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The 10th Kingdom


2000AD: Durham Red


24 TV-series

28 Days Later films

30 Days of Night

300 film series

44 Scotland Street

The 4400 TV series

509 Crime Stories

60 Quick Knits

84 Charing Cross Road

Aaron Falk

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Adam Dalgliesh

Adam Fawley

Adler and Dwyer

Adrian Mole

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Adventurous Four

African Trilogy

Afterlife (Murray)

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie Book Club

Agatha Oddly

Agatha Raisin

The Agency (Ivy)

Akal Singh

Aladdin (Disney)

Albert Campion

Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians

Aleutian Trilogy

Alex Carter

Alex Craft

Alex Madison

Alex Morrow

Alex Rider

Alex Rourke

Alex Stern

Alex Verus

Alice in Wonderland (Disney)

Alice Osemanverse (Chronologically)

Alice Quentin

Alice's Adventures

Alien Films

All Souls

All The Birds In The Sky

Allie Burns

Ally McBeal

The Almighty

Aloa Snow

Alton Turner Blackwood

Alvin and the Chipmunks movies

Alvirah and Willy

Amazing Fantasy [2004]

Amazon Original Stories - Currency

Amazon Original Stories - The Forward Collection

Amazon Original Stories - The Real Thing Collection

Amelia Jane

American Gods


Amir Sisters

Amory Ames


Andrew Lang's Fairy Books

Andy Brazil & Judy Hammer

Angelique de Xavia

Anna and Fin

Anna and the French Kiss

Anna Treadway

Anne Lister Diaries

Anne of Green Gables

Annie Graham

Annie's Attic

Anno Dracula

The Anomaly Files

Answer Book

Anthony Horowitz's Sherlock Holmes

Antz (Dreamworks)


Arelia LaRue

Ariadne Oliver

Aristotle and Dante

Arkady Renko

Arne & Carlos

Arne & Carlos Design DA

Arno and Learner Families

Arsène Lupin

The Art of Happiness

Artemis Fowl

Arthur Less

Arthur trilogy

Asey Mayo Cape Cod mystery

Asimov's Universe

Assassin Bug Thrillers / Bob Dillon


Astrid Swift

Atlas Series

Atticus Claw

Auguste Dupin

Augusten Burroughs autobiographies

Auntie Poldi

Aunty Lee Singaporean Mysteries

Aurora Teagarden

The Austen Project

The Austens

Austin Powers

Ava Saunders

Avery Keene


Baby Ganesh Agency Investigations

Back to the Future

Bad Boys Movies

Bad Santa

The Balkan trilogy

Bangladesh Trilogy

Barney Thomson

The Barsetshire Chronicles

Bartimaeus Sequence

Batman Films [chronological]

Batman Motion Picture Anthology

Battlestar Galactica [2003]

Battlestar Galactica: Original Series

BBC Earth


Bed-Knob and Broomstick


Before the Coffee Gets Cold

Bella Vista Chronicles

Bellman noir

Ben Harper

Ben Kitto

Bernie Gunther

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Best Kept Secrets of the Women's Institute


Better Homes and Gardens Needlecraft

Beverly Hills Cop

Bewitched (TV Series)


The Big Bang Theory

Big Finish Sherlock Holmes

Big Ideas Simply Explained

Bill Hodges Trilogy

Billy Bob Holland

Bird Box

Bizarre (David Long)

Black Books TV Series

Black Stars

Blackboard Books

Blackmoore Sisters Mysteries

Blade Movies

Blade Runner films

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy

The Blood Detective

Blossom Street

Blue Mumbai Thrillers

Blues Brothers

Blum Trilogy

Bois Sauvage

Bones {TV Series}

Book of Dead Days

The Book of Dust


The Borrible Trilogy

Boston Legal

Bourbon Kid

The Bourne Films

Boy Called Christmas

Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The Boyfriend Project

Brackerley Prison

Brave Story


Breaking Bad

Bree Taggert

Brenda and Effie

The Brentford Trilogy

Bridget Jones

Brighton Mysteries

The Brilliance Saga

British Gnomes

British Monarchy

The Broken Earth

Brontë Mysteries


Brother Bear (Disney)

The Brown Sisters

Bubblegum Crisis - Tokyo 2040

Buckaroo Banzai


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: TV Series

A Bug's Life (Disney•Pixar)

Bulldog Drummond stories


The Burning Chambers