The Belmont Doubles

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The Belmont Doubles

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Editat: abr. 3, 2007, 10:23pm

LTer 'bluetyson' posted a query on the "SF Fans" Group about one of the Belmont Doubles. (Belmont was a minor paperback publisher in the 1960-70s. I think they eventually merged with Tower Books.) The Belmont Doubles were a short series of two SF novellas printed together - they weren't true 'flip' books.

In looking up the answer to bluetyson's question, I seem to have worked up a definitive(?) list of all ten "Belmont (SF) Doubles", which I'm posting here.
(Belmont also issued a few non-sf 'doubles' - a western a gothic, etc.)

Here are the ten Belmont (SF) Doubles that I know of:

Blish/Silverberg: Giants in the Earth/We,The Marauders 92-612 Jan 65
Carter, Lin /Neville, Kris: Flame of Iridar / Peril of the Starmen B50-759 May 1967
Harlan Ellison / Lee Hoffman: Doomsman / Telepower B50-779 Aug. 1967
Neville, Kris /van Arnam, Dave: Special Delivery / Star Gladiator B50-788 Oct 1967
Carter, Lin / Long, Frank Belknap: Thief of Thoth/And Others Shall Be Born B50-809 Jan 1968
Tenn, William /van Arnam, Dave: Lamp for Medusa / Players of Hell B60-077 June 1968
Robert Bloch / R. Bloch: Ladies' Day / This Crowded Earth B60-080 Aug 1968
Brunner, John / Duncan, Bruce: Father of Lies / Mirror Image B60-081 Oct 68
Brunner, John / Carter, Lin: The Evil That Men Do / Purloined Planet B60-1010 May 1969
Carter, Lin / Harlan Ellison: Thief of Thoth/ Doomsman BT50244 July 1972

abr. 12, 2008, 8:31pm

Hey, I have three of those!

Editat: maig 10, 2008, 7:16am

I've only come across 2 Belmont Doubles in my stacks so far.

(I edited out the rest as it referred to TOR doubles and I found another thread that went into them at length).