Jacob Have I Loved/ 1990 Winner

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Jacob Have I Loved/ 1990 Winner

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maig 22, 2011, 8:14pm

This book was quite good, but again, not one of my favorites. This story is told from the point of view of Sara Louise, who feels like the outcast as compared to her twin sister, Caroline. In this story, she examines how she is constantly left out and overlooked in her home and in the community. She even contemplates what life would be like without Caroline, even having dreams of killing her. There are several similarities between this story and the story of Jacob and Esau, hence the title. However, Sara Louise does come into her own, as does Caroline, and it has quite a pleasant ending.

I would recommend this story for a middle school or high school student, however, they should definitely consult and understand the Bible story of Jacob and Esau before reading this. There are some rather "awkward" moments in the story, thus why an older student should read it. I also believe that if your student is looking for a book to write a report for, this would be a great one because the story's characters have depth, and the parallel of the Bible story will make for a very good report.

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