Llibres controvertits de vickijohnson

Aquesta pàgina mostra els llibres més "controvertits" de la teva biblioteca mesurats segons la desviació estàndard més alta de la valoració dels membres.

Desviació estàndard Valoració mitjana La teva valoració Títol
1.338 3.27 Eve de William Paul Young
1.337 3.43 The Shack de William P. Young
1.298 3.63 Mad Mary: A Bad Girl from Magdala, Transformed at His Appearing de Liz Curtis Higgs
1.286 3.38 Legend of the Celtic Stone de Michael Phillips
1.284 3.48 Night Light: A Devotional for Couples de James Dobson
1.281 3.46 Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change de John Hagee
1.281 3.63 Ten Thousand Charms de Allison Pittman
1.279 3.54 And the Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity de Dannah Gresh
1.277 3.57 Edge of Eternity de Randy Alcorn
1.272 3.47 The Purpose Driven Life de Rick Warren
1.264 3.5 Immanuel's Veins de Ted Dekker
1.256 3.66 In the Company of Secrets de Judith Miller
1.248 3.54 The Governess of Highland Hall de Carrie Turansky
1.243 3.49 Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived de Rob Bell
1.23 3.67 The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America's Future de Jonathan Cahn
1.228 3.79 The Chance: A Novel de Karen Kingsbury
1.224 3.88 Elijah: A Man of Heroism and Humility de Charles R. Swindoll
1.223 3.28 October Song de Beverly Lewis
1.22 3.4 The Europa Conspiracy de Tim LaHaye
1.21 2.94 Breaking the Da Vinci Code: Answers to the Questions Everyone's Asking de Darrell L. Bock
1.207 4.08 Jesus the One and Only de Beth Moore
1.2 3.98 The Broken Way: A Daring Path into the Abundant Life de Ann Voskamp
1.195 3.5 A Cousin's Prayer de Wanda E. Brunstetter
1.193 3.4 An Ancient Strife de Michael Phillips
1.192 3.64 The Ishbane Conspiracy de Randy Alcorn
1.189 3.74 Lonestar Sanctuary (Lonestar Series) de Colleen Coble
1.183 3.7 A Generous Orthodoxy: Why I Am a Missional, Evangelical, Post/Protestant, Liberal/Conservative, Mystical/Poetic, Biblica de Brian D. McLaren
1.177 3.67 Jerusalem Vigil de Bodie Thoene
1.175 4.1 Written on the Wind de Judith Pella
1.174 3.94 Twelve Extraordinary Women: How God Shaped Women of the Bible, and What He Wants to Do with You de John MacArthur
1.172 3.55 Their Name Is Today Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World de Johann Christoph Arnold
1.171 3.67 Hidden de Shelley Shepard Gray
1.17 3.45 A Cousin's Promise de Wanda E. Brunstetter
1.169 3.56 The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels, and Life beyond This World de Kevin Malarkey
1.158 3.8 Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul de John Eldredge
1.157 3.88 Whence Came a Prince de Liz Curtis Higgs
1.157 3.3 The Outsider de Ann H. Gabhart
1.156 3.77 The Eleventh Hour de Michael Phillips
1.153 3.52 Fifteen Minutes: A Novel de Karen Kingsbury
1.153 4.07 Not by Sight de Kate Breslin
1.152 3.75 Revolution in World Missions de K. P. Yohannan
1.15 3.73 Waking Lazarus de T. L. Hines
1.142 3.39 Gardenias for Breakfast de Robin Jones Gunn
1.138 3.57 Essentials of New Testament Greek de Ray Summers
1.136 3.23 White Christmas Pie de Wanda E. Brunstetter
1.135 3.88 The Traveler's Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success de Andy Andrews
1.135 3.3 More Than a Skeleton de Paul L. Maier
1.131 3.41 Dawn's Prelude de Tracie Peterson
1.13 3.68 Unglued : making wise choices in the midst of raw emotions de Lysa TerKeurst
1.129 4.06 Every Storm (Contemporary Romance) de Lori Wick
1.127 3.84 Resident Aliens de Stanley Hauerwas
1.127 3.95 Experiencing God: How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God de Henry T. Blackaby
1.127 3.84 Green de Ted Dekker
1.126 4.06 Riven de Jerry B. Jenkins
1.125 3.81 Wildflowers de Robin Jones Gunn
1.124 3.44 Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt de Anne Rice
1.123 3.54 The Christmas Candle de Max Lucado
1.119 3.24 Stories for the Heart: Over 100 Stories to Encourage Your Soul de Alice Gray
1.119 3.63 Killing Jesus: A History de Bill O'Reilly
1.116 3.43 BoneMan's Daughters de Ted Dekker
1.116 3.77 June Bug de Chris Fabry
1.114 3.74 The Telling de Beverly Lewis
1.112 3.5 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life {memoir} de Don Piper
1.111 3.94 Leave a Candle Burning (Tucker Mills Trilogy, Book 3) de Lori Wick
1.109 3.97 The Distant Shore de Janette Oke
1.107 4.17 The Princess de Lori Wick
1.106 3.73 When Christ Comes de Max Lucado
1.103 2.81 How Do I Love Thee? de Nancy Moser
1.102 3.95 All Together in One Place de Jane Kirkpatrick
1.102 3.24 Presumed Guilty de James Scott Bell
1.102 3.87 The Sacred Shore de Janette Oke
1.102 3.88 Changes That Heal de Henry Cloud
1.1 3.74 Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball de Donita K. Paul
1.098 3.85 How the West Won: The Neglected Story of the Triumph of Modernity de Rodney Stark
1.097 3.68 Les cinc persones que trobaràs al cel de Mitch Albom
1.094 3.69 The Bride Collector de Ted Dekker
1.094 3.7 Bright Captivity de Eugenia Price
1.092 3.54 A Daughter's Inheritance de Tracie Peterson
1.091 3.67 Illusion de Frank Peretti
1.091 4.1 Love and War: Finding the Marriage You've Dreamed Of de John Eldredge
1.09 3.86 Looking for a Miracle de Wanda E. Brunstetter
1.087 3.84 The Case for Christ de Lee Strobel
1.086 4.14 If I Run de Terri Blackstock
1.083 3.79 The Last Christian de David Gregory
1.083 3.61 Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices de Brian D. McLaren
1.083 3.83 Abomination de Colleen Coble
1.083 3.97 Always Watching de Lynette Eason
1.082 4.02 I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist de Norman L. Geisler
1.082 3.64 A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness de Dave Pelzer
1.082 3.89 The Moral Compass: Stories for a Life's Journey de William J. Bennett
1.081 3.81 Dogwood de Chris Fabry
1.08 3.98 A New Kind of Christian: A Tale of Two Friends on a Spiritual Journey de Brian D. McLaren
1.078 4.11 Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals de Shane Claiborne
1.077 3.8 Having a Mary Spirit: Allowing God to Change Us from the Inside Out de Joanna Weaver
1.075 3.88 A Sister's Hope de Wanda E. Brunstetter
1.075 3.74 Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth de Dutch Sheets
1.075 3.83 Els dimarts amb Morrie de Mitch Albom
1.072 3.75 Epicenter: Why Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future de Joel C. Rosenberg
1.072 3.78 The Oath de Frank E. Peretti
1.072 3.88 Faith and Doubt de John Ortberg
1.071 3.54 Touching the Clouds de Bonnie Leon
1.071 4.08 A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 de W. Phillip Keller
1.07 4.27 Alcoholics Anonymous de Alcoholics Anonymous
1.07 2.85 The Hornet's Nest: A Novel of the Revolutionary War de Jimmy Carter
1.069 3.71 The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life de Joshua Becker
1.069 3.79 For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men de Shaunti Feldhahn
1.068 3.9 Blink de Ted Dekker
1.068 3.98 Black de Ted Dekker
1.068 3.8 Letter Perfect de Cathy Marie Hake
1.067 4.23 Praying God's Word: Breaking Free From Spiritual Strongholds de Beth Moore
1.066 4.01 Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear de Max Lucado
1.065 3.82 Perelandra de C. S. Lewis
1.064 3.2 The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith and Politics in a Post-Religious Right America de Jim Wallis
1.064 3.74 The Maker's Diet de Jordan Rubin
1.064 3.74 Showdown de Ted Dekker
1.063 3.83 Flight to Heaven de Dale Black
1.063 3.74 The Martyr's Song de Ted Dekker
1.063 3.85 The Slumber of Christianity: Awakening a Passion for Heaven on Earth de Ted Dekker
1.063 3.52 A Clearing in the Wild de Jane Kirkpatrick
1.062 3.91 Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives de Richard A. Swenson
1.061 3.64 The Language of Sycamores de Lisa Wingate
1.061 3.82 Bamboo and Lace (Contemporary Romance) de Lori Wick
1.06 3.72 Letters From a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father's Questions about Christianity de Gregory A. Boyd
1.06 3.66 Home to Harmony de Philip Gulley
1.057 3.35 The Search for Joyful: A Mrs. Mike Novel de Benedict Freedman
1.057 3.66 Tea with Hezbollah: Sitting at the Enemies Table Our Journey Through the Middle East de Ted Dekker
1.056 3.43 Women, Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything de Geneen Roth
1.056 3.7 Imaginary Jesus de Matt Mikalatos
1.054 3.48 If Only He Knew de Gary Smalley
1.054 4.05 Waiting for Morning de Karen Kingsbury
1.054 3.42 Sacred Trust de Hannah Alexander
1.054 3.71 The Edge of Winter de Luanne Rice
1.053 3.83 Murder at the Courthouse de Ann H. Gabhart
1.053 3.73 Breathe de Lisa T. Bergren
1.052 3.6 Widsom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons de Tim Russert
1.052 3.45 Winter Haven de Athol Dickson
1.05 3.88 Woodlands de Robin Jones Gunn
1.05 3.68 The Hope de Herman Wouk
1.05 3.88 The Yada Yada Prayer Group de Neta Jackson
1.049 3.77 Tending Roses de Lisa Wingate
1.049 3.79 Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot de Max Lucado
1.048 3.11 The Mermaid Chair de Sue Monk Kidd
1.048 3.78 That Hideous Strength de C. S. Lewis
1.048 3.83 The Last Jihad de Joel C. Rosenberg
1.047 3.77 Christmas in Harmony de Philip Gulley
1.046 4.03 Best Loved Poems of the American People de Hazel Felleman
1.045 4.09 Like Dandelion Dust de Karen Kingsbury
1.045 3.64 Against All Odds de Irene Hannon
1.045 3.37 God's Gift de Dee Henderson
1.043 3.92 The Christian Atheist: Believing in God but Living As If He Doesn't Exist de Craig Groeschel
1.043 3.88 L'última batalla de C. S. Lewis
1.043 4 The Birthright de Janette Oke
1.042 3.87 The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Real de Neta Jackson
1.041 3.59 Monster de Frank Peretti
1.04 3.65 Life without limits : inspiration for a ridiculously good life de Nick Vujicic
1.04 3.9 Blue Like Jazz de Donald Miller
1.039 3.61 Justifiable Means de Terri Blackstock
1.039 4.07 Lady in Waiting de Susan Meissner
1.039 4.2 Emma's Gift de Leisha Kelly
1.039 3.88 The Shape of Mercy de Susan Meissner
1.038 3.4 Sanctuary de Beverly Lewis
1.037 4.03 The Heavenly Man de Brother Yun
1.037 3.61 Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes de Robin Jones Gunn
1.037 3.46 Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife de Eben Alexander III M.D.
1.036 3.77 The End of Reason: A Response to the New Atheists de Ravi Zacharias
1.036 3.95 Waking the dead : the glory of a heart fully alive de John Eldredge
1.036 3.89 If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat de John Ortberg
1.035 4.18 Pretense de Lori Wick
1.035 4.11 Defending Your Faith: An Introduction to Apologetics de R. C. Sproul
1.035 3.72 Pearl de Lauraine Snelling
1.034 3.66 Kiss de Ted Dekker
1.033 3.93 Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time: The Historical Jesus and the Heart of Contemporary Faith de Marcus J. Borg
1.033 3.81 Finding Noel de Richard Paul Evans
1.033 3.8 The Girls with No Names de Serena Burdick
1.033 4.07 Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World de Bob Goff
1.032 3.86 The Gates of Zion de Bodie Thoene
1.032 3.3 All Through the Night (Holiday Classics) de Mary Higgins Clark
1.032 3.56 Heaven's Wager de Ted Dekker
1.032 4.02 The Pressure's Off: There's a New Way to Live de Larry Crabb
1.031 3.58 The Great Divide de T. Davis Bunn
1.031 3.88 Unafraid de Francine Rivers
1.031 3.64 The Secret de Beverly Lewis
1.029 4.09 Imitación de Cristo de Thomas à Kempis
1.029 3.54 The Last Disciple de Hank Hanegraaff
1.028 3.82 Just Walk Across the Room: Simple Steps Pointing People to Faith de Bill Hybels
1.028 3.89 The Masterpiece de Francine Rivers
1.028 3.33 Vés i aposta un sentinella de Harper Lee
1.027 3.54 The Power of a Praying® Husband de Stormie Omartian
1.027 3.8 The Shepherd of the Hills de Harold Bell Wright
1.026 3.57 Intervention de Terri Blackstock
1.026 3.11 The Handmaid and the Carpenter de Elizabeth Berg
1.025 3.85 The Light of Eidon de Karen Hancock
1.025 3.85 Three de Ted Dekker
1.025 3.68 More Ready Than You Realize de Brian D. McLaren
1.024 3.66 My Story de Elizabeth Smart
1.024 3.82 Firefly Lane de Kristin Hannah
1.024 3.97 Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success de John C. Maxwell
1.023 3.68 The Secret Message of Jesus: Uncovering the Truth that Could Change Everything de Brian D. McLaren
1.023 3.93 The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God de Lee Strobel
1.023 4.05 Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary de Steve Gregg
1.021 3.85 Distortion (Moonlighters Series) de Terri Blackstock
1.021 3.84 Voices of the Faithful de Beth Moore
1.021 3.8 The Dead Sea Scrolls de Michael O. Wise
1.021 3.93 The Copper Scroll de Joel C. Rosenberg
1.021 3.87 Mistaken Identity: Two Families, One Survivor, Unwavering Hope de Don Van Ryn
1.02 4.17 My Utmost for His Highest: An Updated Edition in Today's Language de Oswald Chambers
1.02 3.85 Wise Blood de Flannery O'Connor
1.02 3.77 The Dance of the Dissident Daughter: A Woman's Journey from Christian Tradition to the Sacred Feminine de Sue Monk Kidd
1.019 3.68 Loving de Karen Kingsbury
1.018 3.77 Bad Girls of the Bible and What We Can Learn From Them de Liz Curtis Higgs
1.018 3.54 The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience, Why Are Christians Living Just Like the Rest of the World? de Ronald J. Sider
1.018 3.68 Lady Maybe de Julie Klassen
1.016 3.53 The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization de Thomas L. Friedman
1.015 3.75 Eyes Wide Open de Ted Dekker
1.015 4.04 Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs de Emerson Eggerichs
1.015 3.2 The Sight of the Stars de Belva Plain
1.013 3.85 Thunder of Heaven de Ted Dekker
1.012 3.89 White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism de Robin DiAngelo
1.011 3.9 The Locket: A Novel de Richard Paul Evans
1.011 3.94 When Heaven Weeps de Ted Dekker
1.011 3.77 White Chocolate Moments de Lori Wick
1.009 3.81 Spring's Renewal de Shelley Shepard Gray
1.009 4.05 The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom de Henri J. M. Nouwen
1.009 3.74 One More River to Cross de Jane Kirkpatrick
1.009 4.08 Divine de Karen Kingsbury
1.009 4.02 An Unstoppable Force: Daring to Become the Church God Had in Mind de Erwin Raphael McManus
1.009 3.82 The Book of God de Walter Wangerin
1.009 3.7 Without a Trace de Colleen Coble
1.008 3.82 Coral Moon de Brandilyn Collins
1.007 3.93 Housekeeping de Marilynne Robinson
1.005 3.73 Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them de John Ortberg
1.004 3.62 Handbook of Denominations in the United States de Frank S. Mead
1.004 3.96 Learning de Karen Kingsbury
1.003 3.77 Bittersweet (California Historical Series #2) de Cathy Marie Hake
1.003 4.09 False Witness de Randy D. Singer
1.003 3.69 The Redemption of Sarah Cain de Beverly Lewis
1.002 3.99 Out of the Saltshaker and into the World: Evangelism As a Way of Life de Rebecca Manley Pippert
1.002 3.82 The Choice de Nicholas Sparks
1.001 3.74 The Time Keeper de Mitch Albom
1 4.08 The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands de Lysa TerKeurst
0.999 4.14 Just Above a Whisper (Tucker Mills Trilogy, Book 2) de Lori Wick
0.999 3.89 Who Stole My Church?: What to Do When the Church You Love Tries to Enter the 21st Century de Gordon MacDonald
0.998 3.62 Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books de Azar Nafisi
0.998 3.76 Mount Vernon Love Story: A Novel of George and Martha Washington de Mary Higgins Clark
0.998 3.76 Balm de Dolen Perkins-Valdez
0.997 3.94 Flannery: A Life of Flannery O'Connor de Brad Gooch
0.997 3.91 The Varieties of Religious Experience de William James
0.997 4 Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe de Max Lucado
0.996 4.03 Peace Like a River de Leif Enger
0.996 3.96 Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine de Max Lucado
0.995 3.5 Any Minute de Joyce Meyer
0.995 3.71 Forgiven de Shelley Shepard Gray
0.994 3.61 The Rising: Antichrist Is Born de Tim LaHaye
0.994 3.78 Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ de Lew Wallace
0.993 3.94 Leota's Garden de Francine Rivers
0.993 3.95 The Proposal de Lori Wick
0.993 3.92 Murder Is No Accident de A. H. Gabhart
0.992 3.85 Hope Harbor de Irene Hannon
0.992 3.88 Firstlight: The Early Inspirational Writings of Sue Monk Kidd de Sue Monk Kidd
0.992 4.11 Dying Well de Ira Byock MD
0.992 3.66 Daughter of Joy de Kathleen Morgan
0.991 3.96 Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ de John Piper
0.991 4.17 Hearts of Fire: Eight Women in the Underground Church and Their Stories of Costly Faith de Voice of the Martyr
0.991 4.28 Shadows of Lancaster County de Mindy Starns Clark
0.991 3.63 The Last Days According to Jesus de R. C. Sproul
0.991 4 Deeper Water de Robert Whitlow
0.99 3.85 Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics de Tim Marshall
0.99 4.23 Harvest of Rubies de Tessa Afshar
0.989 3.94 Same Kind of Different As Me: A Modern-Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together de Ron Hall
0.989 3.51 Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy de Anne Lamott
0.989 2.79 Love Me If You Must (Patricia Amble Mystery Series #1) de Nicole Young
0.989 3.88 Full Disclosure de Dee Henderson
0.989 4 Thorn in My Heart de Liz Curtis Higgs
0.988 3.67 Know Why You Believe de Paul E. Little
0.988 3.76 Bread for the Journey: A Daybook of Wisdom and Faith de Henri J. M. Nouwen
0.988 4.17 Making All Things New: An Invitation to the Spiritual Life de Henri J. M. Nouwen
0.988 3.79 The Girl From the Train de Irma Joubert
0.987 3.44 Crooked Little Heart de Anne Lamott
0.987 4.04 Truth Stained Lies (Moonlighters Series) de Terri Blackstock
0.986 3.83 A Merry Heart de Wanda E. Brunstetter
0.985 3.89 A Day to Pick Your Own Cotton de Michael Phillips
0.985 4.11 Daughter of the Loom de Tracie Peterson
0.985 3.87 The Choosing de Rachelle Dekker
0.985 4.32 The Passion of the Christ [2004 film] de Mel Gibson
0.985 3.89 Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture de Adam S. McHugh
0.985 4.05 Cast of Characters: Common People in the Hands of an Uncommon God de Max Lucado
0.985 3.73 Dewey : el gatet de biblioteca que va commoure el món de Vicki Myron
0.985 3.94 At Home in Mitford de Jan Karon
0.984 3.98 Plora, pàtria estimada de Alan Paton
0.983 3.6 Ride with Me, Mariah Montana de Ivan Doig
0.982 3.72 Where the Past Begins: A Writer's Memoir de Amy Tan
0.982 3.49 The Dancing Master de Julie Klassen
0.981 3.93 Take One de Karen Kingsbury
0.981 4.03 The Red Tent de Anita Diamant
0.981 3.95 Here Burns My Candle de Liz Curtis Higgs
0.981 3.32 Nights of Rain and Stars de Maeve Binchy
0.981 3.95 Leaving de Karen Kingsbury
0.981 3.83 Love Must Be Tough de James C. Dobson
0.98 4.06 Fireproof: Novelization de Eric Wilson
0.979 3.93 Winter Garden de Kristin Hannah
0.979 4.01 The Last Sin Eater de Francine Rivers
0.979 3.39 A Map of Betrayal de Ha Jin
0.979 4.09 Love Comes Softly de Janette Oke
0.979 4.02 A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War: How J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis Rediscovered Faith, Friendship, and Heroism in the Cataclysm of 1914–1918 de Joseph Loconte
0.978 3.81 unChristian de David Kinnaman
0.977 3.54 Forbidden de Ted Dekker
0.976 3.3 Friendship Cake de Lynne Hinton
0.976 3.2 Growing Up Amish: A Memoir de Ira Wagler
0.976 3.99 Their Eyes Were Watching God de Zora Neale Hurston
0.976 4.02 L'Última lliçó de Randy Pausch
0.975 3.73 Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming de Paul Hawken
0.975 4.3 The Pastor: A Memoir de Eugene H. Peterson
0.975 4.03 Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk about God's Deliverance de Beth Moore
0.975 4.03 Blood Brothers de Elias Chacour
0.974 3.48 The Affectionate Adversary de Catherine Palmer
0.974 3.94 How to Read the Bible Book by Book: A Guided Tour de Gordon D. Fee
0.974 4.04 Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free de Nancy Leigh DeMoss
0.974 3.66 Jessie de Lori Wick
0.974 3.94 How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think de Andy Andrews
0.974 4.05 Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream de David Platt
0.973 3.98 Girl Meets God: On the Path to a Spiritual Life de Lauren F. Winner
0.973 3.81 The Book of Hours de T. Davis Bunn
0.973 3.27 Crossroads de Belva Plain
0.973 3.39 A Soft Place to Land de Susan Rebecca White
0.972 3.95 Quo Vadis de Henryk Sienkiewicz
0.972 4.04 Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God de Francis Chan
0.972 4.09 Seven Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness de Eric Metaxas
0.972 3.76 Tot se'n va en orris de Chinua Achebe
0.971 3.82 Care of the Soul : A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life de Thomas Moore
0.97 3.91 A Common Life de Jan Karon
0.97 3.99 Oceans Apart de Karen Kingsbury
0.969 4.12 When Crickets Cry de Charles Martin
0.969 3.92 Israel, My Beloved de Kay Arthur
0.968 4.17 Whispers of Winter de Tracie Peterson
0.968 3.71 In the Company of Others de Jan Karon
0.968 3.74 Perfect Match de Jodi Picoult
0.967 3.52 A Flickering Light de Jane Kirkpatrick
0.967 3.67 The Greatest Generation de Tom Brokaw
0.966 3.68 The First Phone Call from Heaven de Mitch Albom
0.966 4.14 Grace in Thine Eyes de Liz Curtis Higgs
0.966 4.04 The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Caught de Neta Jackson
0.965 4 The Visitor de Lori Wick
0.965 4.09 The Merck Manual of Medical Information, Home Edition de Mark H. Beers
0.965 3.7 Grief de Andrew Holleran
0.965 4.01 Messy Spirituality de Mike Yaconelli
0.965 3.77 The Book of Revelation de Robert H. Mounce
0.965 3.98 And the Shofar Blew de Francine Rivers
0.964 3.79 The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief de Francis S. Collins
0.964 3.53 Lenten Lands: My Childhood with Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis de Douglas H. Gresham
0.964 3.96 The Five Love Languages de Gary Chapman
0.964 4.01 Streams of Living Water: Celebrating the Great Traditions of Christian Faith de Richard J. Foster
0.964 3.91 The Life You've Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People (Expanded and Adapted for Small Groups) de John Ortberg
0.963 3.92 Evil and the Justice of God de N. T. Wright
0.962 3.13 A Very Private Grave (The Monastery Murders) de Donna Fletcher Crow
0.961 3.74 My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey de Jill Bolte Taylor
0.961 4.03 Last Light de Terri Blackstock
0.961 3.62 Say You're One of Them de Uwem Akpan
0.959 3.92 Where Yesterday Lives de Karen Kingsbury
0.959 3.73 Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours de Kevin Leman
0.958 3.41 Pharaoh's Daughter: A Novel of Ancient Egypt de Julius Lester
0.958 3.94 Epic: The Story God is Telling and the Role That is Yours to Play de John Eldredge
0.958 4.08 Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind de Joyce Meyer
0.957 3.73 Run with the Horses: The Quest for Life at Its Best de Eugene H. Peterson
0.956 3.94 Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life de C. S. Lewis
0.956 3.75 The Last Days de Joel C. Rosenberg
0.956 3.88 This Side of Heaven de Karen Kingsbury
0.955 3.93 The Apostle: A Life of Paul de John Pollock
0.955 4.04 A Place Called Home de Lori Wick
0.955 4.19 Chasing Fireflies: A Novel of Discovery de Charles Martin
0.954 3.81 House Rules de Jodi Picoult
0.954 3.99 Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose de Robin McGraw
0.952 3.73 La Primera Agència de dones detectives de Alexander McCall Smith
0.952 4.06 A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life de Donald Miller
0.952 3.7 Through Painted Deserts: Light, God, and Beauty on the Open Road de Donald Miller
0.951 4.18 A Time to Embrace de Karen Kingsbury
0.95 4.05 Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan de Greg Mortenson
0.95 4.02 The Good Earth de Pearl S. Buck
0.95 4.13 Everything She Didn't Say de Jane Kirkpatrick
0.95 3.85 The Englisher de Beverly Lewis
0.95 3.77 Four Views on the Book of Revelation de C. Marvin Pate
0.949 3.76 Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don't Deserve de Lewis B. Smedes
0.949 4.15 The Sparrow de Mary Doria Russell
0.949 4.06 The Passion of Jesus Christ: Fifty Reasons Why He Came to Die de John Piper
0.949 3.97 Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters : Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon (For Everyone) de Tom Wright
0.948 4.1 Traveling Light: Releasing the Burdens You Were Never Intended to Bear de Max Lucado
0.948 3.87 A Poetry Handbook: A Prose Guide to Understanding and Writing Poetry de Mary Oliver
0.948 3.86 No Wonder They Call Him the Savior de Max Lucado
0.948 3.61 Muffins and Mayhem: Recipes for a Happy (if Disorderly) Life de Suzanne Beecher
0.947 3.85 Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections between Sexuality and Spirituality de Rob Bell
0.947 3.96 El mar que nos rodea de Rachel Carson
0.947 4.14 Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good de Jan Karon
0.946 3.65 Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing As We Age de Mary Pipher
0.946 3.66 Surviving Schizophrenia: A Manual for Families, Patients, and Providers de E. Fuller Torrey
0.946 3.63 It's All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life de Denise Jackson
0.946 4.11 Renovation of the heart : putting on the character of Christ de Dallas Willard
0.945 3.99 A Year of Biblical Womanhood de Rachel Held Evans
0.945 4.01 Whispers (Glenbrooke, Book 2) de Robin Jones Gunn
0.944 3.8 The Purpose of Christmas de Rick Warren
0.944 3.79 Leap Over a Wall: Earthy Spirituality for Everyday Christians de Eugene H. Peterson
0.944 4.11 A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Discipleship in an Instant Society de Eugene H. Peterson
0.944 3.68 A Sister's Secret de Wanda E. Brunstetter
0.943 4.17 The Complete Works of E. M. Bounds on Prayer de E. M. Bounds
0.943 4.22 The Secret of Pembrooke Park de Julie Klassen
0.943 4.26 Almost Heaven de Chris Fabry
0.943 3.93 The Letter de Richard Paul Evans
0.942 3.63 To Love Anew de Bonnie Leon
0.942 4.01 Clouds de Robin Jones Gunn
0.941 4.31 Heretics/Orthodoxy (Nelson's Royal Classics) de G. K. Chesterton
0.941 4.03 Marley & Me de John Grogan
0.941 3.82 Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace de Anne Lamott
0.94 3.83 Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic de John de Graaf
0.939 4.12 The Screwtape Letters / Screwtape Proposes a Toast de C. S. Lewis
0.939 4.26 One Tuesday Morning de Karen Kingsbury
0.938 3.67 Another Country: Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Our Elders de Mary Pipher
0.937 4 Shepherds Abiding de Jan Karon
0.937 3.71 Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America de Thomas L. Friedman
0.936 4.09 The Spirit of the Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives de Dallas Willard
0.936 4.03 When the Heart Waits: Spiritual Direction for Life's Sacred Questions de Sue Monk Kidd
0.936 3.88 The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill de Julie Klassen
0.936 3.85 A Promise for Ellie de Lauraine Snelling
0.936 4.06 The Orphan Master's Son de Adam Johnson
0.936 4.16 Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World de Eric Metaxas
0.936 3.18 Emma de Alexander McCall Smith
0.935 4.29 Sunrise de Karen Kingsbury
0.935 3.6 Bucking the Sun de Ivan Doig
0.935 4.25 Pearl in the Sand: A Novel de Tessa Afshar
0.935 4.03 Twelve Ordinary Men: How the Master Shaped His Disciples for Greatness, and What He Wants to Do with You de John MacArthur
0.935 3.56 Bold Spirit: Helga Estby's Forgotten Walk Across Victorian America de Linda Hunt
0.935 4.1 The Screwtape Letters de C. S. Lewis
0.935 4.41 Redeeming Love de Francine Rivers
0.934 3.82 The Dead Sea Scrolls de Géza Vermes
0.934 4.01 Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas de Dietrich Bonhoeffer
0.934 3.81 The Judgment de Beverly Lewis
0.934 4.07 Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World de Max Lucado
0.933 3.76 Rumors of Another World: What on Earth Are We Missing? de Philip Yancey
0.932 4.01 Son of Hamas: A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices de Mosab Hassan Yousef
0.932 3.83 Twenty Wishes de Debbie Macomber
0.932 3.9 Too Busy Not to Pray de Bill Hybels
0.932 3.85 Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage de Kevin Leman
0.931 3.94 Next Door Savior: Near Enough to Touch, Strong Enough to Trust de Max Lucado
0.931 4.16 True Light de Terri Blackstock
0.931 3.79 Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith de Anne Lamott
0.931 3.9 God Came Near: Chronicles of the Christ de Max Lucado
0.93 3.48 Wanted de Shelley Shepard Gray
0.93 4.04 A Bride in the Bargain de Deeanne Gist
0.93 4 David: A Man of Passion & Destiny de Charles R. Swindoll
0.929 4.04 Born Again de Charles W. Colson
0.929 4.2 El Retorn del fill pròdig : una història de tornada a casa de Henri J. M. Nouwen
0.929 4.15 Generous Justice: How God's Grace Makes Us Just de Timothy Keller
0.928 3.48 Don't Go de Lisa Scottoline
0.928 3.7 Another Homecoming de Janette Oke
0.927 3.79 Desire of the Everlasting Hills de Thomas Cahill
0.926 3.67 A Name of Her Own de Jane Kirkpatrick
0.926 3.79 Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckly: The Remarkable Story of the Friendship Between a First Lady and a Former Slave de Jennifer Fleischner
0.926 3.75 Rediscovering God in America: Reflections on the Role of Faith in Our Nation's History and Future de Newt Gingrich
0.926 4.16 Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion de Sara Miles
0.926 3.36 Silent Night de Mary Higgins Clark
0.926 4 The Color of Your Skin Ain't the Color of Your Heart de Michael Phillips
0.926 3.87 Echoes de Kristen Heitzmann
0.926 3.57 The Dark Tower and Other Stories de C. S. Lewis
0.925 3.85 The Applause of Heaven de Max Lucado
0.925 4.35 Mary Emma & Company de Ralph Moody
0.925 3.92 Olive Kitteridge de Elizabeth Strout
0.924 3.71 The Pilgrim's Regress: An Allegorical Apology for Christianity Reason and Romanticism de C. S. Lewis
0.924 4.13 Calm My Anxious Heart: A Woman's Guide to Finding Contentment de Linda Dillow
0.923 4.19 La Bíblia de l'arbre del verí de Barbara Kingsolver
0.923 3.67 Keeping Faith de Jodi Picoult
0.922 3.87 The Great House Of God: A Home for Your Heart de Max Lucado
0.922 3.29 Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker de Jennifer Chiaverini
0.922 3.88 El tron de plata de C. S. Lewis
0.921 3.77 The Priest: Aaron de Francine Rivers
0.921 4.19 The Confident Woman: Start Today Living Boldly and Without Fear de Joyce Meyer
0.921 3.96 The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are de Brene Brown
0.921 4.15 Now and Then de Frederick Buechner
0.92 3.65 Ashes and Ice de Tracie Peterson
0.92 4.12 The Rescue de Lori Wick
0.92 3.89 Lady of Milkweed Manor de Julie Klassen
0.92 4.13 Dawn's Light de Terri Blackstock
0.919 3.84 My Hands Came Away Red de Lisa McKay
0.918 4.19 Traces of Guilt de Dee Henderson
0.918 3.89 Timepiece de Richard Paul Evans
0.917 3.75 Behind the Scenes: or, Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House de Elizabeth Keckley
0.917 3.57 The Perfect Summer de Luanne Rice
0.917 4.06 Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace de Miroslav Volf
0.916 3.94 Summerhill Secrets, Volume 1: Whispers Down the Lane/Secret in the Willows/Catch a Falling Star/Night of the Fireflies/A Cry in the Dark (Summerhill Secrets 1-5) de Beverly Lewis
0.916 3.97 Sarah's Key de Tatiana de Rosnay
0.915 3.9 Pope Joan de Donna Woolfolk Cross
0.915 3.82 The Sea Runners de Ivan Doig
0.915 4.07 How to Read a Poem: And Fall in Love with Poetry de Edward Hirsch
0.914 3.65 The Brotherhood (Precinct 11) de Jerry B. Jenkins
0.913 3.95 Summer of the Midnight Sun de Tracie Peterson
0.913 4.02 Disappointment with God de Philip Yancey
0.912 3.76 The Tortilla Curtain de T. Coraghessan Boyle
0.912 3.85 The Pursuit de Lori Wick
0.911 3.87 The Preacher's Daughter de Beverly Lewis
0.911 4.26 Mere Christianity de C. S. Lewis
0.911 4.11 Little Women / Good Wives de Louisa May Alcott
0.911 3.82 Ruby de Lauraine Snelling
0.911 3.94 The Problem of Pain de C. S. Lewis
0.91 3.87 El príncep Caspian de C. S. Lewis