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Club Read 2021Club Read 2021jjmcgaffey's Reading in 2021161 no llegits / 161jjmcgaffey, Avui 2:14am
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Covid Update -- February194 no llegits / 194dianeham, Avui 2:13am
Talk about LibraryThingTalk about LibraryThingMay List of the Month: Must-Read Maine10 no llegits / 10Maddz, Avui 2:09am
Pro and ConPro and ConDealing with the dishonorable and the inconvenient182 no llegits / 182John5918, Avui 2:03am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeJayneCM Feels At Home In 2021171 no llegits / 171JayneCM, Avui 2:02am
Pro and ConPro and ConUS Election Unleashes Bigots & Bullies (4)145 no llegits / 145margd, Avui 1:57am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeDeltaQueen's 2021 Challenge - Reading Is Like a Box of Chocolates - Part 478 no llegits / 78pamelad, Avui 1:34am
A Quiet Corner, but not a…A Quiet Corner, but not a lonely cornerRefreshments54 no llegits / 54MarthaJeanne, Avui 1:26am
Folio Society DevoteesFolio Society DevoteesRidiculous secondary prices for FS books 202137 no llegits / 37wcarter, Avui 1:23am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Roni Recovers and Reads in 2021: 4rd Edition99 no llegits / 99jjmcgaffey, Avui 1:19am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Familyhistorian’s Keeping Positive Thoughts for a Year of Change – Part 4157 no llegits / 157Familyhistorian, Avui 1:18am
Manga and Anime AddictsManga and Anime AddictsMy school has everything blocked :( and i cant find either a manga ebook site or animesite Help?211 no llegits / 211AnAnimeWeeb, Avui 1:17am
Movie Lovers Plus 2Movie Lovers Plus 2TV TIME in MAY 20215 no llegits / 5aussieh, Avui 12:55am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Ursula Is ... Back?176 no llegits / 176ursula, Avui 12:42am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 20212021*2: Lizzie Reads with New Hope95 no llegits / 95LizzieD, Avui 12:38am
Name that BookName that BookBook about a blind lighthouse keeper's daughter2 no llegits / 2MissSquish, Avui 12:30am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Humouress in 2021; 2021 vision, the new normal (thread 2)102 no llegits / 102humouress, Avui 12:22am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Joe's Book Cafe 5 2021251 no llegits / 251humouress, Avui 12:16am
Easton Press CollectorsEaston Press CollectorsKURT VONNEGUT: THE MASTERPIECES DLE55 no llegits / 55treereader, Avui 12:16am
Name that BookName that BookYA Fantasy about a bad wizard26 no llegits / 26Kayter, Avui 12:11am
Pro and ConPro and ConSARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 (21)47 no llegits / 47John5918, Avui 12:06am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeMay 2021 BingoDog Reads30 no llegits / 30pamelad, Avui 12:00am
1001 Books to read before…1001 Books to read before you dieYells attempt to read more - part 394 no llegits / 94Yells, Avui 12:00am
Folio Society DevoteesFolio Society DevoteesSummer 2021 - Folio Collection295 no llegits / 295Soup811, Ahir 11:55pm
Readers Over SixtyReaders Over SixtyYou know you're a book addict when.....42 no llegits / 42John5918, Ahir 11:54pm
One Book One ThreadOne Book One ThreadGroup read: The Communist Manifesto (1848)52 no llegits / 52John5918, Ahir 11:52pm
Gardens & BooksGardens & BooksKarspeak's (Karen's) Gardening...19 no llegits / 19karspeak, Ahir 11:38pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021WHAT ARE YOU READING? - Part 466 no llegits / 66dianeham, Ahir 11:34pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021The 2021 Nonfiction Challenge Part V: Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?27 no llegits / 27karspeak, Ahir 11:34pm
Talk about LibraryThingTalk about LibraryThingWhat is the record number of LT members on line at any one time? - Part 292200 no llegits / 200etrainer, Ahir 11:32pm
Folio Society DevoteesFolio Society DevoteesFolio Society gothic horror collections - Misery4 no llegits / 4wcarter, Ahir 11:27pm
The Green DragonThe Green DragonMAY-be MAY-gnificent, MAY-be MAY-hem53 no llegits / 53NorthernStar, Ahir 11:14pm
World MusicWorld Musichayes carll - Sake of the Song2 no llegits / 2elenchus, Ahir 11:12pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021dchaikin part 2 - getting a little lost out here112 no llegits / 112sallypursell, Ahir 11:10pm
The Green DragonThe Green DragonThe New How To Do Fancy Things In Your Posts Thread234 no llegits / 234humouress, Ahir 11:09pm
Science Fiction FansScience Fiction FansThe Gulf between SF and Fantasy? Movies 20216 no llegits / 6Karlstar, Ahir 11:02pm
Science Fiction FansScience Fiction FansOur reads in May 202134 no llegits / 34Karlstar, Ahir 11:00pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021hredwards 2021 List Two57 no llegits / 57hredwards, Ahir 10:53pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021SandDune’s Retirement Reads - Part 396 no llegits / 96SandyAMcPherson, Ahir 10:47pm
Bug CollectorsBug CollectorsBlank tagmashes8 no llegits / 8norabelle414, Ahir 10:46pm
100 Books in 2021 Challeng…100 Books in 2021 Challenge!Bryan reads 120 books in 2021.37 no llegits / 37bryanoz, Ahir 10:41pm
Bug CollectorsBug CollectorsCan't post a comment35 no llegits / 35jjwilson61, Ahir 10:40pm
2021 BIG FAT BOOK CHALLEN…2021 BIG FAT BOOK CHALLENGEBryan's Big Books 2021.26 no llegits / 26bryanoz, Ahir 10:38pm
Hobnob with AuthorsHobnob with AuthorsAuthors, what are you working on? (Part II)12 no llegits / 12paradoxosalpha, Ahir 10:38pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Laytonwoman3rd Settles into SPRING! Second Quarter 202197 no llegits / 97laytonwoman3rd, Ahir 10:37pm
2021 BIG FAT BOOK CHALLEN…2021 BIG FAT BOOK CHALLENGE2021 BIG FAT BOOKS RUNNING TOTAL.108 no llegits / 108bryanoz, Ahir 10:34pm
Read it, Track it!Read it, Track it!What Are We Reading and Reviewing in May 2021?26 no llegits / 26LibraryCin, Ahir 10:33pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeMay GenreCAT: Short Stories and/or Essays39 no llegits / 39lowelibrary, Ahir 10:29pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Penny Reads 2021107 no llegits / 107pmarshall, Ahir 10:28pm
Hobnob with AuthorsHobnob with AuthorsSerialization Pros and Cons8 no llegits / 8LShelby, Ahir 10:25pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeSally Lou's reading in 202180 no llegits / 80sallylou61, Ahir 10:23pm
What did YOU buy today?What did YOU buy today?What did YOU buy today? May 20218 no llegits / 8varielle, Ahir 10:19pm
Folio Society DevoteesFolio Society Devotees2000th Member4 no llegits / 4Sorion, Ahir 10:18pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Karen Carries On37 no llegits / 37karspeak, Ahir 10:16pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Diane's up all night reading53 no llegits / 53dianeham, Ahir 10:12pm
What did YOU buy today?What did YOU buy today?What did YOU buy today? April 202111 no llegits / 11varielle, Ahir 10:12pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeGeoKIT 2021 (all year): Europe72 no llegits / 72sallylou61, Ahir 10:06pm
Gothic LiteratureGothic LiteratureOT - Treasures, or possibly interesting items in our collections188 no llegits / 188LolaWalser, Ahir 10:03pm
The Green DragonThe Green DragonKarlstar reads more in 2021 Part the Second101 no llegits / 101Karlstar, Ahir 10:01pm
Hobnob with AuthorsHobnob with AuthorsI will review your books15 no llegits / 15LShelby, Ahir 10:01pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeLiz M - NYC and me170 no llegits / 170katiekrug, Ahir 10:00pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Laura (lauralkeet)'s 75 in 2021 - Part 4100 no llegits / 100SandyAMcPherson, Ahir 9:55pm
Hobnob with AuthorsHobnob with AuthorsCharacters with Cosmic Powers23 no llegits / 23LShelby, Ahir 9:54pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021LW's clubbable 2021210 no llegits / 210LolaWalser, Ahir 9:50pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021karenmarie: a new normal with lots of books - VI53 no llegits / 53quondame, Ahir 9:43pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021SassyLassy Steadfastly Stumbling Along155 no llegits / 155dchaikin, Ahir 9:43pm
Readers Over SixtyReaders Over SixtyWe are Not a Political Debate Group! ALL MEMBERS READ!14 no llegits / 14terriks, Ahir 9:43pm
Hobnob with AuthorsHobnob with AuthorsAuthor Introductions 202175 no llegits / 75LShelby, Ahir 9:39pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Cariola is Back with Reading Adventure for 202144 no llegits / 44dchaikin, Ahir 9:32pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021PAUL C'S SECOND HOME - PART 12154 no llegits / 154PaulCranswick, Ahir 9:22pm
Book talkBook talkAny ideas on how to alter incorrect 'Work Details'?3 no llegits / 3lilithcat, Ahir 9:19pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Lori (thornton37814) Reads 75 + ??? More in 2021 - Thread 398 no llegits / 98thornton37814, Ahir 9:18pm
Book talkBook talkExploring Books Through Articles, Reviews, Announcements, & Lists 2021-247 no llegits / 47featherbear, Ahir 9:17pm
Name that BookName that BookYA/Teen Diary style book1 no llegit / 1wlfgnG99, Ahir 9:06pm
The Green DragonThe Green DragonFieldnotes: On Staying Clam & Reading More in 2021 ☽ Part II ☾84 no llegits / 84clamairy, Ahir 9:03pm
Easton Press CollectorsEaston Press CollectorsHow important is the translation selected for a fine press book?12 no llegits / 12Eumnestes, Ahir 8:57pm
Easton Press CollectorsEaston Press CollectorsThe Book of Genesis - Item 3766 (288 USD)13 no llegits / 13GOBOGIE, Ahir 8:56pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Katiekrug Reads and Reads and Reads Some More - Part 992 no llegits / 92bell7, Ahir 8:39pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021ArlieS's Attempt to Read Half the Local Library in 2021 ;-(75 no llegits / 75ArlieS, Ahir 8:39pm
Playing games and solving…Playing games and solving puzzlesConstruct a phrase : A 4/5 or 5/4 or any 9-letter phrase (or 9-letter word) -- part 33197 no llegits / 197ghr4, Ahir 8:32pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Mary (bell7) Reads Diversely and Globally in 2021 - thread #3195 no llegits / 195bell7, Ahir 8:29pm
What Are You Reading Now?What Are You Reading Now?What are you reading the week of May 8, 2021?20 no llegits / 20LyndaInOregon, Ahir 8:21pm
Virago Modern ClassicsVirago Modern ClassicsMargaret Oliphant's Chronicles of Carlingford 2: The Doctor's Family44 no llegits / 44NinieB, Ahir 8:18pm
NeedleartsNeedleartsBetty's (dudes22) 2021 Quilt Fest194 no llegits / 194dudes22, Ahir 8:03pm
Bug CollectorsBug Collectorscant post, and touchstones dont work1 no llegit / 1cindydavid4, Ahir 8:03pm
Name that BookName that BookUnknown title of novel1 no llegit / 1OLUWATISE1997, Ahir 8:02pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021swynn reads stuff in 2021 (2): more stuff86 no llegits / 86BLBera, Ahir 7:54pm
Used BooksUsed BooksRIP - Death of a Used Bookstore48 no llegits / 48LamSon, Ahir 7:47pm
Gardens & BooksGardens & BooksClean slate gardening in Kentucky147 no llegits / 1472wonderY, Ahir 7:44pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeCora's 2021 Challenge87 no llegits / 87Cora-R, Ahir 7:42pm
NeedleartsNeedleartsAvaland's Quilts and other Creative Projects for 2021200 no llegits / 200avaland, Ahir 7:40pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeVivienneR visits Wind in the Willows second trip100 no llegits / 100VivienneR, Ahir 7:32pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021klobrien2 Karen O's Book-a-Rama 2021127 no llegits / 127klobrien2, Ahir 7:32pm
Non-Fiction ReadersNon-Fiction ReadersMay/June 2021 What books are you reading?11 no llegits / 11WilliamMelden, Ahir 7:21pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Cat's Reading Adventure 20219 no llegits / 9avaland, Ahir 7:19pm
Book talkBook talkI need unblocked manga sites please1 no llegit / 1aanniimmee, Ahir 7:19pm
Bug CollectorsBug Collectorshow to delete a pix from my junk drawer2 no llegits / 2lilithcat, Ahir 7:18pm
Name that BookName that BookTrying to recall books from Irish Fantasy3 no llegits / 3curioussquared, Ahir 7:16pm
Off-topicOff-topicTPBM 109 - A PT boat and a dead president; that's all I got3 no llegits / 3WholeHouseLibrary, Ahir 7:15pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Sandy's 2021 Reading Odyssey ~ #3 ~37 no llegits / 37fuzzi, Ahir 7:13pm
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