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Sèries a què pertanyen els llibres de la biblioteca de txbritgal

Sumari: 942 sèries


Academy of Assassins

Academy of Immortals

Academy of Magical Creatures

Academy of Souls

Academy of Unpredictable Magic

Academy of Witches

Acarnania Warriors

Accidentally Paranormal

Ace Security


Adept Universe


The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod

Adventures of Darcy

Aegis Security

After Cilmeri

Against All Odds

Alex Cross

Alex Madison

Alex Vane

Alien Huntress


All Souls

The Allure Chronicles

Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart

Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire

Alpha & Omega

Alpha and Omega: World of the Marrok

The Alpha Billion-weres

Alpha Billion-weres

Alpha Pack

Alpha Prime

Althea Rose Mystery

Amos Decker

Amoveo Legend

Ancient Guardians

Ancients Rising

De Anderen

Anderson Billionaires

Andrea Nash

Angel Academy

An Angel and Her Demons

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter

Appalachian Magic

ARES Security

Argeneau Vampires

The Arthurian Merlin Saga

Asgard Penitentiary

Atlantis [Showalter]

Atlantis Legacy

Awakened Fate

Bad Habit

Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes

The Baine Chronicles

Bakery Sisters Trilogy


Ballybeg Bad Boys


Barefoot Bay

The Barrington Billionaires

The Barrington Billionaires [D Stewart]

The Barrington Billionaires [J Winters]

The Barrington Billionaires SYNCHRONIZED World

Bayou Heat

Bayside Summers

Beach House No. 9 Trilogy

Bedford Falls

Betwixt & Between

Bewitched and Bewildered

Bewitching Bedlam

Big, Fat, Fake

Billionaire Security Shifters

Billionaires of Europe [Rayner]

Billionaires' Brides of Convenience


Black Arrowhead

Black Dagger Brotherhood

Black Dagger Brotherhood: Prison Camp

Black Dog Universe

Black Garden Penitentiary

The Black Jewels Series

Black Knights Inc.

Black Mountain Bears

Black Ops Inc.

Blacktop Cowboys

The Blackwood Saga

Blood and Magick

Blood Bound

Blood Brothers {Zanetti}

Blood Descendants Universe

Blood Fire Saga

Blood of Zeus

Blue Mill

Blue Moon Junction

Bluegrass Brothers

Bluegrass Series

Bodyguards [Gerard]

The Bodyguards of L.A. County

Bone Secrets

Books of Stone

The Bound Ones

Bound Spirit

Bound to the Fae

Bourbon Kings

Boys of Oak Park Prep

The Bradens

The Bradens and Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill⁠—Oak Falls

The Bradens at Peaceful Harbor

The Bradens at Trusty, CO


Bree Taggert

Bridget Jones

Brighten Magic Academy

Broslin Creek

Brown Siblings series



Building a Hero

Bullet Catchers

Bulletproof Series

Butler, Vermont

By the Sea

Callahan & McLane

The Callaways

The Calling Is Reborn

Cannie Shapiro

The Cardinal Witches

Careless Whispers

The Carnival Society

The Carter Island Trilogy

Cassandra Palmer

Cassidy Edwards

Cavanaugh Brothers

Celtic Brooch

Chameleon Assassin

The Chancellor Fairy Tales

The Chesapeake Diaries

Chesapeake Shores

Chicago Stars

Children of Ossiria

The Children of the Gods

Children of the Mist

Children of the Moon

Children of the Sea

Chosen Ones

The Chronicles of Kerrigan

The Chronicles of Kerrigan Prequel

Chronicles of Midnight

Chronicles of Narnia

Chronicles of Narnia, Chronological by story

Chronicles of Yavn

Chronos Origins

The Cincinnati Series

The City Between

City of Crows

Claiming My Pack

Clash of the Demigods

Clem Starr: Demon Fighter

Clockwork Academy

The Coldest Fae

Coming Home {Raine}


Connor Clan

Conspiracy of Magic

The Consultants

Corisi Billionaires

Cotton Malone

Court High

Court Legacy

Court University

Coven Pointe


The Crescent Chronicles

Crimes of the Fae


The Crown's Game

Crystal Frost

Cupid, Texas

The Curse

The Curse of Avalon

The Cursed Key Trilogy

Cursed Studies

Cutter Cay

Dark Angels

Dark Codes

Dark Kings

Dark Magick

Dark Ones

Dark Protectors

Dark Series

Dark Sword

Dark Tides {Osmond}

Dark Warriors

Dark World


Dark-Hunter Universe

Darkest Minds

Darkness Chosen

Darkness Rising {Caulder}