Hitty: Her First 100 Years/ 1930 Medal Winner

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Hitty: Her First 100 Years/ 1930 Medal Winner

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maig 22, 2011, 8:03pm

This book was not one of my favorites, however, I thought it was very well written. I would compare it to a 1920/1930's version of "Toy Story." In it, Hitty, a doll whittled from a piece of wood, is made in the early 1800's for a little girl from Maine. She is passed from owner to owner in a series of "unfortunate events" (One of which she is tossed in to the muddy Mississippi in her "fine attire") but somehow manages to be scooped up by someone new who takes an interest in her.

Although a 3rd-5th grader may appreciate the story, I believe it would be more appropriate as far as vocabulary and knowledge based of history for a middle schooler. This may also be a story that could be read as a family, however, be prepared for it to take a couple of weeks to finish if you choose to do this method.

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