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What Are You Reading Now?What Are You Reading Now?What are you reading the week of June 19, 2021?5 no llegits / 5rocketjk, Avui 12:52pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Ursula Is ... Back? (Part 2)17 no llegits / 17ursula, Avui 12:51pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021dchaikin part 2 - getting a little lost out here178 no llegits / 178labfs39, Avui 12:51pm
Combiners!Combiners!Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? Edition vs Work1 no llegit / 1aspirit, Avui 12:48pm
Talk about LibraryThingTalk about LibraryThingWhat is the record number of LT members on line at any one time? - Part 29413 no llegits / 13etrainer, Avui 12:46pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021LovingLit hits the books | thread 2161 no llegits / 161richardderus, Avui 12:44pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeMay RandomCat - Let's Play Monopoly!72 no llegits / 72Jackie_K, Avui 12:41pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Laura (lauralkeet)'s 75 in 2021 - Part 4272 no llegits / 272lauralkeet, Avui 12:40pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeJackie's 2021 Jar of Fate category challenge200 no llegits / 200Jackie_K, Avui 12:40pm
Name that BookName that BookFound: Whale rotting on the beach- teenagers keep going to look at it-maybe it explodes?4 no llegits / 4TuxedoCat, Avui 12:39pm
2021 ROOT CHALLENGE2021 ROOT CHALLENGEJUNE ROOT - Progress Thread36 no llegits / 36Jackie_K, Avui 12:39pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Bragan Reads Right on Through It in 2021, Pt. 2116 no llegits / 116BLBera, Avui 12:39pm
A Quiet Corner, but not a…A Quiet Corner, but not a lonely cornerRuth catches up in 2021141 no llegits / 1412wonderY, Avui 12:37pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Streamsong #3; Mountains; Mountains of Books; and a Critter or Two89 no llegits / 89BLBera, Avui 12:37pm
2021 ROOT CHALLENGE2021 ROOT CHALLENGEJackie's 2021 ROOT thread200 no llegits / 200Jackie_K, Avui 12:36pm
Read it, Track it!Read it, Track it!PICK THREE (3) MINI CHALLENGE - June-20216 no llegits / 6Carol420, Avui 12:36pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Labfs39 resumes reading and reviewing in 2021, Part 273 no llegits / 73labfs39, Avui 12:35pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeHelenliz sends a 2nd postcard225 no llegits / 225spiralsheep, Avui 12:35pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021BLBera's Beth's Reading in 2021 - Chapter 1274 no llegits / 274BLBera, Avui 12:35pm
Folio Society DevoteesFolio Society DevoteesNew Folio LE : Herodotus – The Histories176 no llegits / 176SF-72, Avui 12:33pm
Reading Through TimeReading Through TimeJune 2021: Rewriting the Past93 no llegits / 93spiralsheep, Avui 12:33pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeJune 2021 BingoDog Reads28 no llegits / 28Kristelh, Avui 12:33pm
Fine Press ForumFine Press ForumArion Press - The Nose11 no llegits / 11LBShoreBook, Avui 12:30pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category Challengemstrust's little yet fierce challenge- #2152 no llegits / 152mstrust, Avui 12:29pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeDeltaQueen's 2021 Challenge - Reading Is Like a Box of Chocolates - Part 4203 no llegits / 203DeltaQueen50, Avui 12:28pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021mstrust#3-piece of cake!170 no llegits / 170mstrust, Avui 12:28pm
Folio Society DevoteesFolio Society DevoteesFoundation Back in print in late July.25 no llegits / 25ironjaw, Avui 12:26pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeGeoKIT 2021 (all year): Europe93 no llegits / 93spiralsheep, Avui 12:26pm
Folio Society DevoteesFolio Society DevoteesThe Oracle Speaks29 no llegits / 29ironjaw, Avui 12:24pm
Combiners!Combiners!Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #83188 no llegits / 188scott_beeler, Avui 12:23pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeVivienneR visits Wind in the Willows second trip194 no llegits / 194VivienneR, Avui 12:23pm
Virago Modern ClassicsVirago Modern ClassicsWhich Virago Are you Reading? Part XIX39 no llegits / 39spiralsheep, Avui 12:23pm
Folio Society DevoteesFolio Society DevoteesRidiculous secondary prices for FS books 202172 no llegits / 72ironjaw, Avui 12:21pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021karenmarie: a new normal with lots of books - VII80 no llegits / 80weird_O, Avui 12:19pm
50 Book Challenge50 Book ChallengeTropics' 2021 40 Book Challenge21 no llegits / 21tropics, Avui 12:13pm
The Green DragonThe Green DragonFieldnotes: On Staying Clam & Reading More in 2021 ☽ Part II ☾144 no llegits / 144clamairy, Avui 12:13pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category Challengespiralsheep's GeoKIT and BingoDOG pets, 2021 (part the third)190 no llegits / 190spiralsheep, Avui 12:12pm
George Macy devoteesGeorge Macy devoteesAcquisitions 2021173 no llegits / 173GusLogan, Avui 12:09pm
Fine Press ForumFine Press ForumArion Press vs. LEC Great Gatsby?14 no llegits / 14ultrarightist, Avui 12:07pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeVictoriaPL rejoins the Category Challenge (thread 1)50 no llegits / 50RidgewayGirl, Avui 12:07pm
Fine Press ForumFine Press ForumOT: Centipede Press Golem & Monk3 no llegits / 3MobyRichard, Avui 12:04pm
NeedleartsNeedleartsAvaland's Quilts & other Creative Projects for 2021, PT 248 no llegits / 48sallypursell, Avui 12:03pm
50 Book Challenge50 Book ChallengeSoelo's 40 books in 202122 no llegits / 22soelo, Avui 11:58am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Ellen (EBT1002) reads her way to retirement - 432 no llegits / 32streamsong, Avui 11:54am
Book talkBook talkGuardian top 10 book lists63 no llegits / 63Cynfelyn, Avui 11:47am
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021thorold goes from April to Shantih in Q2 21109 no llegits / 109thorold, Avui 11:42am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Roni Recovers and Reads in 2021: 4rd Edition283 no llegits / 283karenmarie, Avui 11:39am
2021 ROOT CHALLENGE2021 ROOT CHALLENGErosalita ROOTs around in 2021 - page 4178 no llegits / 178karenmarie, Avui 11:37am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Kristel's 75 in 2021.65 no llegits / 65Kristelh, Avui 11:37am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeKatie Reads... and Reads Some More!237 no llegits / 237katiekrug, Avui 11:34am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021RebaRelishesReading in 2021 - #3 nearly summer136 no llegits / 136RebaRelishesReading, Avui 11:31am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Shelley (jessibud2) Will Read Anywhere, chapter 2235 no llegits / 235laytonwoman3rd, Avui 11:30am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Jim (drneutron) Reads: Volume 4117 no llegits / 117katiekrug, Avui 11:30am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Joe's Book Cafe 6 2021260 no llegits / 260streamsong, Avui 11:27am
Fine Press ForumFine Press ForumThe Great Gatsby Suggestions25 no llegits / 25FvS, Avui 11:26am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Katiekrug Reads and Reads and Reads Some More - Part 1171 no llegits / 71katiekrug, Avui 11:21am
Slightly Foxed - An apprec…Slightly Foxed - An appreciationSummer 2021 - Tigers at the Double Lion1 no llegit / 1abbottthomas, Avui 11:09am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeJune GenreCAT: Historical Fiction54 no llegits / 54Kristelh, Avui 11:01am
2021 ROOT CHALLENGE2021 ROOT CHALLENGEKristel's ROOT in 202148 no llegits / 48Kristelh, Avui 11:00am
Science Fiction FansScience Fiction FansOur reads in June 202183 no llegits / 83Stevil2001, Avui 10:43am
2021 ROOT CHALLENGE2021 ROOT CHALLENGEjohnxlibris and his ROOT 2021 goal30 no llegits / 30johnxlibris, Avui 10:37am
AtwoodiansAtwoodiansHandmaid's Tale, Season 4 Discussion (Spoiler Alert, Obviously)35 no llegits / 35nohrt4me2, Avui 10:37am
Non-Fiction ReadersNon-Fiction ReadersMay/June 2021 What books are you reading?50 no llegits / 50SChant, Avui 10:32am
GirlybooksGirlybooksWhat Are We Reading, Page 11139 no llegits / 139SChant, Avui 10:32am
Feminist TheoryFeminist TheoryIn memoriam64 no llegits / 64sparemethecensor, Avui 10:31am
Canadian BookwormsCanadian BookwormsWhat books are we starting 2021 with?160 no llegits / 160LynnB, Avui 10:28am
2021 ROOT CHALLENGE2021 ROOT CHALLENGERobertgreaves ROOTS his way through 2021141 no llegits / 141Robertgreaves, Avui 10:27am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category Challengerabbitprincess stops making sense in 2021, part 2: Making Flippy Floppy110 no llegits / 110Tess_W, Avui 10:25am
50 Book Challenge50 Book ChallengeYuki's reads in 202112 no llegits / 12Yuki-Onna, Avui 10:21am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Amber's (scaifea) Thread #17192 no llegits / 192scaifea, Avui 9:54am
Playing games and solving…Playing games and solving puzzlesAnother Silly Game Part 187184 no llegits / 184Schmerguls, Avui 9:53am
Gardens & BooksGardens & BooksThe Ninth Circle147 no llegits / 147mstrust, Avui 9:52am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Mark's Reading Place: Chapter Ten42 no llegits / 42msf59, Avui 9:48am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021MickyFine Attends the Assembly Rooms in 2021, Sixth Cotillion134 no llegits / 134MickyFine, Avui 9:44am
Centipede PressCentipede PressBooks For Trade20 no llegits / 20astropi, Avui 9:44am
Folio Society DevoteesFolio Society DevoteesOT: Nice and affordable alternatives to Folio100 no llegits / 100Petrichory, Avui 9:34am
Playing games and solving…Playing games and solving puzzlesAlphabet of books you have read - Part 12100 no llegits / 100Schmerguls, Avui 9:31am
Let's Talk ReligionLet's Talk ReligionHobby Lobby, Religious Freedom Laws--Just the Beginning? II102 no llegits / 102margd, Avui 9:28am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeKathy's (kac522) Reading Challenges for 2021129 no llegits / 129rabbitprincess, Avui 9:24am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021SandDune’s Retirement Reads - Part 3211 no llegits / 211BLBera, Avui 9:24am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeRhea's 2021 Challenge 210 no llegits / 10rabbitprincess, Avui 9:23am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeTess Reads in Time and Space Page 365 no llegits / 65rabbitprincess, Avui 9:20am
Talk about LibraryThingTalk about LibraryThing2021 LGBTQ Pride Month Treasure Hunt171 no llegits / 171rretzler, Avui 9:15am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Familyhistorian’s Keeping Positive Thoughts for a Year of Change – Part 5130 no llegits / 130karenmarie, Avui 9:13am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeNickelini's Category Challenge 2021147 no llegits / 147rabbitprincess, Avui 9:09am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Morphy Manifests in 2021 - Part 124 no llegits / 24drneutron, Avui 9:01am
Folio Society DevoteesFolio Society DevoteesOT - Recommendations for translations / editions of ancient Greek plays20 no llegits / 20appaloosaman, Avui 9:01am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Chatterbox Welcomes 2021: Act II75 no llegits / 75drneutron, Avui 8:59am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Mary (bell7) Reads Diversely and Globally in 2021 - thread #4160 no llegits / 160katiekrug, Avui 8:50am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeCharlotte (Charl08) swims with the penguins (4)200 no llegits / 200charl08, Avui 8:40am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021swynn reads stuff in 2021 (2): more stuff129 no llegits / 129scaifea, Avui 8:38am
The Green DragonThe Green DragonGilroy attempts to get back to reading 202158 no llegits / 58gilroy, Avui 8:38am
LibraryThing Treasure Hun…LibraryThing Treasure HuntsPride Treasure Hunt 20214 no llegits / 4lilithcat, Avui 8:16am
Playing games and solving…Playing games and solving puzzlesConstruct a phrase : A 4/5 or 5/4 or any 9-letter phrase (or 9-letter word) -- part 33418 no llegits / 418ghr4, Avui 8:11am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Social Distancing Readathon #66 - June 18 - 2017 no llegits / 17nrmay, Avui 8:00am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021ArlieS's Attempt to Read Half the Local Library in 2021 ;-(98 no llegits / 98FAMeulstee, Avui 7:57am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Lori (thornton37814) Reads 75 + ??? More in 2021 - Thread 3141 no llegits / 141msf59, Avui 7:55am
The Green DragonThe Green DragonPilgrim faces 2021175 no llegits / 175-pilgrim-, Avui 7:51am
Gothic LiteratureGothic LiteraturePhantasmagoria and Haunted Screens: Gothic Films (and more) - Eight116 no llegits / 116alaudacorax, Avui 7:47am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeLori (thornton37814) Watches Birds with Her Fur Boys in 2021 - Thread 342 no llegits / 42thornton37814, Avui 7:37am
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