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Quality control?

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feb. 17, 2011, 1:44 pm

Has any one else noticed that in the past few months (maybe longer, but this is the earliest I've noticed) perfectly new editions of Penguin Classics have been showing up, from e-tailers like Amazon, with their spines outrageously bent at bizzare angles, covers full of indentations, etc? I've noticed this, though not as awful (but still annoying!) on Oxford World's Classics editions, too. It's more than a little annoying. I've returned something like twelve Penguin Classics and OWC in the last two months! Actually, I haven't gotten a single one that hasn't had this 'damage.'

Am I crazy, or getting a bad batch or something? Or is this, like...the new face of my beloved Penguin Classics? It's annoying, because whenever I buy a Signet or Dover or something, they're always perfect (for what they are). PC and OWC are supposed to be a small notch above the standard 'thrift' edition. For twelve dollars, I expect a better edition of a given book than I would a two-dollar Dover Thrift...and yet, this is simply not the case. And dramatically so, as of late!

Sorry to ramble, but I'm craving some feedback. I hate to feel awkward about buying books (a great high, even when its mass-market paperbacks) out of a fear of receiving something in bad condition. And it's not just aesthetics, really (though that would certainly be enough); I'm having difficulty reading some of the less-damaged books I haven't returned. They're hard to hold and the pages stick in a weird way.

Oy, sorry about the length. I'm pissed!

feb. 17, 2011, 1:49 pm

Also, for reference, some of the latest titles I've noticed this with are: (From Penguin) THE TURN OF THE SCREW, LEVIATHAN, THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH; (From Oxford) MYTHS FROM MESOPOTAMIA and ZOFLOYA: OR THE MOOR.