Publisher series, no ISBNs/SBNs Scholastic, Young Readers Press

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Publisher series, no ISBNs/SBNs Scholastic, Young Readers Press

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maig 3, 2011, 10:16pm

The following two Publisher Series (see Common Knowledge, bottom) pages were begun recently. They are for Scholastic and Young Readers Press with no ISBNs/SBNs. The letter/number codes are put in parentheses ( ) with no space between the letters and numbers. See the publisher series pages for examples. "Vintage Scholastic" is used rather than just "Scholastic". Scholastic codes include T, TW, TX, TJ, and so on. Scholastic has lesser-known code letters such as INC for a Canadian book, which apparently has a T equivalent. You can place both in the Publisher Series area by adding an extra and placing the different codes in. -C appears to be for commonwealth editions. Just place the number without the -C as an additional entry, as both are relevant.

Young Readers Press codes include straight numbers, WW, and F. That's all I've been able to find so far with Young Readers Press.

Vintage Scholastic ( ___ )

Young Readers Press ( ___ )

Young Readers Press are very similar to Scholastic books in size, cover feel and appearance. If you know of other Publisher Series where letters/numbers were used, please let us know.

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A Cat's Eye Mystery was a Scholastic publisher series
Most the books were published in more than one edition (eg. hardcovers before they were published as paperbacks), including more than one Scholastic edition. The Cat's Eye logo can be seen at top right on a few cover images shown on that page.