial History of the Antiquarian Book Trade de Marvin Mondlin
0.954 3.52 Alligators, Old Mink, and New Money: One Woman's Adventures in Vintage Clothing de Alison Houtte
0.953 3.42 Parisian Chic de Inès de La Fressange
0.953 3.3 Books: A Memoir de Larry McMurtry
0.952 3.73 La Primera Agència de dones detectives de Alexander McCall Smith
0.951 3.83 A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush de Eric Newby
0.95 3.61 Spice: The History of a Temptation de Jack Turner
0.95 3.53 The Zookeeper's Wife de Diane Ackerman
0.949 4.05 Mary Chesnut's Civil War de Mary Chesnut
0.949 3.73 Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America de Barbara Ehrenreich
0.949 3.88 La fira de les vanitats de William Makepeace Thackeray
0.947 3.74 La sal : història de l'única pedra comestible de Mark Kurlansky
0.947 3.98 Flyboys: A True Story of Courage de James Bradley
0.946 4.28 The Syringa Tree: A Novel de Pamela Gien
0.945 3.99 D.V. de Diana Vreeland
0.945 3.63 Consuelo and Alva Vanderbilt de Amanda Mackenzie Stuart
0.943 3.72 Lost Classics: Writers on Books Loved and Lost, Overlooked, Under-read, Unavailable, Stolen, Extinct, or Otherwise Out of Commission de Michael Ondaatje
0.943 3.79 Packing My Library: An Elegy and Ten Digressions de Alberto Manguel
0.942 3.57 500 Cupcakes: The Only Cupcake Compendium You'll Ever Need de Fergal Connolly
0.94 4.08 The Overstory de Richard Powers
0.939 3.31 Front Row: Anna Wintour: The Cool Life and Hot Times of Vogue's Editor in Chief de Jerry Oppenheimer
0.939 3.45 A Pound of Paper: Confessions of a Book Addict de John Baxter
0.939 3.88 Forever Barbie: The Unauthorized Biography of a Real Doll de M. G. Lord
0.938 4.02 Sailing Alone around the World de Joshua Slocum
0.936 3.28 Fashion Babylon de Imogen Edwards-Jones
0.936 4.11 L'ombra del vent de Carlos Ruiz Zafón
0.936 4.15 Anna Karènina de Leo Tolstoy
0.936 3.34 Ex-Libris de Ross King
0.935 4.13 The Lost. A Search for Six of Six Million de Daniel Mendelsohn
0.935 3.99 World War Z de Max Brooks
0.935 3.86 Beyond Exile de J. L. Bourne
0.935 3.4 America's Queen: The Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis de Sarah Bradford
0.934 3.89 Dog Breath de Dav Pilkey
0.932 3.86 The Egg and I de Betty MacDonald
0.932 3.63 The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies? de Jared Diamond
0.932 3.95 Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist's Quest To Discover if Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, or, Why Pie is Not The Answer de Jen Lancaster
0.932 3.32 Six: the Lives of the Mitford Sisters de Laura Thompson
0.93 3.91 Mademoiselle Chanel de C. W. Gortner
0.93 3.62 Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper de Nicholson Baker
0.93 3.98 The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories (Dover Thrift Editions) de Charlotte Perkins Gilman
0.929 3.92 Role Models de John Waters
0.929 3.63 Grace: A Memoir de Grace Coddington
0.929 3.55 Republican Party Reptile de P. J. O'Rourke
0.928 3.98 The Bounty Mutiny de William Bligh
0.928 3.65 The Lady in the Van [prose] de Alan Bennett
0.928 3.67 The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America de Bill Bryson
0.927 3.76 Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria de Carolly Erickson
0.927 3.91 Mrs. Kennedy and Me de Clint Hill
0.926 3.59 The $64 Tomato: How One Man Nearly Lost His Sanity, Spent a Fortune, and Endured an Existential Crisis in the Quest for the Perfect Garden de William Alexander
0.925 3.74 Diari minim de Umberto Eco
0.924 3.69 Genius: A Mosaic of One Hundred Exemplary Creative Minds de Harold Bloom
0.924 3.75 Rainbow's End: A Memoir of Childhood, War and an African Farm de Lauren St. John
0.923 4.03 A Reader on Reading de Alberto Manguel
0.922 3.98 Gus Was a Friendly Ghost de Jane Thayer
0.921 3.31 That Woman: The Life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor de Anne Sebba
0.921 3.57 Creating a Beautiful Home de Alexandra Stoddard
0.92 3.8 How Reading Changed My Life de Anna Quindlen
0.92 4.19 Charlie Needs a Cloak de Tomie DePaola
0.92 3.06 C'est la vie : an American woman begins a new life in Paris and-- voila!-- becomes almost French de Suzy Gershman
0.919 3.83 Londoners: The Days and Nights of London Now--As Told by Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It, Left It, and Long for It de Craig Taylor
0.919 3.85 Ghosts of Everest de Jochen Hemmleb
0.919 3.99 El retrat de Dorian Gray de Oscar Wilde
0.919 3.7 Dry Storeroom No. 1: The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum de Richard Fortey
0.919 4.23 The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. de James Boswell
0.918 4.06 La Llarga caminada de Sławomir Rawicz
0.917 3.83 The Real Trial of Oscar Wilde de Merlin Holland
0.917 3.93 Sissinghurst: An Unfinished History de Adam Nicolson
0.916 3.7 Level 4: Virus Hunters of the CDC de Joseph B McCormick
0.916 3.94 How the Other Half Lives de Jacob A. Riis
0.916 3.93 A Room with a view de E. M. Forster
0.916 4.28 The Forgotten Highlander : My Incredible Story of Survival during the War in the Far East de Alistair Urquhart
0.916 3.51 The Bookshop at 10 Curzon Street: Letters Between Nancy Mitford and Heywood Hill 1952-73 de John Saumarez Smith
0.915 3.88 Cap a terres salvatges de Jon Krakauer
0.914 3.95 The Daughter of Time de Josephine Tey
0.914 4.06 Marilyn de Gloria Steinem
0.914 3.84 In My Brother's Shadow: A Life and Death in the SS de Uwe Timm
0.913 3.46 The House on First Street: My New Orleans Story de Julia Reed
0.913 4.1 Res de nou a l'oest de Erich Maria Remarque
0.912 3.87 My Life with Bob: Flawed Heroine Keeps Book of Books, Plot Ensues de Pamela Paul
0.911 3.97 The Terror de Dan Simmons
0.911 3.26 The Secret of Lost Things de Sheridan Hay
0.911 3.52 The Bookshop de Penelope Fitzgerald
0.91 4.25 Crim i càstig de Fyodor Dostoyevsky
0.91 3.91 The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde de Neil McKenna
0.91 3.41 The Camel Bookmobile de Masha Hamilton
0.91 3.77 Les Aventures de David Balfour de Robert Louis Stevenson
0.909 3.65 The Andromeda Strain de Michael Crichton
0.909 3.56 The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF de Mike Ashley
0.909 3.58 Librerías de Jorge Carrión
0.908 4.01 The White Nile de Alan Moorehead
0.908 3.91 The Taste of War: World War II and the Battle for Food de Lizzie Collingham
0.908 3.86 The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl de Shauna Reid
0.908 3.48 So Many Books de Gabriel Zaid
0.907 4.17 The Letters of Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh de Charlotte Mosley
0.907 4.05 The City of Mirrors de Justin Cronin
0.906 3.1 The Geographer's Library de Jon Fasman
0.906 3.52 The Water Beetle de Nancy Mitford
0.905 3.77 Ice Blink: The Tragic Fate of Sir John Franklin's Lost Polar Expedition de Scott Cookman
0.905 4.1 A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus: The Roots of the Problem and the Person, Vol. 1 de John P. Meier
0.905 3.92 El club de lectura del final de la teva vida de Will Schwalbe
0.905 4 The Richard Burton Diaries de Richard Burton
0.904 4.14 Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life de Barbara Kingsolver
0.904 3.69 The Collectors de David Baldacci
0.904 3.7 Chips off the Old Benchley de Robert Benchley
0.903 3.72 Greenery Street de Denis Mackail
0.903 4.34 Patton: A Genius for War de Carlo D'Este
0.903 4.19 A Writer's Diary de Virginia Woolf
0.903 3.88 Jewels: A Secret History de Victoria Finlay
0.902 3.62 The Bolter de Frances Osborne
0.901 3.92 Do Butlers Burgle Banks? de P. G. Wodehouse
0.901 3.75 Something from the Oven: Reinventing Dinner in 1950s America de Laura Shapiro
0.901 3.43 Modern Manners: An Etiquette Book for Rude People de P. J. O'Rourke
0.899 4.14 The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation (Volume One, Parts I-II) de Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
0.899 4.01 Akenfield: Portrait of an English Village de Ronald Blythe
0.898 4.04 A Degree of Mastery: A Journey through Book Arts Apprenticeship de Annie Tremmel Wilcox
0.898 3.42 Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea de Catherine Goldhammer
0.898 3.39 Hotel Babylon de Imogen Edwards-Jones
0.898 3.79 Notes from a Small Island de Bill Bryson
0.898 4.04 Brideshead Revisited de Evelyn Waugh
0.898 4 La llebre amb ulls d'ambre de Edmund de Waal
0.897 3.72 The Andy Warhol Diaries de Andy Warhol
0.897 3.75 I'll Drink to That: A Life in Style, with a Twist de Betty Halbreich
0.896 3.87 I Am Legend and Other Stories de Richard Matheson
0.896 3.76 Warmly Inscribed: The New England Forger and Other Book Tales de Lawrence Goldstone
0.895 3.75 The Burglar in the Library de Lawrence Block
0.895 3.79 The American Plague: The Untold Story of Yellow Fever, The Epidemic That Shaped Our History de Molly Caldwell Crosby
0.894 4.12 The Library at Night de Alberto Manguel
0.894 3.58 Nathaniel's Nutmeg de Giles Milton
0.894 3.44 The Company de Arabella Edge
0.894 3.79 Mundolibro de Henry Petroski
0.893 3.66 La llibreria encantada de Christopher Morley
0.893 3.9 Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood de Alexandra Fuller
0.893 3.91 Living With Books de Alan Powers
0.893 3.72 The Diary of a Nobody de George Grossmith
0.891 3.38 A Charmed Life: Growing up in Macbeth's Castle de Liza Campbell
0.891 3.89 Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Strange and Fascinating Cases of a Forensic Anthropologist de William R. Maples
0.891 3.18 Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland's Glory de Lisa Jardine
0.89 3.84 Life de Keith Richards
0.89 3.5 Typhoid Mary de Anthony Bourdain
0.89 3.45 Mortification: Writers' Stories of Their Public Shame de Robin Robertson
0.889 3.95 L'Alienista (Catalan Edition) de Caleb Carr
0.889 3.73 Biblioholism: The Literary Addiction de Tom Raabe
0.889 3.22 Around the House and in the Garden: A Memoir of Heartbreak, Healing, and Home Improvement de Dominique Browning
0.888 3.63 Sixpence House de Paul Collins
0.888 3.85 The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde de Peter Ackroyd
0.888 3.8 First Bite: How We Learn to Eat de Bee Wilson
0.888 3.7 La casa de papel de Carlos María Domínguez
0.888 4.06 Dickens de Peter Ackroyd
0.887 3.59 Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive de Stephanie Land
0.887 4.31 Jefferson and Monticello: The Biography of a Builder de Jack McLaughlin
0.887 3.81 A Place of My Own: The Education of an Amateur Builder de Michael Pollan
0.886 3.98 Writing Home de Alan Bennett
0.886 3.96 The Naked Civil Servant de Quentin Crisp
0.885 3.73 Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster de Dana Thomas
0.885 3.81 A Passion For Books de Harold Rabinowitz
0.885 3.58 Must You Go?: My Life with Harold Pinter de Antonia Fraser
0.884 4.01 The Cabinet Of Curiosities de Douglas Preston
0.884 3.72 Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America de Linda Tirado
0.884 3.8 Reliquary de Douglas Preston
0.883 3.5 Finding Betty Crocker: The Secret Life of America's First Lady of Food de Susan Marks
0.883 3.83 The World Without Us de Alan Weisman
0.883 3.91 The Diary of a Bookseller de Shaun Bythell
0.883 4.23 Glorious Needlepoint de Kaffe Fassett
0.882 3.87 The Man Who Ate Everything de Jeffrey Steingarten
0.882 3.6 The Beautiful Fall: Lagerfeld, Saint Laurent, and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris de Alicia Drake
0.882 3.66 Pudd'nhead Wilson de Mark Twain
0.882 3.91 Two Years Before the Mast de Richard Henry Jr. Dana
0.881 3.27 Small Things Considered: Why There Is No Perfect Design de Henry Petroski
0.881 3.55 Broke, USA: From Pawnshops to Poverty, Inc. - How the Working Poor Became Big Business de Gary Rivlin
0.881 4.08 Pete's a Pizza de William Steig
0.881 3.71 Books for Living de Will Schwalbe
0.88 4.02 Trainspotting de Irvine Welsh
0.88 3.72 La librería más famosa del mundo de Jeremy Mercer
0.88 3.42 The Bookwoman's Last Fling de John Dunning
0.879 4.05 The Lost King of France: A True Story of Revolution, Revenge, and DNA de Deborah Cadbury
0.879 3.72 Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping de Paco Underhill
0.878 3.77 Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis de J. D. Vance
0.878 3.79 Captain Scott de Ranulph Fiennes
0.877 3.73 Malaria Dreams: An African Adventure de Stuart Stevens
0.877 3.94 Mariana de Monica Dickens
0.877 3.48 Waiting: The True Confessions of a Waitress de Debra Ginsberg
0.876 3.7 Holidays in Hell de P. J. O'Rourke
0.876 4.07 The Speckled Monster: A Historical Tale of Battling Smallpox de Jennifer Lee Carrell
0.876 3.93 Els Guardians del Llibre de Geraldine Brooks
0.876 4 La filla de Robert Poste de Stella Gibbons
0.875 3.99 Untold Stories de Alan Bennett
0.875 4.17 The Hallo-Wiener de Dav Pilkey
0.875 3.67 Bosie: The Man, The Poet, The Lover of Oscar Wilde de Douglas Murray
0.875 4.22 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs de Judi Barrett
0.874 3.57 Molotov's Magic Lantern: A Journey in Russian History de Rachel Polonsky
0.874 3.84 The Twelve de Justin Cronin
0.874 3.68 Geisha: The Secret History of a Vanishing World de Lesley Downer
0.872 4.13 The Fur Hat de Vladimir Voinovich
0.872 3.68 The Man-Eaters of Tsavo de J. H. Patterson
0.872 4.03 With Bold Knife and Fork de M. F. K. Fisher
0.872 4.02 The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live de Sarah Susanka
0.871 3.78 The Barbary Plague : The Black Death in Victorian San Francisco de Marilyn Chase
0.87 3.59 Mistress Anne: The Exceptional Life of Anne Boleyn de Carolly Erickson
0.87 3.86 Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002) de David Sedaris
0.869 3.49 I Was Vermeer: The Rise and Fall of the Twentieth Century's Greatest Forger de Frank Wynne
0.868 3.76 El Crim de Lord Arthur Savile de Oscar Wilde
0.867 4.21 El nom de la rosa de Umberto Eco
0.867 3.73 Cook : The Extraordinary Voyages of Captain James Cook de Nicholas Thomas
0.866 3.78 Big Chief Elizabeth: The Adventures and Fate of the First English Colonists in America de Giles Milton
0.866 3.79 A Child of the Jago de Arthur Morrison
0.865 3.93 Sis passejades pels boscos de la ficcio de Umberto Eco
0.865 3.96 The Flame Trees of Thika: Memories of an African Childhood de Elspeth Huxley
0.865 4.01 Dunkirk: Fight to the Last Man de Hugh Sebag-Montefiore
0.865 3.37 Women Who Love Books Too Much: Bibliophiles, Bluestockings, and Prolific Pens from the Algonquin Hotel to the Ya-Ya Sist de Brenda Knight
0.865 4.36 This Accursed Land de Lennard Bickel
0.864 3.69 One for the Books de Joe Queenan
0.863 3.71 Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants de Robert Sullivan
0.863 4.11 The Mismeasure of Man de Stephen Jay Gould
0.863 4.11 A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books de Nicholas A. Basbanes
0.862 3.84 At Home with the Marquis de Sade: A Life de Francine du Plessix Gray
0.862 3.42 Wallflower at the orgy de Nora Ephron
0.862 3.96 Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors de Piers Paul Read
0.861 3.76 Why Read Moby-Dick? de Nathaniel Philbrick
0.861 4.21 The Worst Journey in the World de Apsley Cherry-Garrard
0.861 3.5 Country Matters: The Pleasures and Tribulations of Moving from a Big City to an Old Country Farmhouse de Michael Korda
0.861 3.94 It Must've Been Something I Ate de Jeffrey Steingarten
0.86 3.72 Wait for Me! Memoirs de Deborah Devonshire
0.86 4.11 M Train de Patti Smith
0.86 3.51 The Victorian Chaise-Longue de Marghanita Laski
0.859 3.9 Una vida entre libros. Memorias de un amante de la palabra escrita de Lewis Buzbee
0.859 3.9 The Big House: A Century in the Life of an American Summer Home de George Howe Colt
0.859 4.22 The Life of Mammals de David Attenborough
0.859 3.93 Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal de Eric Schlosser
0.859 3.93 Annapurna de Maurice Herzog
0.859 3.4 The Library: A Catalogue of Wonders de Stuart Kells
0.858 4.15 La Societat literària i de pastís de pela de patata de Guernsey de Mary Ann Shaffer
0.858 3.37 Girls of Riyadh de Rajaa Alsanea
0.857 3.99 The Plague and I de Betty MacDonald
0.857 3.88 Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution de Caroline Weber
0.857 3.68 The Bookman's Promise de John Dunning
0.856 4.21 El diari d'una noia de Anne Frank
0.856 3.97 The Book Thieves: The Nazi Looting of Europe's Libraries and the Race to Return a Literary Inheritance de Anders Rydell
0.856 3.65 Blood and Roses: One Family's Struggle and Triumph During the Tumultuous Wars of the Roses de Helen Castor
0.856 3.94 Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times de Thomas Hauser
0.856 3.75 El coleccionista de libros de Charlie Lovett
0.855 3.95 Alone de Richard E. Byrd
0.855 3.87 The House of Twenty Thousand Books de Sasha Abramsky
0.855 4.05 Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton de Edward Rice
0.855 3.78 Browsings: A Year of Reading, Collecting, and Living with Books de Michael Dirda
0.854 4.15 Just Kids de Patti Smith
0.853 3.87 Among the Gently Mad: Perspectives and Strategies for the Book Hunter in the Twenty-first Century de Nicholas A. Basbanes
0.853 4.02 Low Life de Lucy Sante
0.853 3.87 Poor People de William T. Vollmann
0.852 4.03 Ordeal by Hunger: The Story of the Donner Party de George R. Stewart
0.852 3.67 Rose: My Life in Service to Lady Astor de Rosina Harrison
0.852 3.61 Mussolini's Italy: Life Under the Fascist Dictatorship, 1915-1945 de R. J. B. Bosworth
0.852 3.84 Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You de Simon Doonan
0.852 3.43 The Man Who Loved Books Too Much: The True Story of a Thief, a Detective, and a World of Literary Obsession de Allison Hoover Bartlett
0.851 3.7 Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown de Anne Glenconner
0.851 3.52 Milk! A 10,000-Year Food Fracas de Mark Kurlansky
0.851 4.41 28: Stories of AIDS in Africa de Stephanie Nolen
0.851 4.25 Cajun Night Before Christmas de Howard Jacobs Trosclair
0.851 4.15 Arctic Dreams de Barry Lopez
0.849 3.65 The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium de Robert Lacey
0.849 3.9 Marie Antoinette: The Journey de Antonia Fraser
0.849 3.78 Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens de Jane Dunn
0.849 4.04 The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story de Richard Preston
0.848 4.25 Strega Nona de Tomie DePaola
0.848 4.04 Vietnam: A History de Stanley Karnow
0.848 3.57 Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret de Craig Brown
0.847 3.44 Venice: Pure City de Peter Ackroyd
0.847 4.03 The Shuttle de Frances Hodgson Burnett
0.847 4.25 Bibliostyle: How We Live at Home with Books de Nina Freudenberger
0.846 3.88 The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty de Caroline Alexander
0.846 3.42 Medieval People de Eileen Power
0.846 4.26 Stellaluna de Janell Cannon
0.846 3.91 Joe Bob goes to the drive-in de Joe Bob Briggs
0.845 4.08 Un Pavelló de cancerosos de Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
0.845 3.34 Stoker's Manuscript de Royce Prouty
0.844 4.05 L'Expedició del Kon-Tiki de Thor Heyerdahl
0.843 3.87 Ring for Jeeves de P. G. Wodehouse
0.843 3.97 Plagues and Peoples de William H. McNeill
0.842 3.96 Mary Queen of Scots de Antonia Fraser
0.842 4.04 Un Dia d'Ivan Deníssovitx de Alexander Solzhenitsyn
0.841 4.3 Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter de Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
0.841 4.24 Virginia Woolf de Hermione Lee
0.84 4.36 La lladre de llibres de Markus Zusak
0.84 3.89 Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World de Mark Kurlansky
0.84 3.89 Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think de Brian Wansink
0.839 4.19 Nella Last's War: The Second World War Diaries of Housewife, 49 de Nella Last
0.839 4.04 La Tieta Mame de Patrick Dennis
0.839 4.11 Les relacions perilloses de Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
0.839 4.01 True Notebooks de Mark Salzman
0.839 3.87 Booked to Die de John Dunning
0.839 3.98 The Working Poor: Invisible in America de David K. Shipler
0.839 4.18 Ex-libris : confessions d'una lectora de Anne Fadiman
0.838 3.61 The Whole Fromage: Adventures in the Delectable World of French Cheese de Kathe Lison
0.837 4.08 Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition de Merriam-Webster
0.837 3.56 The Lady Who Liked Clean Restrooms: The Chronicle Of One Of The Strangest Stories Ever To Be Rumoured About Around New York de J. P. Donleavy
0.837 3.93 Is Paris Burning? de Larry Collins
0.837 3.96 El nen 44 de Tom Rob Smith
0.836 4.15 West with the Night de Beryl Markham
0.835 3.85 The Weaker Vessel de Antonia Fraser
0.835 4.1 Patience & Fortitude: A Roving Chronicle of Book People, Book Places, and Book Culture de Nicholas A. Basbanes
0.834 3.79 Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island de Thor Heyerdahl
0.834 3.92 The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal de Jared M. Diamond
0.834 3.76 Scurvy: How a Surgeon, a Mariner, and a Gentlemen Solved the Greatest Medical Mystery of the Age of Sail de Stephen R. Bown
0.834 3.96 Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed de Jared M. Diamond
0.834 3.99 The Fatal Shore de Robert Hughes
0.833 4.06 1776 de David McCullough
0.833 4.11 The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters de Charlotte Mosley
0.833 3.9 La Volta al món amb la tieta Mame de Patrick Dennis
0.833 4.21 On Writing de Stephen King
0.833 3.73 The Last Days of Henry VIII: Conspiracies, Treason and Heresy at the Court of the Dying Tyrant de Robert Hutchinson
0.832 3.73 The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap de Wendy Welch
0.832 3.99 Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm de David M. Masumoto
0.832 3.8 My Man Jeeves de P. G. Wodehouse
0.832 4.02 The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love de Kristin Kimball
0.831 3.9 Factory Man: How One Furniture Maker Battled Offshoring, Stayed Local - and Helped Save an American Town de Beth Macy
0.831 3.54 Shadow de Karin Alvtegen
0.831 3.24 The Forgers de Bradford Morrow
0.831 3.88 Hard Work: Life in Low-Pay Britian de Polly Toynbee
0.83 4.28 La Nit de Elie Wiesel
0.83 4.32 The Arctic Grail: The Quest for the Northwest Passage and The North Pole, 1818-1909 de Pierre Berton
0.83 3.74 The Living Dead de John Joseph Adams
0.83 3.85 Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen de Fay Weldon
0.829 4.18 Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do de Studs Terkel
0.829 3.92 Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly de Anthony Bourdain
0.829 3.75 Howards End is on the Landing de Susan Hill
0.829 3.92 Una lectora poc corrent de Alan Bennett
0.828 3.84 Denali's Howl: The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America's Wildest Peak de Andy Hall
0.827 4.03 Spandau: The Secret Diaries de Albert Speer
0.827 3.81 Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man de Siegfried Sassoon
0.827 3.64 Somewhere Towards the End: A Memoir de Diana Athill
0.827 4.3 How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They're Built de Stewart Brand
0.825 3.88 Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War de Nathaniel Philbrick
0.825 4.06 Mrs. Bridge de Evan S. Connell
0.825 3.46 The Hungry Years: Confessions of a Food Addict de William Leith
0.825 3.57 Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally de Alisa Smith
0.825 3.85 Bringing Home the Birkin: My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World's Most Coveted Handbag de Michael Tonello
0.824 3.88 Una cacera dramàtica de Anton Chekhov
0.824 3.7 Madame de Pompadour de Nancy Mitford
0.824 3.71 The Making of a Marchioness de Frances Hodgson Burnett
0.824 3.42 The Lifeboat de Charlotte Rogan
0.824 4.06 Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression de Studs Terkel
0.823 3.94 Bitten: True Medical Stories of Bites and Stings de Pamela Nagami
0.823 3.85 The Bookman's Wake de John Dunning
0.823 3.99 Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power de Jon Meacham
0.823 3.97 Q's Legacy de Helene Hanff
0.823 3.86 The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary de Simon Winchester
0.823 3.56 Reading Jackie: Her Autobiography in Books de William Kuhn
0.823 3.94 Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes de Stephen Jay Gould
0.822 4.13 Rachel and Her Children: Homeless Families in America de Jonathan Kozol
0.822 4.01 Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica de Sara Wheeler
0.822 3.75 London At War de Philip Ziegler
0.822 4.01 In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto de Michael Pollan
0.821 3.64 Bassington, un noi insuportable / Saki ; traducció de Montserrat Lunati de Saki